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June 12 2006

Brian Bendis interviews Joss Whedon. Superb reading material. Amongst many things, the fate of the Buffyverse movies gets revealed.

That’s the equivalent of having Halle Barry give that hilarious reading of the Toad line in “X-Men."

Hahaha! I haven't even finished the whole interview, but that made me really happy.
I’m more or less a happy person, when it’s not during rage or despair.

Dude, get off my land.

But I just watched the miniseries opener of Battlestar Galactica and I loved the toes off that bitch. I'm not positive what that phrase means. But tension, drama, humanity, and alien spaceships. I was pretty floored.

Pick up the series, Joss. Seriously. It gets better as they work out what works, and that's normally morality and human condition questions, wrapped in alien spaceships.

And nobody give any spoilers, people, or I stab you with my spork.
Some actresses are going to take that bit on page 2 too seriously, I'm sure.

Ah cool, Joss likes Neil Young's Decade. One of the first LP's I bought.
What a great interview. It really helps to have someone doing the interview who really understands the work and the process. I don't think I've read another one which comes close to being this indepth about the creative work involved.
Thank you for bringing it here Simon!
Joss sat through When a Stranger Calls? I feel for him.
I just started BSG this past week. I'm completely sucked in and now I feel even more warm and fuzzy knowing Joss also approves.
What a great interview! I enjoyed it very much. I gotta agree with the BSG love. Catch up, people! You've only got till October! And, no spoilers, the second season is worth it!

I just love that he talks about everything... Buffy, Fray, XMen. That's how I think of him, now.. all at once.. just a bundle of Joss-y goodness!
You feel like you’re holding bags of money up to homeless men who are refusing them. You’re like, “But this is a no-brainer. This works!”

(whimper) It's not funny because it's true.
Great interview. Lots of great chit chat, and I'm so glad Joss agrees with me on the King Kong remake.
hmm, does anyone know what this George Jeanty guy's art is like? Hope it's not as bad as the old Buffy comics...
that's the exact question I had about the buffy comic. I haven't heard of George Jeanty.
I'm just sneaking in to say I've been continuing to watch BSG, the wife and I are about halfway through season one and gushing isn't gonna cover this one. You guys have heard me gush, so it won't have any real meaning. You have to imagine Pauline Kael bursting into song, Lionel Barrymoore In "Wonderful Life" jumping up and jitterbugging with George Bailey, the Grinch's heart growing three sizes... you gotta start down there to explain what it feels like up here. I'll put it simply. The show is humbling. Not since the Matrix (the first one) have I had such a strong desire to go to writing school. I think it's so passionate, textured, complex, subversive and challenging that it dwarfs everything on TV. Or in theaters. Or boho perfomances spaces. Stuff hanging in the Tate? Not as cool. I'm not gonna go on, because I have to get back to work and because if I really start, this post will crash the internet from sheer length. Only downsides are a) I was already having a crisis of confidence, thank you very much and b) I can't go near any Sci-Fi mags for fear of spoilers. Apart from that, life is to be loved. The Gods are to be praised. Back to the job. -j.
George Jeanty lacks a website, so his work's spread around and about. I found this cover which may be representative, and is kinda Fray-like, I think.
I love this interview!! Joss, I am so happy that you finally saw BSG!! Your Kara Thrace dogtag is in the mail.
My thoughts exactly, escapist! I found some pictures of his, and I do think that they are quite good. I'm looking forward to these comics.
Just about everybody I've spoken to about Kong said it was enjoyable and entertaining, but too long. It's funny considering what the first half of the movie is actually about.
Peter Jackson and Universal are releasing an extended cut of Kong in the fall/winter like Jackson and New Line did with the extended editions of Lord of the Rings.So Kong is going to get longer.

I'm very interested in seeing what this artist can do with the Buffy comics.
Ok, I need to go buy the BSG set. I'll do that this week.

I loved the interview but I'm disappointed about the greenbacks standing in the way of greatness. Bummer. But thats the way it goes, I guess. Maybe you could do the George Lucas thing and finance it yourself. You know it will make boatloads of cash!
See, the thing is -- and Jackson shouldn't see this as a jibe -- not that he'll ever see this -- I respect him a lot. When he hits the right notes, he does it very well. Some of the stuff in KONG, as Joss says, is really breathtakingly beautifully done. However, at 3 hours it could really do with a DVD cut that is shorter, to maintain the pace.

Well, that's my opinion anyway.

I can't wait to see Joss get further into BSG. He will crash the internet (or Whedonesque at the least). When Joss gushes, I know he's feeling the same love I felt for shows (like, uhm, Buffy) -- and that makes me feel normal. Or Joss a freak, too. I haven't decided which.
Battlestar Galactica is a close second to Firefly in my top-something list of Science Fiction shows, but I'd be interested in seeing Serenity join the Colony.

After all, Serenity made an appearance in the BSG mini-series. Do you think this would be doable, Joss?
Fabulous interview. Sad to have the fate of the movies confirmed, but at least we know, now. But the whole interview is just so good - thanks for posting it, Simon.
Fun little interview.

