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June 12 2006

Spike: Asylum Preview. The first five pages of the first issue of Spike: Asylum are now available for viewing on IDW's official website.

Is it me or does that not really look much like James Marsters at all?
I hope it's you.

Actually, we were aiming to make it look just like you, but you had to go and ruin the surprise for everyone.
Hah, Brian. :o)

Are there supposed to be speech things on the pages? I'm a little lost.
I'd say the art in this (from what little I can tell) is above the average tie-in comic. The majority of Whedonverse tie-ins have labored beneath ATROCIOUS art, and I wouldn't call this atrocious. Fairly good in fact, all things considered.
Haha. I'm also wondering if there's supposed to be dialogue, though I suppose if there was, it might give away plot points? Hmm.
Yessir, there will be dialog. It's fantastically witty dialog too, I may add. No bias here, no sir.

As for the art, I think Franco's stuff is amazing. Wait until you see the rest of the book, it's pretty damn sweet.
You just know Spike is gonna slay himself a few vampires with that stake. This looks wicked.
Wow, art that doesn't look traced from screencaps, and isn't lifeless and dull. Gotta check it out for those reasons alone! But apologies for not following this closely, do we have a timeframe? Post NFA?
I very much like the look of this one. The artwork is far more dynamic compared to past issues, and so I hope the story lives upto my expectations aswell.
The IDW artwork has been very hit or miss for me, especially the one done for the Angel Spotlight: Gunn comic book. I like the look of this one though.
Also rather like the art, and think it actually rather *does* look like James Marsters.

Comic previews often go without dialogue, (which annoys me to no end, since it only tells you half you need to know).

Rogue Slayer, I believe this is set during AtS S5, but I'm sure Brian can confirm?
Yeah, previous news has stated that it's a corperal souled Spike in LA but not within a certain time-frame.
I very much like the art because for me it doesn't have to be a 100% look-alike of James M.
And it seems to be an orignal story with Spike in the lead wich is something i always like.
Looks good so far Brian...Spike being all 'hero' guy and saving the pretty half demon. Gee...can he please get a hug and "oh thank you handsome"!!!!!!
I can't begin to tell you how happy I am just to see Spike's story continue ...PERIOD!!!!.
Anyway...please keep up the good work and if you are so inclined and get the chance...can we maybe get more Spike stories? I just hope Whedon will OK the post NFA format too, 'cause even though I know Spike is still out there fighting the good fight forever...I want to see more of what happens after the escape from the alley! Thanks again.
Cool, I hope the whole comic's silent cos I can't stand that witty type of dialogue. What's wrong with pedestrian, humourless meanderings, hmm ? Must everything conform to some standard of excellence ? Standard of fascism, more like. Never mind tyranny of the majority, this is blatant tyranny of the good and I for one say vive la revolution.

What ? Why's everyone looking at me like that ?

Anyhoo, back in the really real world, I like the art in this and totally agree that it's a cut above some of the tie-in art which has been pretty patchy (though I actually quite liked the Gunn Spotlight pencils, assuming it was a style choice, even if the writing wasn't too great, IMO).

Regards likenesses (likenessi ?), it's not a huge issue for me. I don't mind if the artist captures the 'feel' of the look of the character (if that makes any sense) rather than just a straight copy of the actor, especially if they're using a fairly unusual style.
Off Topic:

Did anyone else notice the link for a new Clive Barker comic adaptation at the bottom of the page? Looks incredible!

<--- starting a comic-fund change jar now
If you're talking about THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW, you have to check it out. It's one of my favorite books out there right now, along with THE WALKING DEAD, SCOTT PILGRIM, and SHE-HULK. Go get it, it's epic.
I saw this over on the View Askew boards, Bryan.

Looks pretty good; I hope you can write the first IDW Angel comic that I enjoy!
First off the art looks really good to me.
Tons better than the traced screencaps that some have used.

Second, there's a SHE-HULK? Huh!
Yup, Xane. She-Hulk's been around since the 70's.
Yup, and she's a lawyer. The current book is high-larious. :-)
Second 'The Great and Secret Show' regard. Very lovely to look at and not half bad to read either. Issue 3 came out last week (ish) so get 'em while they're hot.

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