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June 15 2006

"Buffy and Angel Movies Not Happening." Joss says money issues led to demise of Spike, Faith and Willow movies.

So what hope do we have that there will ever be a televised incarnation of the Buffyverse and Angelverse again. Probably not till 2010 when Joss has gotten both Goners and Wonder Woman out of the way and may even the 4th Xmen or something. Buffyverse is what I love about Joss the most, and like a crack addict I need my fix...soon.

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You know, I have a different viewpoint on this. I'll reference a little fanbase called Star Trek. They had a good little show in the 60s. And nothing for a loooong time. Then, all of a sudden, someone made a movie. And then another. And then a new TV show. And it was good.

Then, everyone got a little greedy. There were too many movies. Too many shows. And, by the end, it sucked.

I'd rather wait a while... let it percolate... and then get a little more, rather than get too much and have it, well, suck.

But maybe that's just me.
XanFan32, I agree. But even when Joss was stretched thin with 3 shows and comics, we still got some really good shows out of it. Well at least for me, I did enjoy angel season 4 very much, firefly, and season 6 of buffy.

But yea, I've been waiting since 2004 for more buffyverse and I guess I can wait some more. As long as joss does other things.

Arg, one movie at least woulda been nice!!!
This of course is merely a link to an article which pulls its information from the Bendis interview which itself was already linked here recently. Heh.

(You'd think the fact that Joss himself posted in the thread would have meant people noticed it. ;)

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I'm really kind of sad that Joss is one the cusp of hitting it super big in Hollywood. Wonder Woman will probably be a huge breakthrough for him, and he'll be busy with movies. And movies are alright, but it means we'll have to wait two years between Joss projects.

I want him to be successful and for all the world to appreciate his genius, but I wish he was still toiling away on television. Not even neccessarily the Buffyverse or Firefly (in a perfect world, I'd be thinking fondly about the recently aired Season Four finale), but anything would suffice.

I'm sad that the movies aren't happening, but I've long thought that the Buffyverse might go the way of Star Trek, having a huge cult following that keeps it alive for years through fan fic and conventions, until it is ready to rise again. I don't want to wait twenty years for something new to come around, but this news doesn't kill my hope either.

What I'd be interesting in seeing is Buffyverse shows or movies that don't feature the characters from the shows. I love them all, but I don't want the Buffyverse to die because James Marsters or David Boreanaz are too old. It's a compelling universe, and if the characters are as well-developed as the ones I loved, I'll get over it.
Say it with me now:
"It's all about the Benjamins."
The comparison with the original ST doesn't work b/c while that series was cancelled after 3 seasons, the Buffyverse has spanned 12 seasons and had worked through a hellava lot of stories and mythology. I'm OK with no more 'verse, because while I love on-going mythologies, I also think it's unwise to keep something going just for the sake of going on. The reason the latter Trek shows faltered was not greediness or whatever -- it was because they ran out of creative juices and original stories to tell. As of now, the only character whose story I really want more of is Illyria, and by extension, Wesley.

If we're talking future-Buffyverse, gimme a series version of Fray: THAT would rock.
Fray all the way. Where is the campaign for a Fray movie? I think thats more realistic because its fresh and just plain awesome.
(You'd think the fact that Joss himself posted in the thread would have meant people noticed it. ;)

Word, bix (if I may call you by your last syllable). ;-)
the powers that be have a plan
As mentioned above, this is a little too circular to be a front-page link (original news source linked to here, picked up, circulated some more, re-reported here) - but now there's a little discussion going on, perhaps this topic can have its own dedicated thread. (Erm, my bad for being asleep on the job - i.e. at work). :)
This makes me so sad. For me, the Star Trek model doesn't work. It's all about Spike for me and I know that James won't be able to do it 10 years from now.

I'm sure I still would enjoy whatever came out, but that broken-hearted sadness that I still feel for lack of Spike won't be assuaged.