I am with Bendis. Why isn't "Reds" on DVD? Great movie.
Well this was very pleasing. Coincidence of taste isn't everything, but . . . I liked King Kong, I enjoyed X-3, I love BSG and The Matrix (and Neil Young, natch), so I'm feeling pretty happy with my cultural choices right about now. But what a great interview (or "conversation," as we should probably term it). Can't wait for the Buffy comic books. And Wonder Woman. And the AXM Annual. And whatever else may come.
Joss, BSG is good, but Firefly blows it right out of the 'verse. Seriously.
Don't feel too humbled, Joss. You know BSG just hired one of your writers (JE) for an episode, right? People here were hoping she'll bring some - not desperately needed, but it would be nice - wit and snap to the dialogue.
Ok. So now I've got to find a way to see BSG I guess. Although I have not put it off on purpose, that is the end result. I have listened to everybody here saying how great it is and figured I should find a way to see it from the beginning rather than wandering in in the middle. I don't have Netflix, and none of the rental places around here seem to carry TV shows. (scratches head.) Same deal with Wonderfalls...and I never did see most of the beginning of S1 of VM though the pilot and skipping to the second half of that season seemed to work out...
Well, Joss, you could join Jane in writing a BSG script? You know, in all your free time...
Have to go with the minority, folks - BSG doesn't work for me. I watched a couple, bought the first set for the Serenity disc in it, and I agree it's very well done and worth all the praise, but I gotta have humor mixed in with my drama and, at least in the episodes I saw, that was one area where it was lacking. So, excellent series, not my taste.
I love to see Joss gush about shows I love. Can't wait for him to see some of the great action to come on BSG, especially in S2.
I got into BSG as soon as I found out Jane Espenson was writing an episode, and I must say that it's the best thing since digital sliced bread. I had this feeling while watching the first season that the people who made that show would probably love firefly/Serenity, and that someone like Joss would digg BSG. So far, I haven't heard anything about the BSG crew and FF, but it's good to know I was at least partially right.
Chris, I actually agree about that point. Like, a lot. I really miss the humour from BSG. That said, personally I think the drama makes up for it - and it takes a lot of drama to weigh up the balance for me.

Babylon 5 tried humour, and it ended up with Rebo and Zooty - for anybody who remembers THAT classic episode of Sci-Fi television.

Caleb, it turned out part of the BSG teams original mission was 'copy Firefly', at least when it came to special effects and shooting style. They saw the docubroken style of Firefly (due to Zoic, same FX company) and said to them 'we like'. At least that's what one of the interviews said.
It's on a commentary, I think for the miniseries, that Ron Moore told his cinematographer he wanted the camera work to look like Firefly. He's a fan.
So far, I haven't heard anything about the BSG crew and FF

Other than Katee Sackhoff and Nathan Fillion doing a movie together (White Noise 2).
Joss loves BSG! First VM, now BSG? And Buffy playing tonight in my local theater? How many of my dreams are gonna be coming true? Because at this rate, within a few months we'll learn that Joss is bringing a season six of Angel back to TV, Firefly will return with a second season on the Sci Fi channel AND a Serenity sequel, and Joss will cast Kristen Bell in his new Fray movie! I don't know if I could take all that happy! Oh, what am I saying, of course I can. ;)
Jeanty? Hadn't considered him at all, but I can see him making a good fit. Even has some stylistic similarites to long-time Buffy artist Cliff Richards. He's currently doing the DC/Wildstorm miniseries 'The American Way,' if anyone wants to look him up in comic stores. He's also done 'Weapon X,' the 'Bishop' ongoing series and some recent DCU stuff that I can't think of.

And Joss? If you want writing school (not that you actually need it, of course) I heartily recommend the BSG commentary tracks. I've become addicted to these--Ronald D. Moore talks a lot about the story, and how certain things came about in it.
I love it when interviews like that end up being more like conversations, they're so much more illuminating.

Babylon 5 tried humour, and it ended up with Rebo and Zooty - for anybody who remembers THAT classic episode of Sci-Fi television.

Gossi, were Rebo and Zooty the two mechanics that one episode did a third person thing around? Its been so long since I've seen B5, I can't remember their names.
I love this one:

BENDIS: Everyone in comics imagines that your life now, when you’re not writing Astonishing X-Men, is a day spent sitting in your office as every actress in Hollywood, dressed as Wonder Woman, comes into your office and does a little dance for you or something.

WHEDON: Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. Then I wake up.

Heehee. Judging by all the articles proclaiming Joss has made his decision, that ain't far from truth.

BENDIS: I don’t know if you want to talk about this, but I saw “X3” last night. Did you see it?

WHEDON: Oh! No! Did it open?

BENDIS: No, it opens Friday, but I’m a self proclaimed king of the nerds here in Portland, so I got to see it early. Now, you know, there’s a lot of you in there.

Brian Bendis lives in Portland? The Oregon Portland? How did I never know this?
"Babylon 5 tried humour, and it ended up with Rebo and Zooty - for anybody who remembers THAT classic episode of Sci-Fi television."

I don't actually recall that episode well, or at all, but HEY! That was the episode written by Nel Gaiman! There can be no badness in it.
This is seriously OT (although I loved the interview!), but I can't think of where to find a larger group of Whedonians to ask something: does anyone know where I can find a comprehensive list of Buffy DVD special features/commentaries for all seasons? I'd love ya forever! (And if you've got one for ATS too, I'll tack on a bonus year!)
Hee. I love Neil Gaiman. Really, I do. I just refuse to believe he wrote that episode. I think somebody stole his name.
gossi wrote
Babylon 5 tried humour, and it ended up with Rebo and Zooty - for anybody who remembers THAT classic episode of Sci-Fi television.

I'm a fan of Day of the Dead. Rebo and Zooty are admittedly silly though. B5 was capable of doing humor much better than that wouldn't judge all of BtVS's humor by Buffy drinking unusual beer, would you?

Thanks for posting this interview Simon. It's nice to know that Joss is a fellow Neil Young fan (among other items in the interview).
It's a great interview. Now in my top 5 Joss interviews of all time. And I love Battlestar Galactica too. And Joss posted!! I'm such a big old geek sometimes.
I thought JMS wrote every single B5 episode. I do remember the Rebo and Zooty one, and boy was that BAD. But so was the Teeps of Angst & Voyeurism episode. *shudder*

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Yefa - excellent point!

And Reebo and Zooty were played by Penn and Teller, with voice of Zooty by Harlan Ellison.

(Yes, I did just look that up to post it here.)
OK Joss, important question right here...

What do you think is the better series? Battlestar Galactica or Veronica Mars?
gushing isn't gonna cover this one.

So say we all! Or ya know, the BSG fans anyway. And it felt good seeing that there were Firefly ships in the BSG world!

Sad to hear about the movies, but not much of a surprise really.
"Babylon 5 tried humour, and it ended up with Rebo and Zooty - for anybody who remembers THAT classic episode of Sci-Fi television."

"And Reebo and Zooty were played by Penn and Teller, with voice of Zooty by Harlan Ellison."

