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April 01 2003

Positive signs on Angel renewal from WB. Jordan Levin, entertainment president, says Angel could return next season on Sunday or Wednesday.

Furthermore, "discussions are underway with show creator Joss Whedon to possibly include some characters from Buffy".

I hope that's not an April Fool's...
Nah, tis the truth.

I see Leoff has put the wildfeed up for BtVS S7x18 'Dirty Girls'.
Pick a day, any day---even TVGUIDE mentions the scheduling problems in an article titled, "6 Great Series You're Missing".
According to the futon critic

"Angel" remains a question mark for the fall as all eyes are turning to how "The Black Sash" handles Sunday nights. "Angel" producers have been pitching a "revived" fifth season to WB executives last week including the possibility of some "Buffy" characters joining the series.

And a little tibit on UPN

UPN executives also asked advertisers if they would be receptive to a "Buffy" spin-off series should one materialize.
I am glad to see positive developments!
This has nothing to do with anything except Leoff's wildfeed ... "Dirty Girls" isn't tonight, is it? How is the wildfeed up? Should I be preparing to watch BtVS tonight?

Edited because it's April 1st and I'm stupid. I hope this wildfeed is entertaining.

[ edited by grrarrgh00 on 2003-04-01 19:12 ]
I also wigged on the "Dirty Girls" comment. Wonky time indeed. Props to Simon for knowing the audience. A big shout-out to my kids, my grand-kids, and my great-grand-kids, for hiding my teeth. Classic!
Actually, the great man himself Leoff did a fake wildfeed for April Fool's Day yesterday.

Here's the link for it.

Wildfeed summary for Dirty Girls

(warning there are actual spoilers in that summary).
Hey Simon, thanks for the link. That was pretty funny -- "Gary Gygax? No... Twiki? No..."

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