I know its unreasonable but there it is. I can't help it. I miss Spike. Fan fiction helps but not enough. I want to see Spike, hear him talk, watch him walk, see the look in his eyes.

It hurts even more because I just finished watching Wonderfalls and would have LOVED Minnear at the head of the Spike project.

And my cynical self suspects that a Spike movie may have been a go, but maybe Joss wouldn't do it without a commitment to the rest of them. I have no actual info about that, its just a feeling. And of course he has a right to make that decision but it still breaks my heart.
I still maintain that if there was absolutely zero chance of any movies ever happening, Joss'd let us know, here on Whedonesque. After his posts through the winter, that sort of led us on... I just think that he'd want us to know. I mean, sure, he said that it didn't look good in that interview... but...

*grasps at some other straws*

Maybe there's a big surprise just around the corner... maybe he just said that so we're not expecting it when he announces the Spike movie on his b-day.
With you on the heartbreak, Xane. And thanks, SNT, for letting this thread keep on. Out here in the middle of the Pacific, I tend to be the last person posting on a lot of the threads--and I kinda miss the feedback! (Although I'm sure most people who know me would say I could talk/write in a complete vacuum--and they'd like to try it, just to see. . . .)

But back to the "no movies" idea. I know I probably sound like a complete berk, but I *did* notice that Joss didn't say they'd never happen. He just said something about the money not being there. Couldn't they be shopped to someone who might be able to buy out Fox's rights? I mean, if Fox thought they weren't money-makers, mightn't they be willing to sell their rights to someone with more brains interest in doing them?

OTOH, I'm probably just clutching at straws. But I'm still going to urge everyone who was planning to send postcards to still do so.
Oooh! jfhlbuffy posted whilst I was madly composing my opus. Or something. And we're both talking about clutching and straws, and Joe Sweden's birthday, and hope and just *everything*! I like the way you think, jfhlbuffy!
First no more Firefly now no more Buffy/Angelvers on TV. Man this is a huge blow. Realistically....the only shot of EVER seeing any of this on TV again is Joss coming up with some major movie hits.

If is able to get a couple box office hits under his belt he can write his own ticket. Now if a Studio comes to him and says Joss we really want you to do this... he can say OK but only if I also get to do this. That kind of stuff happens all the time.

Bottom line is though he needs leverage. The only way he is going to get it, is if he becomes a Hollywood power player. Go josh Go!
Damn....well that sucks.

Though, as some people have noted...maybe for the best. We got a pretty good run, so lets enjoy the 254 Buffy and Angel eps we did get.

I bet Joss is wishing he could say *some* Jossverse related project is going ahead...first Serenity sequel, now Buffy/Angel...oh well, there's still Wonder Woman
Okay, this is something I can speak for Joss on. Not because he lets me, or wants me to, or even knows me - but because his actions speak louder than his typing here:

He put together the pitch. He got the actors. He got the writer. He got the director. He took it to WB/CW. And got nowhere. It went to Fox. Nowhere.

He wanted more of the Buffyverse, and his creation type things (there was the other small thing about the tracking the Serenity box office figures he did - which I suspect was partly about sequel worries).

Or, in other words, I don't think for a moment this was a case of Joss couldn't be bothered. He's trying to launch a film career, yes, but in the middle of that he was trying to continue his TV 'verses... but they wouldn't let him play.

Would I ever have loved some Faith, Willow, Spike and Illyria action. It's too terrible for words that Joss has thought out some kick-ass story lines, all actors have been on board, Minear ready to dig in, and then have some disagreement with Fox sending the whole thing down the drain.
C'mon, people! I'm depressed, too. But what Joss said was

There are certain characters I've been saving because I thought I might make movies about them, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. . . . .
I think money is standing in the way.