I thought I watched B5 but I absolutley do not remember this. They gave Teller a voice? ...and it was Harlen Ellison? I am going to be perplexed for a long time.
Ok, on netflix there is a Battlestar Mini from 2003, and then season 1 from 2004. I'm guessing I should watch the mini series first? Just checking with the fans.
"What do you think is the better series? Battlestar Galactica or Veronica Mars?"

I've been wondering about this myself for at least a year, and I've come to the conclusion that it is always the one I last saw an episode of. :-)
AuburnTiger, that's correct--the miniseries is basically the pilot for the 2004 series.
I'm absolutely devastated that there aren't gonna be anny Buffyverse movies. I think I'm gonna commit seppuku now.*

* J/k, of course. But still, seriously disappointed.
Joss mentioned Animaniacs! My two favorite things in the world. Awesome.
Yes, you must watch the miniseries first, AuburnTiger.

This is a wonderful interview. I'm glad to hear confirmation about the movies, sad as I am about them. At least now we know, and we don't have to hold our collective breaths.

And, like others, I can't wait for Joss to get to BSG s2. Fantastic television.

Oops -- couldn't type fast enough to be the first to answer the miniseries question. Sorry for the repeat.

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Brian Bendis lives in Portland? The Oregon Portland? How did I never know this?

Yes. And he has been notified of the charity screening.
To clarify re Babylon 5 - no, JMS didn't write all the episodes. (He did write all the 23 episodes of season 3, however, which is still a record -- an insane record).

Also, I thought Babylon 5 did incidential humour okay. But when it did an out and out comedy episode...
Whatever one might say about Bendis' writing skills, put him and Joss Whedon in a room together, and wackiness ensues.

But yeah, funny stuff. I liked the bit where Bendis was talking about leaving Colossus out of his UXM stuff, and then Joss said something like...'With TV, usually people notice that. Usually the actors...'
Of course. I come home from a memorial service and Joss posts! He's a fan of Veronica Mars AND BSG. The man likes great shows!

I loved the interview, though I think it's still making me sad that the only way we can get Joss right now is in comics I can't always get ahold of before they run out.

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That was one of the coolest interviews/conversations I've read ...well, almost ever. Great stuff. Too bad about the movies, but no, not much of a surprise. Loved the bits about their writing methods too.

And yeah, I too like hearing guys like Joss like what I like. I don't know why, but it's always nice to hear. I too liked Kong, love the first Matrix and Once Upon a Time in the West, and WAY there on the Battlestar love! That show so blew me away. I was wondering what Joss thought of it or even whether he saw it yet. Great effin' show.
Hm, a bit surprised to know that people aren't a bit more bummed out about the fate of the Buffy-verse stuff, or even excited about Buffy season eight in comic form.

That said, I do need to get sidetracked too and appreciate the Runaways love that Whedon shows. He's even getting Jo Chen for the comic covers!

Should Wonder Woman get a ton of buzz like JJ Abrams' Mission Impossible, I still hope that some day we get BtVStAS if simply for the awesome acronym.
So about an hour after I finished telling my coworker how BSG is the awesomest show on tv, I find this thread. Not sure what it's a sign of, but it's a sign of something, for sure. Hi Joss! I'm still loving Runaways!
"Hm, a bit surprised to know that people aren't a bit more bummed out about the fate of the Buffy-verse stuff, or even excited about Buffy season eight in comic form."

Well, it's just that aside from Georges Jeanty being named as the Buffy artist, there's not really much about that in there that we didn't already know.

Oh, that and Jo Chen on covers, which, by the way, not the biggest fan of, but I'll live.
Roooo... [insert Dance of Joy and happy happy squeals] First Veronica Mars. Now BSG? I have things in common with God Himself! ;)
Jocking aside, I'm so SO glad Joss and Wife discovered BSG. The angst, the layers, the writing, the acting, Starbuck, Adama, Number Six, the angst, ... Addicting and dark and sexy and crazy. It's truly one of the best dramas on TV (with VM). I would not even just say best sci-fi because it's beyond sci-fi... Even if you're not a big fan of "spaceship shows," please rent BSG. It's nothing like the original BSG you may remember. Like Firefly, it's a beautiful package of gray areas, humanity and moral dilemmas. With lasers and stuff. You will LOVE it!!
The "No Buffy movies" stood out for me here. sigh.
But I just got the miniseries of BSG and am looking forward to watching it.
And Joss is almost through the second draft of Wonder Woman? Ha. No wonder he is writing in here. Not that he is using us as an excuse or anything. No. Not at all.
I don't know about you guys but I am extremely upset about the whole no Buffy/Angel movie. I mean, what the hell...ABC, Disney, Lifetime, etc pop out TV movies every friggin' month and so does the Sci-Fi channel. So I honestly don't understand why they can't make a simple TV movie that probably wouldn't cost much to begin with, and I also don't get why Joss took the time to comment on this thread but left out any mention of the Buffy movies. Especially since we've been waiting two years for comfirmation on the proposed TV movies but whatever, this is just a really big let-down and I doubt a comic book will excite people about the Buffyverse, however canon it might be.
Yefa wrote:
You wouldn't judge all of BtVS's humor by Buffy drinking unusual beer, would you?

I'm sorry, but my friends and I quite regularly find occasion to quote "beer foamy" at each other.
Well...if it is another projected 'no' to the movies chances are we still going to go through with the postcards for the Spike DVD campaign?
I will still send the cards but I hope I'm not alone in this. I figure...what the hell...still let them know we want it...whether they care or not....sigh.....
See...I'm just NOT enthused about any comic or continuation of the BuffyVerse without my Spike....
Great interview, thanks for checking in with us, Joss! We've missed you.

Yes, a little sad about the no money bit for the movies, but I'll send in my post cards in a couple of weeks. Can't hurt.

Yippee, Joss love BSG. So cool. I predict a cameo???? He can be the next Cylon!!!
That was a fantastic interview. I'm really just grateful for whatever 'verse stuff we get, and it's hard to be disappointed, when it's a gift.

