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June 14 2006

Joss Whedon on "Snakes On A Plane". Read last year's famous blog post by Josh Friedman and then scroll down to Joss' comment from earlier this year (link possibly NSFW due to adult language).

Ta to gossi who gave me the head's up on this one ages ago. I only got round to checking the veracity of the Joss Whedon comment a couple of days ago.

Here's that Joss comment in full.

Joss Whedon said...

I just have to say I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found a kind of spiritual transcendence in the title "Snakes on a Plane". It gives me faith in this bleak Hollyworld that there should be such simple beauty, such direct and uncluttered understanding of the human condition. Snakes, as the great philosophers used to say, on a motherfucking plane.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: SOAP -- no, it deserves spelling out every time, Snakes on a m-f'ing Plane, yo -- makes me wish Dave Chapelle was still making new m-f'ing eps. ;-)
This film best have the line "Snakes on a motherfucking plane" in it delivered by Samuel L. Jackson, or I'm asking for my money back. Possibly.
Haha. Even Joss loves Snakes On A Plane.

"This film best have the line "Snakes on a motherfucking plane" in it delivered by Samuel L. Jackson, or I'm asking for my money back. Possibly."

It does.

Joss Whedon is still my master now. :D
What's amazing, gossi, is that the movie didn't have the line before the huge web buzz built up. After so many fans demanded it, the studio went back, reshot parts of the movie (added the line) and bumped it up to an R rating. In short, we're going to get even more #@!$ snakes on a @!@#ing plane. Sweeet.
They added violence in the reshoots due to the web buzz, too.

If only there had been web buzz around Dawsons Creek.
I imagine this will be a huge turning point in the history of Hollywood. We will be able to say we have officially finished the silver age of film making and with this film we have entered the age of SOAP as it will be called by historians.

If this film is even a little successful, I am afraid of the consequences. Next thing you know, they will have all sorts of "ridiculous" copycats or G-d forbid, sequels. Apes on a ship, bats in a truck, spiders on space ship, wolves on a train....and of course, they won't be true to the original spirit of the film.
And then Joss can come in with the TV show "Monkeys on Ice - with Cows."
Joey: "Dawson, Oh, Dawson, can we ever explicate our love in a realistic 16 years old's voice or must we contend with an ever expanding vocabulary and emotional maturity beyond our years ?"

Dawson: "Joey, I don't care what you say, there are motherfucking sharks in the motherfucking creek !"

I'd have watched it (on cable i'd imagine).

'Bombs on a Bus'. No, wait, been done. 'Baboons on a Balloon'. 'Rats on a Sinking Ship' ("Genre busting extravaganza ! Defies Cliche !"). 'Snakes on a Plane 2: More Snakes !'. 'Snakes on a Plane 3: More Planes !". 'Snakes on a Plane 4: Snakes vs Planes'.

The possibilities are literally only bounded by Hollywood's imagination. So just these then.

And then Joss can come in with the TV show "Monkeys on Ice - with Cows."

Hmm, lacks something. Hang on, "Monkeys on Ice - with Cows On a Plane !". Yep, job done.
Mofo'ing Reavers On A Mofo'ing Spaceship
Knowing Joss' penchant for musicals, I wouldn't be surprised to see an Oklahoma remake with songs like, "The snakes are as high as an elephants eye" and "Surrey with the snakes on top."
saw a trailer for Snakes on a Plane last week, thought 'what an elaborate hoax this must be'. little did i realize i was eyewitnessing a defining moment in the Birth of the New Century...
The odd thing is, this seems to be a mostly American thing. I saw X-3 in Victoria, and my friend and I were the only ones who cheered - LOUDLY - when the Snakes on a frakkin Plane trailer aired.

Which just sort of confirms that Americans are weird.
Knowing Joss' penchant for musicals, I wouldn't be surprised to see an Oklahoma remake with songs like, "The snakes are as high as an elephants eye" and "Surrey with the snakes on top."

Or other classics in the making, 'The Hills are Alive WITH MOTHERF**KING SNAKES !', 'Doe-a-deer a Female Deer, SNAKE ! A MOTHERF**KING SNAKE !', 'How do you solve a problem like MOTHERF**KING ... ?'. You get the idea ;).

I see new vistas opening, new franchises being born. Let's not look at 'Snakes on a Plane' as a new B-movie, let's see it as a new format. Like '24' the 'Xs on a Y' format could run and run. Once it gets old we can think about 'As on a B' or wait for some maverick to stumble onto 'Ys on an X'.

(if it weren't for the web - invented by an Englishman, kinda - i'd also never have heard of this film - invented by the Yanks. Hooray for Anglo-American cooperation. Who says the special relationship's dead ? ;)
You all owe me a new keyboard.

How about:
"76 mutherfucking snakes in the big plane..."
"I'm singing with the snakes... just singing on the motherfucking plane...."
"Memory... all alone in the airplane... with the motherfcking snakes...."
"If I were a rich man.... I'd have all the snakes on the motherfucking plane.... yadadeda...."
wolves on a train

'Set in Britian, the train is delayed by 4 hours in the middle of the countryside, as wolves eat the Virgin Rail staff.'