And, yeah, this is grim. But even so, Joss didn't say the dream is dead--just that it "doesn't look like it's going to happen." So I'm going to play Pollyanna and, for all I know, ostrich, and send in my postcards. And, if it turns out I am an ostrich, and my head is buried in the sand, at least I'll have the comfort of knowing that the sand is a much better, cleaner and more honest place than the one where the Fox brass keep theirs.

Ouch! Was that too snarky? Does severe depression count as mitigating circumstances if accused of such?
Don't get so down everyone, though yes, I'm weeping into my keyboard. I donít think this is a time to doubt that Joss didnít work his butt off to get these projects off the ground, it just isnít happening, yet.

Joss needs to know that weíre all looking forward to Wonder Woman and Goners and what ever other new projects heíll do in the future. He is a great storyteller, Firefly to me proved that he can write out side the Angel and Buffyverse. And whatever he does is going to get people hooked , make them laugh in hysterics and then rip their hearts out in a pulpy slushy mess. For me personally itís been too long since I had a Joss brand tearing out of the heart, though this post came really close.

SangChaud, I like sand, too, let's hear it for sand people but there a long list of things that I like more than Fox right now, I need say no more, me thinks.
Yes, Aurey09, I also think Joss worked his butt off for these--and it may yet happen. I'll just try to think pleasant thoughts and long for the good old days of Joss ripping our hearts out on a weekly basis. Plus--everyone, please send cards if you were planning to. You just never know. Maybe certain heads will come unstuck from certain non-sand places where they've been residing. Nothing's impossible.
Nothing's impossible.

Except dogs looking up.
I will be sending postcards on June 20th. If there is one thing I took away from the experience of watching Whedonverse projects is that you Never give up...or in....or out. NEVER quote me the odds! (or is that something I learned from Star Wars??!! ) Anyway,show me a lost cause and I'm all over it like a tick on a dog (why,yes,I AM from the south,thank you). :D
Like a tick on a dog looking up ? Cos then i'd really rate your chances.

(incidentally I saw a nice bit of fan-wank once that Han said 'Never quote me the odds' because the force was also strong in him - without him knowing - and 'quoting the odds' made him think and not feel, or in other words it prevented him from trusting in the force)
show me a lost cause and I'm all over it like a tick on a dog

Me, too, Berry. 'Cept here we'd say "Like white on rice" 'cause we eat a lot of rice, and it ain't the healthy kind! And, yeah, *Never* quote me the odds, either. Thanks for the postcards. And may the force be with us. Or something.
I was so happy and jolly 5 minutes ago.

Now i'm depressed... ahh ignorance was bliss.
Yet it's still no defence in the eyes of the law. What a crazy mixed up world.
Just when I thought the geek couldn't get any thicker in this thread, Saje goes and mentions a Star Wars fan-wank. God, I love this site :) (not Star Wars so much, but... *ducks rotten fruit)

gossi - talking of dogs looking up, have you been watching the Hot Fuzz video blog?
I'd have a hard time watching the same characters played by different actors when the Scooby cast is in their 60s when anyone gets around to this. I need to see these guys again. We saw them before because it was a unique 8 years in that universe. I could settle for Fray, or even a Tales of the Slayers series, with a rotating cast.
Would love to see more stuff set in the B-verse, would love to see some crossover, but with the right creative folks, I don't need there to be characters that carry over (mind you, I'm all aboard for Illyria/Spike/etc... I sawy etc. because I'm not sure I would want Wesley's death cheapened the way I feel that our William's was. My opinion only, of course)
It's a shame to hear. But at least Joss is giving us some Buffy Season 8 comics, I can't wait for those.

And Gossi ... dogs CAN look up.
Ooh, 'Hot Fuzz' video blog. Cool mention zeitgeist (just for that i'll save the rotten fruit for another time ;). I'm gonna watch the first one and if it's too spoilery i'll skip the rest but regards the film, eagerly awaiting doesn't begin to cover my feelings. Just hope they don't suffer from sophomore slump.

