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June 14 2006

Unreal game designer chooses end of Buffy season 2 as most memorable TV moment ever.

That's pretty cool. I always liked Cliffy B since he created one of my favorite games.

No. Not Unreal. Jazz Jackrabbit (and Jazz Jackrabbit 2).
Oh yeah. Jazz Jackrabbit is a real classic. The Sonic of the PC but with better multiplayer. I still remember the joy of winning every time I played in race mode and losing pretty much every time in deathmatch. Good times, good times.

And I'm inclinded to agree with him. The end of Becoming part 2 is definitely my favorite TV moment ever, possibly only rivaled by most of the Fred scenes in A Hole in the World.
Dude, I still tinker with the level editor from time to time. They just don't make games like they used to! (And whatever happened to the good old 2d platforming genre? It's become confined to portables.. and is even dying out there now)

Oh, and yeah.. good Buffy moment. Too bad I already knew Angel somehow got his own series after that, so he had to return ;)
I always liked CliffyB since we live in the same city.
Takes me back to the old days when I ran a Quake clan and we used to play Unreal sometimes :)
Wow! 2 people on that list thought 9/11 is a "TV moment"!
I like CliffyB, the thread he posted on SomethingAwful about E3 this year, had me cracking up.

CliffyB on E3

Mods if that's not OK feel free to edit.

A very funny read even if you aren't into Video Games.

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Another shout out to "Becoming". I love to hear others talk about how great this episode is. It must give Joss a warm fuzzy.
Best moment ever.
I feel exactly the same way - good choice, Cliffy B :)

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