That said, too, I'm thrilled Joss has caught the BSG bug. I got a thrill seeing his reaction, because, I'm sitting there, nodding enthusiastically, knowingly, and supportively agreeing with every toe-curling tingle of goodness.
I think the reason there is little shock and horror about the Buffy movies is that, well, with no news for so long, I think we all kinda knew it. If the movies aren't to be done right, I'd rather not see them at all. Let the beauty live in my brain rather than be tainted with badness. As a fan, I'm okay with that. Plus, I'm loving where Joss is going. I know where he's been. I'm enjoying the ride as it progresses.

And I love me some BSG.
Well, the postcards RavenU made look like money and the reason given for not making the movies is money .... so it couldn't hurt to try to convince them that there is money to be made.

One the other hand, I can't help but feel that postcards are too easy to ignore - unless they get thousands and thousands of them. I don't get the impression (and I'd love to be wrong) that fans are ethusiastic enough to make that happen.

There's got to be a better way to get their attention.
Joss is not obliged to come on Whedonesque to break news about what may or may not happen with his projects. Certainly, he does sometimes, but at the end of the day I think we all knew the Buffyverse DVD project was just that - a project that may or may not have happened.

Ultimately, if it's about money, Fox didn't want to pay for it. There's nothing Joss could do about that. He tried.

When you look at something ABC Family pump out, by the way, I think you'll find a potential Buffyverse project would be a little more expensive. Illyria's makeup would probably take that budget ;)
It's not really news if the TV movies are dead, but it is made much clearer here that the problem was just lack of interest and money from the usual suspects. No mention of any other problems. I don't see that it changes anything for the postcard campaign, though.

If anybody's interested, I started an offshoot of the "business model for "cult" TV" thread that was here last week over in the Ask Whedonesquers forum at .org. Only two others have weighed in so far on the topic of alternative financing and marketing, but it's a pretty lively discussion. Come brainstorm or just mock our feverish ramblings.
"The Legend of 1900"! Awesome movie!!! I vote for a Spike and Angel movie. BSG is better that I thought it would be,a lot more violent though. I'm still a fan of the original BSG movie and a couple of the shows. The movie that I think started the man fighting computer thing has got to be "Colssus: The Forbin Project" 1970.
I think the best tv show almost no one has seen is "Nowhere Man".
I'm not pimping it. It's just an amazing show.
Re: JMS and B5:
(He did write all the 23 episodes of season 3, however, which is still a record -- an insane record)

Actually he wrote all the episodes of B5 from the start of Season 3 onward - except for Day of the Dead in Season 5, by Neil Gaiman. So basically three seasons of TV in a row minus one.

Now Reebo & Zooty might not have been great, but the rest of that episode is phenomenal.

TV shows no one has seen...
I think the best tv show almost no one has seen is "Nowhere Man".

A far better paranoid conspiracy theorist series than, well, anything on TV. (I'm looking at you X-Files...) It got a little silly in parts, but the pilot is fabulous and at least the story got a wrap up in the season/series finale - now *that* would have killed me if Thomas Veil had never learned why his photographs were so important.

And Jane Espenson wrote an episode! An "alternate reality" episode, which seems to be her forte :-)
As far as animated Buffy goes (or animated Spike, or Ripper...), I nominate Genndy please-don't-ask-me-to-spell-his-last-name, the guy responsible for Samurai Jack! His animation style is very, well, ZEN is the only word I can think of to describe it. Simple, but the simplicity has so much depth and beauty that you don't even realize it. I'd also love to see whoever animated Aeon Flux take a stab at it...

And doesn't it seem like AdultSwim is just tossing money left and right these days? Hey Seth, put in a good word for Joss down at headquarters! I'd rather watch Cartoon!Willow than Oblong reruns any day.

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Lovely, charming interview. Nice to see the BSG-love from Joe Sweden himself. Sorry, but the no-BtVS tv movies thing isn't a surprise. At this point, I doubt those will happen unless there are major changes for the suits in power at 20th Century Fox.

And whoa, I got my "Joss Whedon is my master now" t-shirt today, yeehaw!
*whew* Okay, I'm FINALLY caught up with all the posts, so now I can play too.

Not surprised about the "no 'Verse movies" news, but still deeply disappointed. Sort of. I guess. I mean I'm totally satisfied with the way Angel ended... but still wouldn't mind seeing a spin-off of some kind (like the one I've been building in my head). And comics, no matter how good, just don't satisfy at all. I've been reading them for almost thirty years, and I'll go the the wall to defend 'em every time... but tie-in materials are never, ever good enough in my opinion. So not really juiced for the upcoming comics. *shrug*

As for the BSG love, was there really ever any doubt? I think it was pretty much a given that as soon as someone strapped Joss down and wired his eyes open long enough to see an episode or two that it would be true love.
I don't know about you guys but I am extremely upset about the whole no Buffy/Angel movie. I mean, what the hell...ABC, Disney, Lifetime, etc pop out TV movies every friggin' month and so does the Sci-Fi channel. So I honestly don't understand why they can't make a simple TV movie that probably wouldn't cost much to begin with, and I also don't get why Joss took the time to comment on this thread but left out any mention of the Buffy movies. Especially since we've been waiting two years for comfirmation on the proposed TV movies but whatever, this is just a really big let-down and I doubt a comic book will excite people about the Buffyverse, however canon it might be.

vmars, we're all disappointed that the Buffyverse movies aren't coming to pass, but for a while now, and especially after Amy Acker's comments on the matter, most of us have been pretty certain that they weren't going to go anywhere.

I think that you're underestimating the comic book medium. Comic books aren't just cult collectibles anymore, they've tapped into the mainstream, however marginally (and I'm not including movies or TV shows here). A lot of people will get excited about an *OFFICIAL!!!* Buffyverse continuation, no matter the medium, and the fact that it's in comics means that it may snag readers who are only passingly familiar with Joss' work. Look at the Serenity comics; they got solid reviews and sold a hell of a lot of books.

