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June 11 2006

Peter David chats about his Spike vs. Dracula mini series in this Sci Fi Zone Radio podcast (11.8 mb). He also talks about the Mutant Enemy approval process (spoilerish details for the last issue of the mini-series).

The relevant Spike vs Dracula discussion starts at around 15:20.

Interesting stuff - made me want to pick up the Spike Vs Dracula series.
Fallen Angel sounds interesting, too. Has anyone read it?
I read the first trade, it was very good.
gossi, if you like comics and the character of Spike I would definitely recommend getting Spike Vs Dracula as it's a great read. I think Peter David really managed to capture the character of Spike in all his sarcastic glory.
Fallen Angel is a great book, definitely worth checking out.

Actually, it's two books--the first 20 issues published by DC, with one trade released, and the new series by IDW, with a TP scheduled for August and a new, very different artist attached.

The story took a leap some years into the future between the two series, so it's a good jumping-on point.

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