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June 17 2006

Eliza Dushku Working On A Video Game. Will be teaming with Michael Madsen,Michael Rosenbaum, Rachel Leigh Cook and Mark Hamill to do voice work on a English adaptation of a Japanese video game.

Cool, hope it's for new consoles like Xbox 360.
Looks like it's a PlayStation 2 game. Blast.
When i saw 'Eliza Dushku' and 'game' I thought 'new buffy game!'

Now I'm disappointed because its not.
Yay! New games for the PS2! There's still mileage in the old gal yet.
I only have a GameCube and Xbox 360. Sigh.
Oooh, nice. Can't wait for this one. :)
Any chance of a Dreamcast port ? Yes, I'm old ;).
There is ALWAYS more mileage in the PS2. I'm glad for this, it'll be an interesting thing to play.
Hee, sounds like David Boreanaz doing the English voice for "Leon" in Kingdom Hearts. (Which had Billy Zane doing the voice of the AWSOME villian in it.)
I read "voice work", "English adaptation", and "Japanese game" and immediately went into an MGS frenzy. Little dissapointed. But Yakuza still sounds cool.
Dude. MICHAEL MADSEN. Why people aren't obsessing over HIS appearence, I don't know (well, alright, it's a Whedon-verse fansite. Also, it's not unusual for him to do this stuff. Still. MICHAEL MADSON, people! C'mon!)

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Not as exciting as David in Kingdom Hearts, but still extremely exciting for a crazy gamer like me. Sounds awesome!

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