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June 16 2006

MWCToys advance review: Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures with Mr. Crawford's usual degree of detail and lots of photos.

That Spike looks awesome!
The Spike does indeed look awesome - on the other hand, the picture of Angel without the jacket, with just the shirt, is hilarious.
Those are pretty good. I notice they have "beefed up" Spike. Imo, they should keep the characters true to their size on the show. Spike was small but lethal. Nothing wrong with that.

Both look silly without the jacket. LOL
Huge improvement over the 'deluxe' figures.
Spike wasn't small, he was only 5cm shorter then Angel. The same height like Johhny Depp, George Clooney.
And he was in his best shape during season5,6 of Buffy, afterwards he also put on weight when he was on Angel.
Can't wait to buy these, i'll fix my figures to match a "Destiny" scene.
If memory serves me, James is 5'11 and David is 6'1.
I was referencing more the bulging muscles than anything. Last time I checked, vampires and slayers don't have to be huge...they're naturally wicked strong.
Yup. These do look good. If only I wasn't a poor student who already spends to much on comics, DVDs, and Starbucks.

He's right about needing deadly weapons to open clamshells. Those things are so damn hard to open.
Yep, that's what i said, James is 5'11(1.80 m) and David is 6'1 (1.85 m), 5 cm difference.
Agreed, they don't have to be huge but that doesn't change the fact that they both put on weight during the last season.
Oh having met James in more then one occasion I can say that he's shorter then that.

Look at this on set photo then....(sorry I still can't work out how to create a live link)
Looks like Spike's slouching in that picture. 5 cm sounds about right to me.

Speaking of which, looks to me that the scale on the figures is a little wonky. In the side by side shots, the figures look to be the same height; Spike might even be a little taller.

I'm definitely interested. Probably a good place to start on Buffy action figures. Too bad there aren't more of these deluxe figurines. A deluxe Cordelia or Illyria would make me so happy.
Well he's not slouching in this one. Infact, I as I know from other shots in this series, he's wearing heels. Look at the height of his shoulders in comparison to DB's. Sorry James is a lot smaller. I'm surprised that more people didn't notice this fact when James transfered to AtS.

Sexy but in a small 'package' that's our boy. :)

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