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June 13 2006

David Boreanaz and Daniel Dae Kim chosen as two of TV Guide's "Hottest Men on TV" according to Entertainment Tonight, which broke the story today. This issue of TV Guide, which also features Kim as one of four collectible covers, goes on sale Thursday (June 15). Pics and videos over at the TV Guide website.

Also, Wentworth Miller. Yowza.
While maintaining my firm grasp on heterosexuality, I have to say I would kill to look like Jensen Ackles or Jamie Bamber.
Who cares about that Wentworth Miller schmoe?

He was in one freakin' episode. Christ's sake, give the guy a medal and be done with it. Don't mention his name every time you get the chance. If you feel the need, post something about Veronica Mars, they have more long-term connections than Prison Break.

And I agree, even though I too have a firm grasp on my heterosexuality, I would much rather have a firm grasp on one of those guys. If you catch my severely hurricane-like drift.

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Firm grip? I like that.
Here is the pic of DB.

Wow, he lost weight. Actually, that probably happened a while ago, but I don't watch Bones, so I wouldn't know. Lookin' good.

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Wow. If you click on David Boreanaz's name, Yahoo's "Filmography" lists him in the 2005 film Serenity. Did I miss something? At least they got "hot" right. He's looking delectible these days.
Don't mention his name every time you get the chance. If you feel the need, post something about Veronica Mars, they have way more long-term connections than this Prison Break mess

Um, not understanding the strength of reaction here. It was just a comment, not a front-page news item. For the benefit of interested members, the previous link to Mr. Miller was to an interview where he specifically referenced BtVS and SMG. Hence the relevance (as Razor in fact observed in that thread).

Pastor of Muppets, you've expressed this opinion several times now. In general, please leave the moderating to the mods. As always, if you have specific concerns, feel free to e-mail us. Thanks.
Thanks! The text is almost as good as the images!
Oh, my dear lord. They are all just so absolutely yummy. David is the prettiest though :) IMO. So. Very. Pretty.
It looks like David's lost weight even from the end of last season -- not a lot, just enough to add a little bit of chiseling. He's looking younger too - I guess mainstream success agrees with him. Can't wait for Bones to come back!
I tried finding a link to post for this, but couldn't. DB really looks good (as do pretty much all the guys on the list). He has slimmed down considerably and it looks like he's kept it off for at least the past year. And I'm thrilled to see Daniel Dae Kim on the list. He and DB both have two page spreads in TV guide.
fortunateizzi and accio angel posted links to the TV Guide piece.
Ohhh helloooo Wentworth Miller! He's got such a marketable name too. DB is very hot.

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TV Guide feature (which has been added to the subject line).
What's with Ricardo Chavira being credited for Grey's Anatomy and Carmine Giovinazzo being credited for Ghost Whisperer?

Other than that egregious oversight, digging this feature! Jesse Spencer is so dreamy.
Mmmm, salty goodness but I'm not naming names...
David looks great. Nice to see him on this list.
I have this urge to say Wentworth Miller 5 times.
Careful, if you do it in a mirror he comes round your house and repeatedly escapes from it. Gets old pretty quickly.
Mmmm, thanks for the links. What a way to start the day :D
PastorOfMuppets, did you notice that zengrrl, who posted the link, didn't mention Wentworth Millar at all? Not that it wasn't relevant for holymother to point it out. But David Boreanaz and Daniel Dae Kin have much stronger ties with Joss which is why this story was posted. I doubt it would have been posted if Wentworth Millar was the only Joss connection.

Also, could I refer you to my reply in the discussion about WM referencing Buffy and SMG, because I'm not sure if you've read it and I think you should, because Whedonesque has seen much more news about VM than Prison Break (just search for both terms and compare how many replies there are- VM has 100 to PB's 16!) and I feel the mods have ensured that the news is very well balanced and appropriate.

I'd just like to add that I'm not aiming to misbehave, I just thought you might feel the matter has been resolved with SNT's reply above and with what I said in that previous post.
Razor whilst I appreciate that you are trying to help, the matter has been dealt with so no need to bring it up again.
I also think its great that Daniel Day Kim has finally found mainstream success, after so many non-starters or smaller bits (The Jackal, Crusade, Angel, etc.). Good for him.
They got it right, DB is the hottest guy on tv. The accompanying pictures prove that.
My personal thanks to TV Guide. Made my day.
Simon -- thanks, the TV Guide link wasn't live when I posted the story.

Razor -- no, I didn't mention everyone, just the ones with the strongest connection so as not to have a huge tagline. I figured someone else could bring up WM. LOL
Here's a transcript from the TV Guide blurb as done here:

"David is a stand-up guy. This was my first season on my first series, and sometimes I was overwhelmed. One time I burst into tears. David took me outside and asked, 'What's going on with you?' and then really listened to my answer. He's a wonderful friend. At the same time, he's the first person to put a whoopee cushion on someone's chair. He's also the first to drop his pants. On our Christmas episode, everyone had to drop their pants on camera and David was so happy. He spends a lot of time with his son, Jaden. At his last birthday party, David got him a bouncy castle, and I noticed that Jaden just had to take his clothes off in the castle. Like father, like son, I guess." - costar Emily Deschanel

"David is very protective and supportive as a husband and father. He steps up to the plate in every situation. I'm very fortunate to be with someone who's so hot and is also a great person. He's always surprising me. He leaves me notes in my car if I'm having a bad day. He calls me every hour. Even his mom said, 'Wow, he really checks in on you.' That means a lot to me." - wife Jaime Bergman
Thanks. It's what I love about David. He doesn't need to promote himself. People who know him, usually take care of that.

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