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June 12 2006

Am I making you nervous? The last "Little Damn Hero" is up at Black Market Beagles ...

Plus, a new version of Captain Tightpants! You can now get merchandise with a naked Mal, or a clothed one.

Where do I put my order for a naked Mal?

Oh, a naked Mal shirt. Sorry. I just want a naked Mal. Move along, nothing to see here.
Some of the new character designs are real nice. Before I think they just had River, Jayne, and Kaylee. My sister bought a River "No power in the 'verse can stop me" tote bag, I got a Jayne shirt (though I wish it said something other than the heroics line, like "Let's be bad guys" or "I'll be in my bunk", or even blank would've been better) and a Kaylee magnet for the fridge. The Jayne design's the best.

Not big on Mal's two designs or the catchphrases. Simon's is the worst, very un-Simon-like somehow (bad color choices too). Book's is funny and sorta cute. Inara and Zoe are beautiful and Wash's is cool too. Hmm, tempted to buy two or three more of the characters as magnets to keep Kaylee company...
XanFan32: Hear hear!

I, too, would like to place an order for a naked Mal. I think the site is missing a potential marketing opportunity here.

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