CaptainB, I like the 'Tales of the Slayers' anthology series idea (so long as we had Bverse writers and Joss at least overseeing things). That's one that could really run and run with loads of story potential and no real need for the original cast (much as i'd like to see them). Only snag I can see is that, by its episodic nature, we'd miss out on the serial development quality which really lifted Buffy and Angel above the crowd but I guess so long as each one didn't end with the current slayer's death we could go back to previously seen eras at any point.
Okay sad sad sad....(wipes away tear). I am so bummed. I can't even fathom Joss not revisting the rich world of Buffyverse. I have read some of the books (which some are okay and some are lame), I haven't picke up a comic book and read one of those yet, however I just would hate to see that world never to grace the little screen again (I would love the big screen but I willing to settle). I just can't imagen not peeking in on Giles, Willow, and Xander to see how life has gone on. And as far as Angel I do have trouble see Gunn as a big bad (it kinda of makes me giggle).
Think of it this way, in 20 years, CGI might be good enough to generate the Buffy and Firefly realistically enough, that all weíll need to do is have beloved (and aged) actors do the voices.
Alas for no new Buffy movies. (For the time being!) Hooray for the Season 8 comics that are being talked about. Any new stories put out here will keep the heart beating, so to speak.
I know it's not the same as live-action, but there's no reason why these stories can't be used for comics. There will certainly be a lot missing because we won't see James, Aly, Amy, Eliza, et. al. play their characters, but at least we'll experience the stories Joss has had in mind all this time. I'll admit if Gunn's a vamp the impact will be lessened by not seeing J. BE the vamped Gunn. But reading the (Joss approved) story would be--for my money--much better than nothing.
that sucks pardon the pun :-(
Not surprising to me and when I heard that Amy Acker said that at the NFA con, I was like "Oh well, if there isn't going to be any more, I can live with that."

Am I abandoning the 'verse? Nope. Not till they pry the keyboard out of my cold dead hands. Am I giving up all hope? Nope. But I'm not mailing off postcards or screaming in mournful wails because it's not happening. I am, however, one of the people who watched Ats for two years with the hope that Lindsey would eventually return.

But I don't buy the comics because I don't read comics. I don't buy the books because to me, they're nothing more than sanctioned fanfiction and of the couple I have read, I can only say that I think there's fanfiction far superior out there. And having said that, I'd actually find it more appealing read a series of books written about the fate of the characters instead of comics.
My apologies folks, I wasn't aware that this was old news.
I am sure we will see more live action Buffyverse. Joss will become a power player in 2-3 years and no one will dare turn him down then. Unfortunately, It will be too late for Spike. I wanted to see Marsters don the black trench one last time for closure. *sob*

Still sending my postcards like a deluded but dedicated fangirl.
Well not to beat a dead horse, cause really what's the point. It's like slamming your head into a brick wall, oh well, I've always been told I was hard headed. Anyway, from the start I have been promoting the idea of going to the people with the money and not those with the rights to the property. Cause it would be the only way to get it done. People spun their wheels and wasted time bombarding the WB (which was hemeraging money out the double digits), then when that didn't seem to go anywhere they focused there attention to the FOX TV Production Dept. cause well they had the rights. I kept asking all along who is footing the bill, cause it's hard to believe the FOX TV dept would. They were juggling 25 shows and had co-presidents. That's like saying to a real estate agent,"Please we want the house." and then asking them to buy it for you and you will pay them back once you move in. It doesn't work that way. You have to find the financial institution to back you to buy the house from the agent, then you will get it. Just like in this case you need to find who would get the most return for financing this project, in other words where's the money coming from to make it. We are talking perhaps 5 million dollars (ballpark) to make 1 two hour movie. The studio doesn't want the pennies and pounds we can scrape together, they want a lump sum. This is the very reason I have been pushing people to contact send postcards to Mike Dunn the president of FOX Home Entertainment. FOXHE has been profiting in the double digits the last few years and they have helped bring back Family Guy and Futurama to DVD and heck even back to network TV. They are the ones making the money off the franchise that is Whedon and if anything they are the ones that can be reached. I have been talking about this before Angel was even canceled. You want to find the money to make the verse return, then go where the money is send Mike Dunn the postcards, use the Whedon money postcard. Put it into their mind that we know what they want and to get it all they have to do is give us what we want.

