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June 13 2006

Details on the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Memories trading card set. "The most memorable Buffy moments in one unbelievable collection for the first time! This beautiful 81-card set depicts the scariest, the most passionate and the very sorrowful memories of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, spanning all seven seasons and including all your favorite characters!"

Can someone help educate me about these Buffy trading cards - are they just film caps or are they unique photos taken by a seperate photographer?
The base set's are usually made up of screen caps and promotional photos. Then you get bonus cards - usually in the form of 6 to 9 cards that make up a larger picture, or tell a particular story. Then you get autograph cards - a picture of the actor/character with a hand signed autograph, and pieceworks cards - a picture of the actor/character with a small piece of a costume that they wore.

Hope that helps.
Two Pieceworks per box? Are they serious?! Kick ass!

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