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June 13 2006

New interview With Dark Horse editor Scott Allie about Buffy comics and Serenity. The Dark Horse Editor reveals a little more about the Buffy season 8 comics and talks Serenity. Fray is also discussed.

Looks like Faith and Dawn are going to have featured roles in these comics. At present it sounds like no former Mutant Enemy writers are scheduled to write future arcs. Other comic book writers are being talked to. Also the first issue won't be out until early next year, according to Allie.

Ooooooooooooh! A Fray movie... now thats something I'd really like to see!
Tad disappointing. I was all set for it to arrive in October as per a previous article. Still, "Comic later than expected" is not exactly a new idea on the face of the Earth so I guess i'm not too shocked.
And let's face it, it was never officially announced for October by DarkHorse. Guess we were all a little to eager to believe the good news. Bummer. :-(
That was hard to read. Not because of the not-so-great news, but the grammar.
CaptainB, I think it's a german site which does some English translation of articles.
Fray movie... would rule. Oh wait, I'd just settle for more Fray, of any kind.

And hooray, more Firefly comics! And Faith storyline!

I can wait.
Before people get too excited--there is no actual word in there of Faith stories in the Season Eight book, or stories of any specific character, for that matter. Only that any such stories of secondary characters will be kept in the main book (or main series of miniseries) rather than being spun off into something separate.

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I sort of took it to mean that Faith and Dawn will have roles in the series at some point.As for the release date of the comic,it's possible that due to the artist's other commitments,they had to push it back to next year.It's mentioned that he has a DC comic series he's finishing up.

Since this is coming from the editor of Dark Horse,I figure it has more weight then the earlier October mention from that comic book news site.
It's good to hear that Faith and Dawn could appear in the new series. I must say I'd prefer an entire spin-off of Faith, instead of Season 8, but it's still great. It's new Joss work!

And a Fray movie... That would be simply amazing.
Please God, let it happen!
Gah, early 2007, not October '06.

Ah, well. Still can't wait!

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