Heck it took them over 3 years to get Family Guy back on the air and Angel has only been off the air for 2, so I think we have some time left.
I am still sending the cards....and Mike Dunn WILL be one of my 3 targets. Damn it all...even if nothing comes of it...I'm not letting go....Come on people...lets pull together and send the cards anyway. What can it hurt???? Maybe someone will get the freakin' message.
I know everyone is stuck on the whole concept that vampires don't age and therefore JM and DB can't play their roles as blood suckers. Do you really think Joss wouldn't figure a plausable work-around? "Oh they were turned into humans in a demon dimension and now they look older but magically they are turned back into vamps..." The mythos, the concepts and "the laws of all that is mystical" are just a few of the things Joss jingles in his pocket like the rest of us carry nickels and dimes.

If the players are lined up, it will happen. The last thing that would stand in the way is a rule about vampires not aging. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...
"If we're talking future-Buffyverse, gimme a series version of Fray: THAT would rock."

Hell yes it would. Fray movie. Fray TV show. Fray movie and TV show. What a plan.
Damm, what a depressing day. I was really hoping for a Spike movie.
Maybe now IDW can make Post-NFA comics with a solo-Spike in it, since they couldn't do it before at the risk of clashing with a possible dvd-movie.
Gunn would turn into a vampire? I'm sorry, but I'm glad we're never going to see that. Fred turning into Illyria, although sad, was really interesting and well done. Gunn as a vampire... eh, too much.
To add on to what alexreager said, let's face it, if these movies do get made, it's for the hardcores, like us. And honestly, how many hardcore fans are gonna say, "what? The movie is a go? They have the money? Oh, gee... James Marsters doesn't look the same as he did ten years ago in season 2. Nah, I think I'd rather not see that movie."
The age thing may not be a factor for us fans but it seems to be a personal issue for James Marsters which is why he set up that time limit.He believes that Spike should still be a vampire and as such he dose not want to play the part after that time limit because he personally feels the age will be an issue for him.It sounds like he won't agree to play Spike again unless Spike remains a vampire and he won't be personally comfortable doing that after a certain point.

I seem to remember Joss agreeing with James Marsters as well.It might of been a post Joss made here at Whedonesque a while back but he aknowledged that there is a limited shelf life left for JM to reprise the part and if it does not happen before that point runs out,it won't happen at all.

That's why I think Joss said a few months ago that he was expecting an answer from TPTB soon one way or the other.I think he was really pushing for an answer from 20th Century Fox because James won't be willing reprise the role again by this time next year.

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You know I was watching the series finale "Chosen" just the other day and three things struck me,
1)Buffy's story really is wrapped up. The whole series she wanted a normal life but continually sacrificed what she wanted to meet the obligations of being chosen. At the end, as a result of sharing her slayer power, she gets her reward the chance at a more normal life.

2) The same can't be said for other characters such as Faith. Faith always seemed lost and searching for something. Buffy found some kind of peace finally. You get the sense it would take Faith longer.

3) There just isn't anything as good as Buffy on TV. I know Joss has said basically he's a control freak and couldn't develop a new TV show without being immersed in it not even to hand it off to a friend but TV needs Joss. This thing with the TV movies baffles me. The way I see it you have 3 movies airing once on TV then you package them together on DVD. Who's the bean counter who says they won't make a ton of money of the DVDs? Say what you want about the ability of Joss' projects to pull in ratings or box office but you can't deny the proven track record for DVD sales. I just don't get it, really.
First of all vampires do age, it's Buffy canon. Second of all, ummm I got nothing.
This is hardly unexpected but disappointing all the same.

