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June 13 2006

Tales from last week's Moonlight Rising. MalNourished has posted her account and photos of last week's Moonlight Rising.

So what's this "stranger" Nathan spoke of?

Wish Jonathan Woodward would come to my pajama party.
There's some quality photos there of Buffyverse people in what appears to be somebodies hotel room, chilling out with the fans, eating and playing games. Did that really happen? I wanna go to a con that relaxed.

This cracks me up.

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Good call on the question about Nathan's voice cracking when he's upset. He wows me when he does that.
Is that really Amber Benson? That's alarming...
Wow, I didn't know Nathan has such a problem with sexual harassment. That's not good. I don't understand why people think it's ok to treat celebrities (or anybody) that way.
Having attended both this and last year's Moonlight Rising conventions, I can attest to some of the guests simply hanging out after the day's events. The "big" stars usually don't, but a good portion of the guests will interact with fans in the bar and even go to parties with fans :) It's incredibly strange to suddenly see James Leary or Iyari Limon as regular people and not stars of your favorite show.

I suppose it's true of any convention, but the setup for Moonlight Rising in particular seems to help bridge the fan/actor divide.
I think some of the problems Nathan has at conventions, to be honest, come from Firefly - people go to conventions and often expect the actors to be like the characters, and in the case of Mal he's often got his top off, in a stud like role, occasionally getting naked and prancing around. That, together with the theme song of the show and "Jaynestown", together with the short run of the show (people have seen these episodes many many times) I think lead people to believe Nathan will be like that, and will burst into song at any moment (every convention with Firefly guests apparently has the question of 'Will you sing for us?').

Nathan, of course, isn't like Mal (bar the humour). If somebody asks him to do that at a convention he politely puts them in their place - I saw him do this at the Starfury convention last year - but he does appear a bit pissed off when it happens. And rightly so, really.
I'm not surprised someone asked to see Nathan's tattoo... people say things like that to James Marsters all the time at conventions. Unfortunately, it seems to go with the territory of being a hot stud on TV. heh.

I went to the 1st and 2nd Moonlight Rising conventions and although some of the stars talked with the attendees during down time, I never saw them really hang out with them like in those pictures. That wasn't a special event you paid extra for? Because when I went, they did have parties with the guests that you could pay a bunch of money to go to.
I know Vanessa, and I believe the party was in her room. It was a typical con hotel room party, no charge, not a special event. How cool is it that some of the con guests attended? And doesn’t she look so cute cuddled up against Jonathan in her moose p.j.s?
Looks like such a good time. Oh how I wish I could go to a con. And she had the party room, so lucky!
I went to Moonlight Rising. The party was indeed in Vanessa's room, and it was fun hanging out with the cast and other browncoats. I would highly reccommend MR in the future.
I have to give cheers to Vanessa for being a REALLY good sport and opening her room to everyone. I left for bed early on friday(is 1am early?) and sat night we went home about 4 am sunday.

firday night: I am wishing I had gotten pics of us all in our jammies and slippers at Leary's comedy hour.

One of those pics of us at the table at the cocktail party kind of laughing - I believe that is the infamous "plastic pumpkin pants" story. I would have to let the orginator of that one tell it. Let's just say up until that point things were kind of slow and it went to 'almost wet your pants' funny in a matter of about 30 seconds.

I have been to 3 MR's now, and yes, most of the guests hang in the bar or make a party rounds. Depending on the guests, Marsters could never go anywhere because of being mobbed.
Nathan was wicked tired, he was up about 24 hours fri-sat just getting to the con. I don't know if he normally hangs out iwth attendees but I saw him accidently between the autographs and banquet on saturday. I can't believe he actually made the banquet, let alone being entertaining and attentive to those around him.

Dawnsister -

Eire - It was awesome to get to meet you! Next time, there will be no nights of going to bed early.
I guess it depends on whether you know people there...have a crowd to hang with. The year I was there I didn't see anybody anywhere except at the official functions.
I think the interchatter from different websites and groups has helped this greatly. We were able to get a network of ppl who passed phone numbers and made arrangements to hook up.

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