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June 16 2006

Nicholas Brendon to appear at Dragon Con. Nicholas Brendon is on the Dragon Con guest list as of today (squee!)

This is my first post, so please let me know if I goofed (and tell me what I did wrong so I don't do it again!) I'm having some trouble with the tags...

I just noticed that seconds ago... has it just been updated?
I'm glad this is finally official. I knew about this weeks ago, but was sworn to secrecy. *grin*
I first saw it this morning, er, yesterday morning (the 16th) at about 6am US Eastern tme. I was suprised nobody else posted it sooner...

krad, I don't mind the secrecy. I would rather not know a star is supposed to go unless they're REALLY sure. I hate it when I get my hopes up and then the people don't show (or it was a rumor like what happend with Joss last year).
Actually, Joss last year wasn't a rumor, it was a major communications snafu on the part of Universal. They kept telling Dragon*Con that Joss was coming without actually talking to Joss on the subject. Which is really too bad (and was not the con's fault, even though they took the brunt of the umbrage).
I hope there'll be photos! Yes, lots of photos! And news of some new work.

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