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June 15 2006

What's The Master up to these days? Watching police deal with students having a Toga party, Animal House style, at his restaurant.

Mark Metcalf, owner of Libby Montana in Mequon Milwaukee, inspired celebrating students to recreate the party from his most famous film role, after Buffy of course.

Wow. I never knew that the Master was in Animal House.
zz9, so good to hear from you:)

Well, those parties are always blown out into space. People must have a good time, yes?
I'm not even an hour from there, but I wish I was there.
Which hour? The witching hour?
Big Damn Flan, I'm pulling your leg. Is that worth a laugh?
I've actually eaten there and didn't know Metcalf owned it. Good chili, though. LOL

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