Also, there should have been a chapter on the Serenity DVD called 'Wash on a Stick'. Although that might have given away the plot.

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I'll kill you for that, gossi.
Saje takes 'Snakes on a Plane' from the thin end of a groundbreaking new fiction wedge thru to an exciting new genre to a hackneyed cliche to a revitalizing deep genre in less space than im taking now. Its that vision thing.

I, for one, will be anxiously awaiting the moment the Snakes on a Plane genre has its version of 'what if the blonde cheerleader is fully equipped to kick the monsters' ass?'

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Oh, SOAP (it's odd writing it like that, having been a huge fan of the 1970's show of the same name) *will* be a huge hit. It's a bizarre case: a film that promises a gigantic audience based on it's title. All I know is that my husband went to see X3 on opening day at Graumann's Chinese (I was at Slayage) and, though the audience showed indifference toward Superman Returns, SOAP received a standing ovation.

I would like to see Rakes on a Plain. I imagine that scene of Sideshow Bob from Cape Feare. Smack! uhuhuh. Smack! uhuhuh.
Oh, man, this thread reminds me of a day recently when barest_smidgen and I were coming up with all kinds of fake SOAP titles/take-offs after seeing a set of photoshopped images of Desperate Housesnakes; On Wisteria Lane. She came up with way better ones than I did; I felt like a mental midget :)
Mental Midget's is a great film title, also.
Ah, it is great to hear Joss on Snakes on a Plane.

Me? I'm just waiting for Planes on a Snake.

On the message board that I run, we had a lengthy discussion about Snakes on Serenity, which ended up having the Operative and Sam Jackson (as the Operative's cousin) tagteaming those motherfucking snakes...
We're building a better ship... A ship without snakes.
MAL - You know what the first rule of flying is? Snakes. You can learn all the math in the 'verse, but you take a m'f'in' plane in the air without snakes, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turn of the worlds. Snakes keep her in the air when she ought to fall down, tell you she's hurting before she keels, makes her a m'f'in' home.
gossi, that is awesome.

"If I know anything, I know this...I aim to get these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking Serenity!" - Another part of the conversation had on my message board.
zeitgeist, any chance you could possibly direct me to the aforementioned photshopped images?

I think this film sounds hilarious and I think now that they seem to be aware of the cult potential and ludicrousness of it, they are definitely going to ham it up even more, which should make for an entertaining, if snake-laden, film.
I,for one, welcome our Snake-y Overlords.
Does anyone know if Kurt Russel will be reprising his career-making role from Escape From New York? BTW, also a fantastic title.
You know what would be really nifty?

"A Plane on Snakes"

or maybe:
"A Plane in Snakes"

Oops, not funny anymore, but I swear this was actually funny 5-minutes ago.
I,for one, welcome our Snake-y Overlords.

Or, indeed, our new serpentine overlords.
I think Joss could deal with a movie called Beagles on a Plane.

Someone should jump on this and make Whedonites on a Plane, a documentary at 45,000 feet.
When was the last time the Master posted?
Oh my m-f'ing god... there was a Llama on the Plane.
LMMFAO. You guys are killing me. I haven't laughed so hard in ages.
Good call, alexreager. Kurt Russell and John Carpenter are probably talking about this as we speak.

I just think it's interesting as hell to witness a pop-cultural phenomenon erupt before our eyes. I don't how these people struck such a right note at such a right time (Sam Jackson is major part of it that's for sure) but they're going to be verrry wealthy very soon.

And somebody's gonna try and catch lightning in a bottle twice. Pre-Teen Dirty Gene Kung Fu Kangaroos, anyone?
Mmmm snakes. I mean, what?
Wait, Saje, Al Gore is English??! No, no, wait, Al Gore is Glory? Nyehh, something isn't right there.

And, yeah, when was the last time my Master posted?
OMG, I've seen about 6 references on the Internet or cable to Snakes on a Plane, m-f'ing or not, since this thread began. It's everywhere, yo! Yes, we needed snakes on Serenity to make the boxoffice rock. How could Jah Sweden have missed that? ;-)

Hey, BTW, are we trying to invoke the presence of Joss? Are we all being Jossholes? ;-) (Yeah, UnpluggedCrazy, continuing my "wha??" from the previous thread, please get back to me, I'm sooooo confused!)
Very funny people on this board! Thanks, I needed the, back to paying the bills so I can get them in the mail tomorrow...I mean, paying the motherfucking bills so I can motherfucking get them in the motherfucking mail motherfucking tomorrow! (That felt great!)
Razor - it was somewhere on the Snakes on a Blog site. They've done it a couple of times, most recently: Photoshop Contest III - enjoy!
Okay, I know this conversation is so yesterday, but it sprang near fully formed into my head, snakes channeled through Dr Seuss and I must share:

Snakes on a plane
snakes on a bus
Snakes go everywhere with us
Snakes in a can
Snakes in a knee
snakes are climbing over me

I do not think I like this thing
Of snakes infesting everything.
M-f'ing Sam (L.) I am. ;-)
Hey, look at this-

Snakes on a Jayne!
Yes, billz, this confusion is running rampant. It must be stopped. No more Jossholing!

Woah...that sounded naugh-tay.

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