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June 16 2006

Mark Millar Auction for Crohn's Disease Vaccine. Mark Millar's plan to host an auction to help raise funds to develop a cure for Crohn's Disease, a disease he suffers from. Lists Joss as one of the contributors of an item (link contains spoilers for Civil War #2).

Wow. I did not realize that Crohn's was the type of disease you could have a vaccine for. So nasty, and so common for something so unknown anmong the general populous. I hope this goes well. I'll have to check it out when I get home.
OMG theyarescientists, I can't thank you enough for posting this link. One of my best friends' husband has Crohn's disease and when I read this I called her immediatly w/ the news about this scientist and a possible cure and she started crying from relief. This is seriously amazing news.
Did anyone see WHERE these auctions will take place if we want to bid?
The article makes it sound like the auctions start on Monday, but the cause is definitely a good one. If you want more info about Millar's experience with the disease, Newsarama had an interview with him a while back after his haitus which was informative. Plus it talked a lot about Ultimates 2, which is always a bonus.
My husband has Crohn's, so I'm mostly interested at the news that there could potentially be a cure, even if it's still distant. Thanks for posting!

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