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June 14 2006

Top 10 bad dads and gruesome grads. Celebrate Father's Day and the end of the school year with this Horror list. And as you'd expect, the exciting events from the end of Buffy season 3 make the grade.

Which leads to the eternal question. Buffy versus Carrie. Who'd win?

I was actually expecting Ted to show up as well as one gruesome potential step-dad.

Buffy and the Scoobies win every time, thats just the way it is, going back to worship at my Buffy shrine now.
And I thought the mention was going to be about the Mayor as a bad father figure.
There sure are some bad dads in the Buffyverse. Buffy's own dad surely should make the list, what with not showing up after a) Joyce died, and b) Buffy died, c) generally never again.
I agree, jpr, Ted was awesome...and unexpected. One of John Ritters finest pieces of work. I certainly never would have expected him in a "Ted" role..and done so well! Only other time I was so impressed was in Sling Blade. RIP, John.
You can't blame Hank for not showing up when Buffy died, as he didn't know. You can blame him for being so distant from his daughter that he didn't recognize the Buffybot's strageness as a sign that his daughter wasn't her--but it can all be attributed to grief, can't it? (The Scoobies themselves thought the same thing in "Intervention.") His not coming to the funeral for Joyce is pretty unforgivable, of course, as is his total abandonment--but I guess we'll never know for sure whether there are any other layers there or not.

I was expecting a writeup on the Mayor too. And Ted was awesome.

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