Personally I think in a few years when Joss has the clout and is able to arrange direct to DVD movies (which I think he would prefer) or even TV movies, he will do so. In the meantime we can enjoy all the great stuff he will be doing in the meantime.

At least we won't be teased by constant speculation and I can handle a five year wait. The only thing which I do think might disappoint people is the fact that most of the vampire characters will be unable to reprise their roles, most prominently James Marsters who set his own time limit, and others such as David Boreanaz (who was unlikely to take on the role of Angel anyway), or those who might have appeared in flashbacks such as Julie Benz or Juliet Landau. It's not impossible but definitely unlikely as it will stretch their believability as vampires, considering most of these characters were introduced within the first couple of seasons of Buffy, which is almost a decade ago now.

Personally I'm not too upset by that. All of the aforementioned actors have given us so many amazing performances but I think it was obvious that the characters of Buffy and Angel had come to the end of their journies. Of course it would be possible for them to return in some future project and for Joss to develop new stories for them, but definitely the main premise of Buffy, an innocent young girl fighting alone to save the world, has been resolved, what with Buffy being a strong woman who can now share her responsibility with dozens, or hundreds, of others, and who has secured the saftey of the world for now.

I was also very happy with how Spike was resolved, and although I wouldn't have minded seeing him again he wasn't the character I most wanted to see again. Those such as Illyria and Faith, however, are a completely different matter. And there are plenty of characters who did get a sense of closure by the end of the shows, but who still have a lot of potential, such as Willow or Giles, and Gunn if he survived. Not to mention those who did die but could be seen in a story set before the end of the shows, such as Anya, Cordelia, Wesley and Fred. I definitely think we will see Fred again if Illyria returns.
Yes,over time as a vampire gets older they lose the ability to retain a human appearence such as The Master and Kakistos.
Simon is right of course, just ask the Master or Kakistos. Plus, Spike could easily shanshu, become human, age gracefully for several years, and then be revamped by wacky Drusilla or Harmony who misses her Blondie Bear.
I'm agree with you, IMMORTAL.
I can understand when people say they want more Spike, but I can't understand when they say it's for some kind of closure.
I think we had a pretty good closure for him in Chosen (applying the same you've said about Buffy) , and for the rest* of characters.

Angel is on another level, it was cancelled, it did not not die on a natural way.

*We still have certain characters with stories to tell, like Faith and Illyria. And Fray. I would love a Fray series. Live or animated.

Or the Fireflyverse. It's completely fresh and unexplored. Not everything related to Joss on TV must deal with the Buffyverse (a series that I really love, but some day we must say goodbye).
According to David Fury at one of the conventions he did last summer,Joss already nixed the shanshu for Spike.David Fury pitched an idea to end the series with Angel actually winning the shanshu but deciding to give it to Spike.Joss rejected it feeling that if there is any continuation using Spike then Spike must remain as a vampire.It seems both Joss and James are of similar thinking here.James seems dead set on Spike remaining as a iconic vampire as a condition on him agreeing to reprise the role hence the time limit.

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"Yes,over time as a vampire gets older they lose the ability to retain a human appearence such as The Master and Kakistos. "

...and since all the Angel and Spike fans really want to see them looking more like the Master or Kakistos, it should be no problem. ;-)

Spike might have had closure in Chosen, but his story was opened up again on Angel. He was given another chance at a new life.(How many chances did that boy get? 4, if you count becoming a vampire and being chipped?) I have to admit that I would like to know what he did with this chance once he was on his own. And the comics won't do it. I'm a live actors kind of person, besides which comics are just too short.
"Waiting years for a Willow movie.....? Hmmm, intriguing......No! Wait! Boring! Break FOX's kneecaps now!"
Newcj, i agree except that for me the whole Buffy series and Angel season 5 was Spike's tale being told on how he did a 180į of his un-life. It was only the tale of how he started on his redemption and at the end of season5, i wanted to see how the middle of his journey would go.
I do hope that he stays a vampire since that is what i truly see him as and i hope that he keeps on fighting for a long time before he bites the dust.
Awww :( I'm really sad about this... as many of you are...

