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June 15 2006

Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 Approved by California Assembly. No, it won't protect you from vampires, demons or prom-crashing Hellhounds...just a higher energy bill.

Beware the evils of standby!

I still haven't gotten why they call it the Vampire Slayer bill...
(Going by memory, didn't bother reading up) Because when alliances are inactive, yet plugged in, they suck up energy. And that's bad. And vampires suck up blood. And they're generally bad. So they're trying to stop this whole energy-sucking thing... stop this vampire thing... slay this vampire thing.

Wasn't part of the gimmick that they also premiered this bill on SMG's birthday? Pretty good idea.

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Alliances, eh? You are correct, though. TV's, VCR's, etc all run on standby power when powered off. Without it clocks and IR receivers (for remotes) would not work, unless a battery was used in place which does create its own set of issues. Information on such is never a bad thing, imho. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of power used in standby ... after all why would they spend the time and money to minimize usage if the end consumer won't know the difference?

Link to the previous Whedonesque post on this Act.
This is too awesome for words.


See. Too awesome.
So the Alliance are Vampires?
Only when they're inactive. The rest of the time they just suck. I think that's the gist anyway.
Running thru 23 choices here. Better speak now.
Not sure if it's worth a front page mention, but Nicholas Brendon has been added to the Dragon*Con guest list (joining several Joss-verse guests that are already going)
AnotherFireflyFan - If you have an official announcement link, sure. Seem to remember there were some guests who fell through even with an 'official' announcement last time, though.
You mean Mr Sweden didn't go? Shocking.
Are you Alliance?

An appliance? Sometimes I suck...
Am I a Lion? I suppose I am. Is Ben Glory?
This discussion degraded fast!

The only link I know is to which has the complete current guest list. No announcement, just names appearing on a list. Since more are being added all the time, I think just one addition may not be major enough for a Whedonesque post (we don't want a new post every time someone related to Joss-verse is added.)
Alliances, eh?

Okay, I can't spell. Or, in this case, I can't spell check. But you've gotta admit, I remembered a lot of information about something I only read once, and care nothing about. If only this power worked in real life and not just WhedonesqueLife.
"Am I a Lion? I suppose I am. Is Ben Glory? "

So... Zeitgeist turns into a lion... and the lion turns back into Zeitgeist...

And anyone who sees it instantly forgets!
Though generally these are referred to by electricians and alternative energy enthusiasts as "phantom loads", not vampires.

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