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June 15 2006

Joss endorses Bob Harris' new book. Over at Bob's site, Joss is endorsing Bob's soon to be released book - Prisoner Of Trebekistan.

"So effortlessly funny and informative, the fact that it's tender, human, and very wise kind of sneaks up on you... a must for anyone who loves Jeopardy!,
or has ever seen it,
or is breathing."
Joss Whedon, creator, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Bob Harris does have claim to fame in the BtVS verse. He was the voice on the video at the Doublemeat Palace.
"Let's take a look now at the process of harvesting these two special meats"...

I wonder what's in those trailing dots!
At work so I can't click the link, but this isn't the same Bob Harris who used to be a big cat at Marvel is it?
Tycho - That would be Bob Harras, not Harris, who was EIC of Marvel from 1995 to 2000.
Ah, thanks zeit. Wasn't my favorite period, so I can just barely forgive myself for the mistake. ;)
;) No worries. Aside from Astonishing (Fans of Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, please forgive me - I haven't read their runs and this isn't meant as an insult to them), I'm still pretending X-Men ended with the last issue before Age of Apocalypse.
Bob Harris is also a friend of Tom Tomorrow's ("This Modern World"), and has been known to do insightful political bloggery both at Tomorrow's weblog and his own. he's one of the good ones, I think, despite the Doublemeat connection. (I still kind of kick myself for not buying an original Doublemeat poster at a Buffy thrift store benefit a few years ago, but I had just enough scratch for the Summers' kitchen phone and a chair from the library. besides which, having to see the words "Doublemeat is doublesweet!" day in and day out would surely drive me (more) insane.)

Tnere was a poster?!!!!!
So it's not Whispering Bob Harris of 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' fame, then? And here I was hoping for some laid-back 1970s West Coast sounds!

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hbo jorquez...go back and watch the first Doublemeat episode...there's "inspirational" posters all over the walls in the back rooms. it was one of those. (actually, it probably didn't say "Doublemeat is doublesweet", but I always loved Buffy's world-weariness when she was intoning the line. it was probably something dumber, like "double nutrition", or the like.)

and, dashboardprophet, I *so* wish we'd gotten OGWT in the US. (aw, hell, we had "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert". top THAT.) :)

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