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June 11 2006

Summer Glau announced for the annual Farpoint convention . Feb. 16-18, 2007 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Awww no other Whedonesquers excited about this?!?! For those that don't know, Hunt Valley is about 20 minutes north of Baltimore, right off of a major interstate, I-83--easy to get to. Lots of shopping and other stuff to do close by too.

I'm not much of a convention person usually (more the shindig type) but it is Summer after all and too close to home for me to miss it!
If you look on the website, it says she is there for 3 days, so plenty of time to meet her. (Which I originally phrased 'check her out', which sounds a bit creepy).
*snaps fingers* you beat me to the posting. ;-) As one of the people that has been pestering the Farpoint con committee since Firefly first aired to get Firefly guests, you can understand how excited this news makes me. (Not to mention my total adoration of Summer!) Here's a link to the flier that announces her.

It's great to finally have some Firefly love in the Mid-Atlantic. I hope to see lots of Browncoats in attendance, cause I promised them that you all would show if they had a FF guest! ;-)

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