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June 16 2006

KungFuRodeo notes the more than random comparisons between "Wendy Wu" and Buffy.

"Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior is a new Disney Channel Original Movie. Its about an Asian-American girl with dreams to become homecoming queen. But then a young monk named Shen comes to tell her that shes the reincarnation of a Chinese warrior and must save the world."

Also, who is Miles? ;-)
I saw a preview for that as well and instantly thought of Buffy. I don't really care if it's a loosely based rip off of buffy or not though. I'll still be watching it just cause it looks good.
Good old Disney... hey, Disney, when she's done with Kung-Fu, does the Asian girl do Math? Sorry, couldn't resist :) Nothing like stealing a concept whole and then layering stereotypes atop the sundae (I kid, but you know...).
Ripoff? Maybe. What they do with the premise will be the test.

Say... I wonder if there are people on a Norse or Polynesian mythology (or whatever) blog somewhere going; 'that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a bad ripoff of our Heroic Journey myths'?
wouldestous - The truth is thats a much less specific "ripoff" in that case than it is in this. There are only so many overarching story ideas, while specifics like this are a little more blatantly "borrowing" from a source material.
Ha! Just wait till people see what's airing on the Sci Fi Channel on July 8th.
Oh boy does that look bad :)
Disney ,the corporation who sued an Irish couple (the couple won ) because their idea for a character very slightly resembled a Disney character.

I wonder should FOX sue Disney
OMG Simon! "Slayer!" Who does the Sci Fi channel think they're fooling with that!?
I'll be watching, I'm sure. Why would I care if it's borrowed. If it's good, it's good. If it's not, it's not.
Is "Bones" being aired or even made because of the success of all the "CSI" ("Quincy" copies, I suppose) type shows? It wouldn't surprise me. But, I enjoy "Bones" much more than "CSI".
Will I enjoy "Wendy Wu" more than "Buffy"? Maybe more than the movie (minus Paul Reubens, of course). I don't see it as competition with "Buffy" (which, by the way is no longer in production).
Was "The Monkees" a Beatle exploitation? Yes, but it was loads of fun.
Erm... maybe you younger folks won't get that last one... :)
SpikeBad: The best bit, it sounds like it's a ripoff of Riley and The Initiative in South America. As according to this Wonder Woman site:
LYNDA CARTER plays Colonel Jessica Weaver, the leader of an elite team who investigate strange cases related to vampires in the jungles of Latin America.

Have we also noticed young Simon Tam from "Safe" (Zack Efron) taking over all teenage-girl-oriented media starting with his work on the Disney Cannel's "High School Musical"? Or are my daughters and I the only ones who noticed him.
This is Disney, who sued a kindergarden for airing one of their videos to the toddlers...On the other hand, when one has signed such creations as The Hunchback of Notre Dame,Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid...Who can begrudge such a literary giant authoring Buffy ...err...Wendy!
Well, 90% of the stuff that they "authored" was public domain or not exactly original anyway, so no shock.
All these studios willing to shell out for Buffy rip-offs. You'd think one of them would be willing to pay for the real thing.
Another positive female role model? Bring it on! And she all multi-cultural to boot. =)

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Yup, Zeit, than they try to make it so no one else can use the source material they used. Hence Fables having such a hard time using certain characters in the book.
I also noticed young Simon in High School Musical. Unfortunately, that movie has taken over the living room in my house, along with a gaggle of giggling 14 year old girls.
Here's an interesting site about how Disney ripped off "Kimba the White Lion" and called it "The Lion King": How Disappointing.
That's young Simon? And here I thought it had no redeemable qualities.
Here's an interesting site about how Disney ripped off "Kimba the White Lion" and called it "The Lion King": How Disappointing.

And here I thought they were ripping off "Hamlet." ;-)
Nah, billz, they were ripping off a combo of Hamlet and Richard III. Of course, I never saw The Lion King, just heard about it until I wanted to scream, so I might have that a little skewered. . . . But the "wicked uncle" bit really sounded like good ol' Richard, villain nonpareil, to me, offing the prince(s) in the Tower, etc. and usurping the throne. Or something. . . .

Okay. Shutting up now.
There was also a big stink about Disney's Atlantis being a ripoff of a Japanese anime, Nadia. Atlantis/Nadia [wiki]

Not to mention the controversy surrounding transfer of Winney the Pooh rights to Disney lawyers. Link: Pooh wiki

And that Disney has been foremost behind lobbying U.S. congress to keep extending copyright way beyond what is reasonable or originally intended. The recent extension, brought by the late Sonny Bono was dubbed the "Mickey Mouse act" because Steamboat Willy was then approaching 75 years, and would have entered public domain. The point - thousands of other works are otherwise "lost" to humanity.
Larry Lessig went to the Supreme Court over copyright and fair use (he lost):
Project Gutenberg would be much larger but for the Disney-backed legislation:

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Thanks, napua! I forgot I'd been avoiding the gutenberg website ever since hearing about it, just so I wouldn't wind up spending the rest of my waking life glued to it! Now I have it bookmarked and I'm doomed! *DOOMED*, I tell you!!

*Cackles maniacally, but goes quietly when they come for her. . . .*

Sorry. OT, but I just couldn't resist. This whole thread has been a real eye-opener, though. And did anyone scroll down and read the comments? Most of them couldn't see the simiarities! *Shakes head & walks away spluttering*
I checked the Wikipedia page for this for more info. Somebody feels the same way.
Why complain? Disney's been ripping of Buffy for years with Kim Possible. Look at it this way: Joss has always said he wanted Buffy to be an icon. What better evidence could there be that she has become one than her incessant reproduction in similar characters? In cases like these, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
"And did anyone scroll down and read the comments? Most of them couldn't see the simiarities!"

I also read the comments, and I was shocked that they said the two movies were completely different because Wendy is of Asian decent and Buffy is not. It makes me wonder if they think Dracula had nothing to do with Nosferatu.

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