As much as I'd love a Spike/Faith/Willow movie series, there's still room for exploration in the universe. Stuff like Fray, and just other characters with different kind of powers/nonpowers and all of their travels. I don't think the universe will ever run out of stories to be told. I love fan fiction and all, but, obviously, something by Joss would be amazing.

And I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle an evil Gunn, anyway. He's my favorite... well, one of them.
I hope he never 'bites' the dust...unless of course after many years of fighting the good fight TPTB DO give him the shanshu if he finally wants it...and maybe Angel gets it too. But if they have to stay vamps...fine...just let them be out there forever....sigh....

I too am not that thrilled with the comics if Joss can not use Spike in them...but I am hoping IDW and Dark Horse will see the potential dollars to be made by satisfying all the maybe something can be worked out for Joss to use Spike and Angel at some point.

In the meantime...I am getting my cards ready to send on the 20th anyway.....What the hell....

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I just wanna know how much money I have to raise by robbing ban...selling get my Buffy/Angel fix.

If all I have to do is start my own TV station I'll get to work tomorrow.
James seems dead set on Spike remaining as a iconic vampire..

Heh. That made me giggle. The news doesn't though. I would have loved a Spike/Faith/Willow trilogy. :(
Yeah, Fallen, get busy on the bank TV station thing, ASAP!!

Anyway, it's heartening to see so many say they will still send the postcards. I plan to target all three of those mentioned, sending each several pretty postcards w/Hawaiian sunsets, surfers on 40' waves, rainbows, dolphins, etc. Soften 'em up a little for the message. I hope.

As to what kind of movie(s) I want:

1) Spike. In any form, vamped, shanshu'd, whatever
2) Spike. In any . . .
3) Spike. In . . .
4) Spike.
5) *ALL* the rest of the Jossverse, in as many ways as Joss wants/can think of.

'Nuff said.
A puppet show could be nice.
Good idea, napua! Angel could be a wee little puppet man! Gunn could be a wee little puppet man/vamp. Wesley could be a revived wee little puppet man. Hell, Harmony could be a wee little puppet man, er, person. But Spike? Sorry. Have to see James Marsters in all his glory. With *and* without The Coat.

Seriously, that would be a Good Thing--especially if it were even half as good as "Smile Time."
I just wilted a little. If I won the lottery, can I pay for a movie? I promise not to micromanage.
What agitates me the most about all this is that Joss can't get the financial backing he's seeking. I'd love to know the real number amount to how much money JOSS has made them with this Universe.

Joss is a big screen man now, maybe that's the way of the future for our beloved Universe.

Still looking forward to Buffy's continuation in the comics. This is one fan who will never see Buffy's story as over. Glad in this case that Joss seems to agree.

I think it would be awesome to see Dru return and revamp Spike after he became human. What a twist.
No, because then he would be a pathetic weak fledgling, Spike has earned the title of Master vampire after fighting stronger opponents for so long.

Sounds like a money problem, alright. It's too bad. I'd gladly pay for a DVD created by Joss of the Buffyverse even if it was done by shadowpuppets on a sheet in his backyard.
Sorry, I didn't see any of the comments about vampires physically aging before I wrote my last post. But aside from the fact that people will more than likely want Spike and Angel to look as attractive as they always have, it takes hundreds and hundreds of years. Darla was about 400 whenever we saw her, and she didn't have any of the same features as The Master or Kakistos.

Angel would be around 280 by now which would mean he still has over a century of no aging. Spike would only be around 150! So I think it's safe to say that unless we see something set a few hundred years in the future, or some Shanshuing takes place, Spike and Angel should look the same age as they always have.

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