And Nebula1400, if you think that you're not gonna get ahold of those your local comics shop as soon as they open on the day of release; they'll hold 'em for ya! :-D
I've got too much TV goodness* going on to be too sad about not having any Buffy/Angel movies. I mean man, I haven't read a novel in almost a year, it's all movies, comics, TV, and the odd bit of internet distractions as far as entertainment is concerned. Work, eating, sleeping, gym, and the odd bit of a social life are factors as well.

Not enough space in one lifetime to fit in all the potentially worthwhile art-entertainment experiences we could be having, so it's probably for the best that I don't have more Buffy/Angel material (beyond the "Season 8" comic) to pile on top of my must--read/watch list (trying to see the bright side here).

*I haven't seen a lick of Battlestar Galactica or Farscape and still need to see the final season of Babylon 5 as well as a couple of its TV movies, so I'm all set for reportedly awesome sci-fi when I'm ready for it. There're seasons of Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck beyond their first years that I still need to rent or maybe break down and buy. I might not be able to hold out for The Shield's Season 5 'cause I just got down with Season 4 on DVD and it rocked--so it's Season 5 bootleg time, I think. Samurai Jack Season 3 just came out on DVD, got Season 4 and 5 of 24 still to devour, and to top it all off Deadwood Season 3 just premiered last night (and woo hoo! Not the last we'll see of it after all--it's pretty much confirmed that Season 4 will take on the form of two 2-hour HBO movies). And I also greatly enjoy Entourage, it's third season also premiered alongside Deadwood's. You wouldn't have known it from the first few episodes of Season 1, but that one's blossomed into something real special as far as TV comedies are concerned and it's easily kicked every other HBO comedy's ass at this point and earned the crown as the best that's been on the network IMO.

Nevermind the various favorites (many of 'em one-season wonders) that've made it out onto DVD that I'd go nuts buying and re-watching all in a row if only I had the cash (Action, Adventures of Brisco County Jr., American Gothic, Earth 2, Futurama, Scrubs, Undeclared, etc.
I will say one thing about the whole TV movie debate.

Well, two.

Firstly, yeah, I'm disappointed they won't happen.

Secondly, it's a weird situation. A few years ago, Joss Whedon and friends were absolutely raking the money in for 20th Century Fox and friends. Think of the shows, the advertisers, the DVDs etc.

And now.. They won't let him play again. Or can't come to an agreement over it, anyway.

I'm not mad at those in charge. I work for one of the world's largest companies - I know the corporate gig well. I'm just miffed at those in charge. Ultimately, there's an accounting department somewhere going 'This won't make much profit'. Yeah, that's what the first bajillion TV networks said about Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it was shopped around.

Apparently, as sad as it is, a name really doesn't mean anything in TV, unless you have a mega hit like JJ, or have something still on the air. Again, I'm not with the bitter on that score (and JJ? Cool dude according to my peeps at UIP) - it's just a shame the way the entertainment industry works.
"And Nebula1400, if you think that you're not gonna get ahold of those your local comics shop as soon as they open on the day of release; they'll hold 'em for ya! :-D"

Or even better--many store have per-order services, if you contact them before their orders are due.

Comic stores pay for the books on delivery, with no guarantee the comics will sell and they'll make back the investment, so they tend to order conservatively. Every pre-order means an extra order for the book, and an extra sale for the publisher, and a better shot at the series lasting forever!
Great interview. I laughed parts of my ass off. Sadness about the lack of Buffy films, but then again I wasn't expecting much from that in the first place. *hearts the Joss* I'm off to see BSG now.
Sadly, I believe the live-action Buffyverse has crossed a line of some sort and that we won't see anything new in this realm for quite some time. Not until the premise has reached the nostalgiasphere [I believe I just coined that phrase].

The nostalgiasphere is dependent upon the idea that what comes around goes around. The existing Buffyverse is traveling, circulating and gathering steam for some big future reunion, remake or expansion but none of that will happen until some rabid Whedon fan ascends to decision making power within one of the studio systems and has greenlight authority. That ascension will coincide with the DVD sets having sold and sold for five or ten years (building a new generation of fans)... repeats on TV... SMG's and DB's careers eventually stalling enough to know it's time to play superheroes again... and Joss having time to provide the Buffyverse train with the necessary amount of soul coal.

All the while, of course, BTVS and Angel fans who witnessed new weekly installments of the shows during their original runs will be growing more and more nostalgic. Their combined Jungian nostalgic response is what creates the nostalgiasphere. Nostalgia is big business but needs time to grow. When the Buffyverse crosses into the nostalgiasphere... we'll all be much older but stoked beyond stoked.

Until then: zen patience recommended.
Really enjoyable interview, it's awesome to hear him have a conversation rather than the typical interviews.

My idea of the best t.v. series that a lot of people haven't seen is "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Best thing on t.v. ever.

The no telemovies or straight to dvd movie news makes me quite a bit more bitter than Gossi. They should be ashamed of themselves. One day they will BEG Joss to do something for them......
I only hope it's very public!
Hm, a bit surprised to know that people aren't a bit more bummed out about the fate of the Buffy-verse stuff, or even excited about Buffy season eight in comic form.

I'm not as bummed out as I might have been a year or so ago partly because it's been so long, and partly because comics are really good right now and they've managed to fill in that hole that the Buffyverse left for me.

On the other hand, while I will definitely buy those comics, I'm not *that* excited about Buffy season 8 because,'s just not the same without seeing & hearing the actors, music, etc...

That was a really fun interview, though. It's cool that Joss offered to write the Runaways into AXM if it needed a sales boost. about a Dead Girl guest appearance??
Sadly, just as hubby and I were getting into BSG, we noted that Netflix only has up to the first half of season 2 for rent. We had to resort to...other means to get the rest of the season, and now we just have 2 more epis to watch. I think we can fit them in before the 3rd season premiere in October, though we did already buy a BSG magazine that I'm itching to read!!

