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June 14 2006

Vote for the Tater Top awards. Vote for the best of the best. James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hannigan, LOST, VERONICA MARS and much more.. (I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.)

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't yet seen S2 of Veronica Mars. There are still some of us around.
There were some tough choices in there! I even voted against a whedon-alumn on one of the nominations. I love Aly in HIMYM, but Jaime Presley on MNIE is the funniest woman (if not funniest person) on TV right now.
Yes, there are definitely spoilers for biggest shocker, etc. (LOST, VERONICA MARS, GREYS ANATOMY, SMALLVILLE, ALIAS, etc.) If you are watching a show that has ended in the states and you don't want to be spoiled, you might want to be careful..
I voted a few days ago. Here's to the folks over at Veronica Mars....Hope they get a few taters!
There were a lot of tough decisions in there! Most of my favorite shows (and actors) were up against each other. I ended up using "if in doubt, vote for Veronica Mars" as my guide, but in some cases, I wish I could have voted for two or three of them!
I'm with you Hjermsted on Jaime Pressly. Definately the funniest person on TV.

The fact that she is really beautiful and sexy just makes it all the funnier somehow.

She kills me.
I had an amazingly hard choice with the Most Missed Show (or something). I had to choose between Alias and Arrested Development. It took a lot of thinking. There should have been more Alias overall, but either way i will be waiting for the results in a week or so.
Most Missed was actually the easiest one for me. I still cry myself to sleep some nights over the loss of Arrested Development.
I had to see what you all were talking about, so I voted too. I had to chuckle at and appreciate the fact that Kristin included Katherine Heigl in the "Future Husband Kristin Should Just Go Ahead and Marry" category. (Insert famous Jayne Cobb quote here).

And it was nice to see that (in my world, anyway) prematurely cancelled and already missed Invasion got some recognition, too.
I don't know why BSG didn't make the best drama list. If it had, though, there'd have been another tough choice like the one between Mary McDonnell and Kristen Bell.
I went to the voting link and so none of the options you speak of (except HIMYM). Is there a write-in feature I am missing?
All I can tell you is to click on "start voting" and with every page vote and hit "submit" and it will take you to a new page.
Alyson Hannigan. I be voting for Veronica Mars because it's...Veronica Mars!
Keep thinking this should be the Tater Tots Awards. Still, a cute concept. I second Dreamlogic's complaint that the choice between Mary McDonnell and Kristen Bell is a tough one. Hope both of their shows prosper in the coming season; it's certainly a tribute to the quality of a show when other creative people (like Joss Whedon) are fans!
Ah, crap. I was just majorly Alias spoiled. Suck it, Trebek.

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