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June 12 2006

Anthony Head interview. ASH is due to appear on on The Paul O'Grady show tomorrow evening.

I thought Imagine Me & You came out ages ago? I saw a trailer at the cinema pre-christmas (may have been Serenity but I could be wrong) and the poster has been up at our cinema for a long time. Just presumed it was released already.
Just a pleasure to hear from Tony. Really made my day!
Nope, not out until Friday. It was probably delayed.
Tony had a good week last week. Nice interview in The Times magazine on Saturday (sadly not online) and he was on Channel 4 too. After the Channel 4 news at 7pm, there's ususally a 3 minute film which covers all and sundry. Anyway this one was about the theatre. And Tony was talking about it along with Simon Callow, Samantha Bond and someone else (may have been Anthony Sher). I tried to see if it was on the Channel 4 website but alas to no avail.
Imagine Me and You was out in North America in the Fall. Not sure why the delay over there. Nice movie. I really enjoyed it.
Yeah? Totally missed it. I'll have to rent it. Looks like Juliette Lewis is also a guest; but it says Sam Shepard wrote "Fool For Love". I would'a sworn Doug Petrie wrote that one.

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