Just randomly and for no particular reason, I have to say what peaked my interest initially(though it took us a while to get around to watching) was when we were at Comicon...last year, year before, I don't remember, and we were in a big room waiting for something Joss related, and the BSG folks had the room before them. And I knew nothing of this show, nor the old one, but these people looked like they were having so much fun, and they knew their show and they cared about it, and they were genuinely floored by the fan support, and they just radiated 'happy' and 'fun'. Reminded me of the Serenity/Firefly folks. It was then that hubby and I both said...we gotta check this show out! We left there wondering what a Cylon was, but it didn't matter. These people really appreciated everything that was happening to them, and it showed. I love seeing that in actors, and yes, maybe in a few years it will wear off, but the new and shiny was still on them, and it was so darned magnetic!
I'm okay with no more Verse movies. There are the comics and more importantly, tons of good fanfic still being written. Imo, the Verse now belongs to us just as much as it does Joss and much more than Fox, and the fanfic quantity and quality of Verse fanfic remains high.

I would love for Joss to pen a Spike-centric comic.
I'd like a cross-over. Buffy meets X-Men, anyone?
Does anyone else *really* wish Buffy: The Animated Series happened? It sounds like it would have been so fun. *Sigh*

Still, can't wait for the comics and movies to come.
Or even better--many store have per-order services, if you contact them before their orders are due.

I did that at one store. When they thought I wasn't looking, they stared at my requests (for only Joss-related comics), shook their heads, and put my application form in the trash. There is one other store I know of locally. I really hope they don't do the same thing.
They wern't the sharpest tool in the shed huh?
Complain to the managers or someone higher. I doubt they would appreciate an employee throwing THEIR money out the window.
Mr. Whedon, sir, thanks for stopping by! BSG gush is always welcome here, as the many posts show. And huge thanks for confirming that there will be no WW casting discussion till the script is finished! :-)

Except, of course, that Morgan Freeman still has a lock on it. ;-)

newcj and Rogue Slayer, if you are having problems finding BSG short of buying box sets, I know that iTunes is selling a lot of the eps -- I don't know how many, but maybe they have the ones you need? (Hmmm, I wonder if Netflix doesn't offer all the eps because they don't want to compete with iTunes? I'm just sayin'.) ;-)
NetFlix doesn't have them all because the second half of Season 2 isn't out on DVD.

Yes, iTunes has all of it, including what isn't out on DVD yet.
Well, I AM really upset about this news. A three-minute read of a comic won't come close to touching the depth, emotion, humor and pathos of a telepic or a dvd release (Yes, comic lovers, I know it's a gorgeous medium with muy expressivity and... stuff. But it won't be the same. It won't be as great).

Not all of us 'didn't expect the movies to happen'. I really thought for sure we'd at least get a Spike.

I feel like I've been hit in the stomach. Deadwood doesn't get a fourth, now no 'verse movies. Shitty couple of weeks. :(
Well, I hear ya Willowy! I was happy that we got the Serenity comics before the movie but at the same time it was all the more apparent to me just how great it would have been on tv and it felt like just getting a small taste of the best piece of pie you ever had! I was never into comics growing up so it's hard for me to really get into them.

Also wanted to comment on all the BSG love! Joss, I knew this would be a show that you would love and am glad you finally discovered it!!

And to answer the question which show is better, BSG or VM? Well BSG wins hands down IMO. I enjoy VM but I thought the first season was much better than this second season.

And for the few of you who didn't get into to BSG and gave up watching after a handful of episodes, well, I encourage you to just try to watch the full first season because this show got better and better as it went on.
Let's pick Joss' next show to gush about...

My recommendation: Deadwood... the vast and brilliant Western/post-Shakespearean melodrama with lotsa sex, violence and cursing. I enjoyed season one enough to rent season two but it is season two that is totally blowing me away. I've been watching it with the subtitles on just so I can read the brilliant words as I listen to them. Critics and some viewers have a habit of focusing on the cursing on Deadwood and how it seems out of place... what they're missing is the poetry of this show's language as a whole. How some characters are vastly more eloquent than others and how those blessed with the eloquence savor each and every utterance as it leaves their lips and dances on the thin air before them.

Oh how the actors must LOVE the material they are given on this show. HBO is crazy to announce season three is the end!
Deadwood is a show I have yet to see. I have some other shows that I bought on DVD I have to watch first but that is on my list of shows to get eventually.

I'd like to recommend Farscape for Joss to see next. It is sooo much fun to watch!
bl, pleeeez pick it up! Now that season one and two are on dvd, it will never be too late to become a fan, but knowing you and your tastes? Mesmer himself will encamp in your living room. Promise.

One caveat: knowing your fondness for watching shows with your kids? This is one that you should not.

Hjermsted, you are so beyond right. And I love the Milchian spin you put on your post.
Yet another series to pick up, then. I've never regretted picking up Veronica Mars after Joss posted about it, in fact I'm now an avid fan. So much so that people are now making fun of my love, like they make fun of my Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Joss Whedon geekdom. Bah, what do they know?

From the descriptions of the BSG series, I've a feeling that I'd probably go mad over it too. Maybe I'll get it later on in the summer, when I have a fixed address to have the DVDs mailed to.

Love the interview, the guy, and I'm not too upset about not having any Buffy/Angelverse TV movies. Comics sound good, I'll probably pick them up when they are released. Thanks for dropping by and updating, Mr Joss the Boss. :)
Great interview, but the thing that sticks with me most is that Stan Lee's favorite movie of all time is My Fair Lady? That's just... weird. I mean, seriously seriously WEIRD. Literally blow my mind weird.

And I am also one of the few ppl not in love with BSG. I tried watching a season one marathon of it last year and couldn't last more than 4 or 5 eps: it's really manipulative, and in a way that's so openly, obviously string-pully that I can't get behind it. Obviously, all art and entertainment is manipulation, but BSG is just so blatant, like an anvil coming down on your head, that it doesn't let a person have any space for their own reactions. Pretty much the same reaction I had to Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan.

Which sucks, because in those 4 episodes, I really fell hard for Starbuck and President Roslin, two great female science fiction characters. I like them a lot, and think the actress playing Roslin is doing amazing, career-defining work, I just can't bear to watch the show.
First Veronica, now BSG. Joss is a big fanboy. Love it. All he needs to do now is wax lyrical on the new revamped Doctor Who and I am heading to Santa Monica myself.
I think after Amy Acker's comments, a lot of us felt the Buffyverse movies were unlikely to happen, but it's almost a relief to hear it from Joss himself. A sad, heart-breaking relief. When a while back he'd been saying all over the place that he hoped to be giving us some good news soon, I was very excited about the prospect. And now I feel a bit like I'd been offered a really nice toy only to have it taken away from me at the last minute.

