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June 15 2006

Serenity Day Press. A mention of "Worldwide Serenity Day" and a plug for the San Francisco screening on June 23rd.

Well, he does have his facts a little wrong. In the beginning he's obviously talking about Serenity Day, the campaign to buy DVDs on the 23rd, and not Serenity Now/Equality Now, which is for charity. But it's a nice article, good publicity, he seems like a real fan, and I like

And don't be embarrassed to support this effort because you think it'll make you into some kind of nerd, because (1) if you're considering going in the first place, you're probably already a nerd
Yeah, he doesn't even mention the buy the DVDs campaign, meaning this isn't actually "Serenity Day" press at all. Heh.

And people told me not to worry when I warned that the screenings would get covered by the press as "let's get a sequel" rather than "let's do good".

Anyone going to admit I was right, yet? ;)
Unfortunately, yes, some of the press is mixing up the Serenity Day stuff now -- which is about something different. Although that was obviously going to happen due to the name ('Serenity Day') and date.
Yep, you were totally right, b!x. It's a shame, 9/30 would have been a great date for Serenity Day, rather than confusing the issue.
I'm a little cross-eyed because that article seemed so squished together. A little space between the sentences would have been nice.

It is a little disconcerting that he has Serenity Day mixed up with the screenings but he does point out it's for charity... at the end... Um. I'm guessing a polite note has been sent already to clear up his error?
The only reason things like this annoy me, is when OTHER writers use this as their base to mock Browncoats for "pretending" that it's all about the charity when in fact what we really want is a sequal. Admittedly, that would be great but that's not the purpose of Serenity Now/Equality now. (Yes, Bix I was reading through your website last night. :p).
I'm too close to it to judge how this interview with me (mp3) went. Plus I'm still fuming at the announcer, despite having a script in front of him, getting our URL wrong and therefore robbing us of any actual visitors and therefore ticket sales. D'oh.
I think the interview went very well. Everything was covered: what the BDM is, what Equality Now is, and how important it is that we help this charity raise money.

Good job! :)

Uninteresting sidenote: I thought you wrote "Plus I'm still funning at the announcer", so I was thinking "hey, funny, we're laughing, okay" then I came back to this page and realized it was "Plus I'm still fuming at the announcer" and changed my emotion to anger. Not that any of this is significant to anything at all. Just that, hey, I'll be angry with you if you want to be angry at announcerman.
Well, they're apparently going to mention the correct URL tomorrow, and we should be mentioned repeatedly in their community calendar. That will help, although not quote to the degree tha getting it right the first time would have, heh.
Does the address he gave go to anything? Or even better, anything related to Serenity Now/Equality Now?

Wow. And what does it say about you when you're actually too lazy to check a URL? When you're already on the internet and have nothing to do. Jeez. I suck. *punches self* *remembers Fight Club scene* Hee.

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