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June 12 2006

A salute to heroines. Buffy gets featured alongside Hermione Granger, Princess Leia and Ellen Ripley in this tribute to fantasy entertainment heroines.

The girl from Hex is the third greatest heroine ever? And all the pictures? This guy has no business doing sarcastic quote marks ("witty") on anybody, much less Joss.

Be careful, my friend, or we will do sarcastic quote marks back. Or perhaps even make actual witticisms at your expense!
No Sarah Kerrigan.. Meh!
Well, in fairness they don't specify that they're in any order though, personally, seeing Cassie Hughes on there at all is somewhat puzzling (especially in that kind of company).

And what about arguably the first heroine of fantasy, Schehezerade from 1001 Nights (and yeah i'll also be amazed if i've spelled that right ;) ?
This feature is sponsored by Sony Entertainment, under the "Hex" branding. So if you are wondering why Cassie from Hex makes the list, it's because they paid for her to be on the list.
The list is alphabetical - sort of.
Yes its an alphabetical list--sort of. But come on people, its a website promoting HEX, of course their star will be listed.

(I think I am going to go start a list of the best novels of all time. Think anyone will notice if I put my unpublished novel on the list?)
Err, on the face of it the website isn't there just to promote Hex (though it does have a stonking great advert on the page) so some integrity could be hoped for.

As gossi says (how do you know about that, BTW, since I couldn't see any disclaimer ?) though the article is apparently 'sponsored' by Sony which presumably means the writer just threw out any pretensions at objectivity and toed the party line. Welcome to the 21st century (hey, maybe we could get the news 'sponsored' while we're at it ? I hear Philip Morris have some spare cash ;).

And yeah, no Xena (or Gabrielle), no Aeryn Sun, no Sam Carter, no Uhura etc. (though obviously it doesn't claim to be a comprehensive list and what he puts on or takes off is clearly up to the author. And Sony ;)
Info about the feature being sponsored by Hex is on the right hand side of the page.
Oy. While I'm glad Buffy's still making lists, I think I'd rather she not be on this one. Amidala? Puh-leese. Girlfriend's a poster child for how not to deal with your husband leaving you. "Oh, I'm sad. I have nothing to live for. Look, twins. I'm sad. Goodbye." BLEH!

And, someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but Storm? Not African-American. She's African. Born in Africa, raised in Africa, right?

And Princess Peach? Her new title... where she gets to run the show? Her abilities are to get all emotional. She can get angry and burn, sad and cry, happy and fly! Uh, right. So it's not that she's particularly suited for saving the world. She just cries well.


(Back to your regularly scheduled ranting)
Wow, definately not a great list of heroines. And Whedon's wit is tiresome? That must be why I laugh at it even after hearing for the 500th time. And also as comic book fan I have to say, Emma!? she's been a heroine for all of 5 seconds in the grande scheme of things (and if you've been reading Astonishing Xmen then you know how well that's working out). And what's with the pic of Batgirl from the TV series? I wouldn't exactly call that one of the character's best moments.
Oh and XanFan, Storm was born in Harlem. Her Father is from Harlem and her Mom is African, but she did spend the majority of her life in Africa, so I think that does make her African instead of African-American, but I guess that's really a toss up.
There's also some Joss bashing in the Sexiest Robots section of that site (Annalee Call).
I sense a rumble coming on...I'm picturing the fight scene in Anchorman. All the Buffy fans rumbling with all the HEX fans, and here comes all the Xena fans upset for not making the list.
I fear the Xena fans. It's the ululations. Terrifying.

(Hex fans ? Bring 'em both on ;)
There *are* Hex fans?

And thanks for the clarification on Storm, Ciella. I knew I'd be wrong somewhere in my assumptions!
Well at least they had Ripley down, but 3 X-men characters and 3 "princesses" were a little much
Isn't "Heroine" a sexist term now? I've always considered the heroine to be the damsel in distress who needs saving. The hero is the one who saves the damsel. Buffy was the hero. I may be nitpicky, but I definitely think there's a distinction there.
Seems to me that the entire purpose of this "salute" was to try to legitimize Hex - by sneaking their own character in the midst of a better company.
Not unlike TVLand did last year. Several one hour countdown shows on comic book characters - "Heroes" Villains" "Vixens" (that's where Buffy fit). Each show had a Fantastic 4 character inexplicably inserted there towards the top - and I finally realized the shows were nothing but a clever infomercial for that ill conceived movie.
Must be a new trend in advertising. "Classic' by association.
Great for Buffy, Crappy attempt for Hex and Joss is always THE MAN.
Site is sponsored by someone with a vested interest in the outcome? Fruit of the poisoned tree, as they'd say on Law&Order! They may have included one or two good examples of female heroes (I agree with ElectricSpaceGirl, heroes are heroes no matter thair gender), but since the point seems to be to plug Hex, then IMO the "opinions" are not honest.

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