I will get the comics (I've got into Astonishing because of Joss), but it can't replace the experience of a TV movie. Which itself still would only have been second best to a TV series, but which would have been great.

And yeah, reading more about it makes me really wish the Buffy animated had come off - I loved Joss's comments about cheap animation, too.

What I want now is for Joss to finish the Wonder Woman script, then get back to whatever he needs to do to the Goners script. New Jossy goodness on the big screen would make up for the lack of Buffyverse movies - maybe more than make up for it.

And then what I'd want is for Joss to make a whole new TV show.
Thanks for explaining the ep availability situation, theonetrueb!x!

dottikin, I have to admit I didn't get into BSG for a while myself. Even if it is blasphemous, I admit I was not very sympathetic to the characters (except Roslin) until the second season, because I thought I was just seeing one side of them (and there was that no-humor thing). Then S2 really, really started getting inside the characters more, IMO, and I just got it. You might want to try it again, dottikin. I might even say not to try a marathon, because they are pretty "strong medicine."

Your analysis of Deadwood is awesome, Hjermsted. S3 opener *rocked*, so this should be a great year. Yes, Joss will go all fanboy about it when he gets a chance to see it, especially since they also use the Western setting to present current ideas. (Hmmm, where did Mr. Milch get that idea? I'm just sayin'. Could be the same kind of situation as when Ronald D. Moore told Zoic to make the BSG effects shots look like Firefly -- love, not stealing. ;-))
I'd just like to say that a Whedon/Hitch Spider-Man comic book would probably be one of Marvel's biggest selling books of the last few years. I'd love to see it come out.
I'm so sad to learn that the Buffy movies are abandoned :'-(
I think Willowy just said everything for me about the 'verse movies and Deadwood.

Hearing about Deadwood still smarts, for me it is the only show on TV that came close to whedonverse.
Sure, Hitch and Joss each mean huge sales separately, so only more so together, but I think Hitch is really wrong for Spidey. And Joss... well, there are other books I'd *rather* see him do. Particularly, like the Boss said himself, books where he has room to create change.
I think Hitch is really wrong for Spidey.

Spoilers for a soonish to be released Marvel book.

I believe Joss has seen a bit of Deadwood, as he's mentioned before his original vision of Inara was a Deadwood style whore (I've lost the quote).

He's mentioned before -- uhm, somewhere.. here? -- that he's seen the newer series of Doctor Who pilot, too.

And hereuth ends my slightly creepy post about Joss' TV habbits, sponsored by the Internerd. And possibly Thundercats. And poor grammar (literally! literally!).
Some actresses are going to take that bit on page 2 too seriously, I'm sure.

Actually, I'm seriously worried that some web-news-sites are gonna take it too seriously. ;-) I can see the headlines now "Joss Whedon seeing actresses in his office", or "Joss to cast self as Wonder Woman". :-P

I wonder if Joss spotted the Serenity cameo in BSG?
If he's enjoying Season 1 of BSG wait until he sees Season 2 (what a season finale). The show has some humour ("No more Mr Nice Gaius" has to be a contender for my favourite line of the series so far ;) but just not enough, IMO, and hopefully JE can fix that (cue Jane Espenson's most dramatic, humourless script ever in the history of everness). Must confess I was a bit shocked by the darkness of the mini-series (6 + baby = Saje aghast) and they've kept it up in the ongoing show to great effect.

Sorry to hear about the TV movies of course but I was happy with the endings (though not happy that they ended) of both series so if that's where the Buffyverse ends as far as the screen's concerned then so be it. We can read and enjoy the comics with the added benefit that even the Joss penned ones can kind of be seen as non-canon if we so choose (OK, we may need to squint a bit ;).

Re: Spidey, yeah, i'd really like to see Joss do a run BUT as I said in another thread i'd (narrowly) prefer him to create something entirely new (new characters and universe) to see what he comes up with. Post AXM of course since that's reading so well at the moment.

Re: Deadwood, I agree it's v. bad that it's been cancelled but at least there are plans for 2 TV movies to round the series off properly so we won't be left hanging.
It is sad about the verse-movies not happening, especially as I currently have only three more eps of Angel and it's all over. But... at least the Buffy-verse got 7 seasons of Buffy and 5 seasons of Angel. I'd say it got a chance. Serenifly, on the other hand...
Joss is not obliged to come on Whedonesque to break news about what may or may not happen with his projects.

No, he's not. Did somebody say he was? If so, I must have missed it. I'm thankful for everything we have to enjoy of his work.

Two questions: Is the Spike DVD campaign going to continue? If it is, are we going to do more than just send postcards?
We could send our 'spare' kidneys. Nothing says commitment like internal organs in the mail.

Or is that flowers ?

(I can see it now, IMDB Newsflash: 'Whedon Fans to Send Kidneys - Postal Service "worried about smell"' ;)
And then what I'd want is for Joss to make a whole new TV show.

Me, too. It doesn't have to be Buffy, Angel or Firefly. It could be Cows and Monkeys on Ice and I'd watch it.
Well, duh. Monkeys, always golden. ;-)
Not golden. Awesome. I'd make a joke about How I Met Your Monkey, but really, it just sounds like porn.
But they'd have to be French monkeys, and I'm not sure the world is ready for that!
Wearing pants.

I'm SO funny!
"I mock you with my monkey pants"

;-) it had to be said.
No 'verse movies, for sure? This sucks. I'm jumping on Willowys' grumpy bandwagon. Dammit.
Actually didn't Joss say something to the effect of, it doesn't look like it is going to happen becasue no one is willing to finance it? It sounds like if someone who had the authority to greenlight projects was interested, Joss would still be interested. To me that means it probably won't happen, not that it is dead. Am I the only one who considers that a big difference?

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All I know is that I will send all the cards I wrote. I am targetting both the DVD guy and the two contacts at FOX. It may do nothing, but I still want them to see I care....
And then what I'd want is for Joss to make a whole new TV show.

Yes, exactly that. It could be Buffyverse with whole new characters or something completely different. For whatever reason, I feel that Joss will be back to TV someday. It may take five or ten years, but somehow I think he'll be back.

Nostalgiasphere may bring him back. Love that coinage, as I now have a name for what I've felt since Angel left the airwaves two years ago.
not the surprise of the century that there will be no new buffy shows. alas.

gonna netflix the bew battlestar galactica and see what happens. loved the old version back when.

someone mentioned farscape. its a good show, occasionally very good. but its no whedon...
Am I the only one who really wants to know EXACTLY how all this went down?

I really want to know whose fault it is that I am not getting anymore Spike. I need a name to telepathically send my dark thoughts to.

You know, like back when we had that guy that made the decision to cancel Angel. Whose name, now that my dark thoughts have accomplished their task, has disappeared from my mind.

Just kidding, but I still want to know.

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Am I the only one who really wants to know EXACTLY how all this went down?

We'll never find out.
To splurge or not to last impulsive buy was Veronica Mars after reading Joss' unbashful gushing. Next I was pondering BSG, then I find this. I'll have to hit up Barnes tomorrow!
I believe Joss has seen a bit of Deadwood, as he's mentioned before his original vision of Inara was a Deadwood style whore (I've lost the quote).

I was never sure if he was talking about the series or the actual town of Deadwood - as I know the series was inspired by his reading about the time period, the post-Civil War reconstruction years.
Oh and seeing as at least 3 comic book writers have seen this thread, I'm going to post the following for prosperity.

When Mark Millar was told the following at

WHEDON: At the end of my run, there will be a memo saying, “Here’s where we are, in case you weren’t reading. And here’s what would be nice.”

BENDIS: We call that a “Mark Millar Memo.” Ever see one of those?

WHEDON: I don’t know if I ever have.

BENDIS: Every time Mark leaves a book, he writes a magilla of things he wants everyone else to do. And I type back, “You’re not done with your book!” [Laughs]

Mark's reply was "Sunzabitches!!!!!"

I heart Mark Millar. One of the nicest and funniest writers around.
Willowy, my oldest is going to be 20 at the end of the summer so it will be safe for her to watch! My youngest, though, is only 16 and a very young 16 at that so thanks for the warning!! Like I said, Deadwood is on my wish list and I will eventually get it after I watch several other series of DVDs I've gotten.
I, too, am saddened to hear no more of the Buffyverse (besides the comics). I figure maybe after WW is complete maybe Joss might try out television again (wasn't Firefly a great discovery??). After you've been burned like he has I can't imagine being too keen on coming back to that realm. Maybe by then he will be inspired to write something new and wonderful. By then, surely, the TV heads...or whoever...will have different peeps in charge. Maybe now just isn't the right time. Maybe Joss' greatest adventures are still waiting for him to discover them! Ok,I will retire maybe from this
It really was a great interview. I will try out the comics (not really a comic reader)... But I'll give it a whirl for a Buffy fix.
I have never seen BSG. I am going to have to try it out. But I love me some VM. I am looking forward to next season(...dang it...what IS in that brief case?). And I am hoping the fall tv season will have a wonderful NEW surprise in it somewhere.
Yes, Joss should watch Farscape next. I put it second only to Firefly. It has some weaker episodes, as does every show, but when it's good it's REALLY good. The really great episodes shine so far beyond anything I've seen, and it works really well as an arc-series. Great characters, witty dialog with lots of pop-culture references (by John, the only human, who was accidentally sucked through a worm-hole to the other side of the galaxy.) Very much something Joss-fans (and Joss himself) would enjoy, I think. And Scorpious is the best villain ever written, hands down. Always one step ahead of the protaganists, one of the smartest villains I've seen, and his motives become understandable to the point where he's almost sympathetic (except for all the terrible things he does).

*checks self* Ok, I've got to stop before I rave for a few more pages. Just trust me, Farscape is worth watching. It first gets really good in the final third of the first season. (Not that it's bad before then, those are just the episodes that dramatically raise the bar)
Okay, too many comments to read them all, at least not right now. But my initial reactions to the interview and Joss' post here:

1) Great. Now I have to start watching "BSG," after months of trying to avoid it. This is going to be TORTURE :P I started watching VM before Joss geeked out about it, so felt validated somehow for finding it before I don't have that! But of course I'm looking forward to having a fiction show to look forward to besides VM (and Lost) in the new season, provided I get hooked (which is looking likely). Plus, I love Ron Moore from his work on Star Trek: TNG and DS9, and have absurd admiration for him quitting Voyager due to creative differences.

2) Joss, crisis of confidence? As sad as it is to say, I'm kind of glad; part of what makes Joss and his writing so great is that perpetual sense of...insecurity?...driving the wit and propelling to overcompensate by setting the bar higher than is remotely reasonable. I just rewatched "OMWF" with someone who has never seen it (but has heard the soundtrack) tonight, gods. I'm still seeing stuff in it, the hundredth time.

3) AXM Annual? Yay!

4) No TV movies? Boo!

5) Joss' favourite film *IS* The Matrix, which also means I'm going to have to rewatch it--because while I loved it when I first saw it, I haven't rewatched it since and have kind of taken it to be mostly noteworthy for the special effects. Time to admire its greatness once again. (I also have to watch "The Bad and the Beautiful" and rewatch "Once Upon a Time in the West.")

6) I still can't wait for Wonder Woman. Seriously. And why aren't the women clamouring to his office? What kind of world are we coming to where we can't all fantasize about our insecure geeky genius-writer-director-wunderkind (which is clearly an everyman, as far as I'm concerned) getting legions of attractive women in revealing clothing in his office?
He did write all the 23 episodes of season 3, however, which is still a record

Actually, Aaron Sorkin has JMS beat by writing all s1-4 of The West Wing, though he did have the occassional co-writer (and has 90 episodes to JMS' 84).

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