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June 17 2006

Ann Arbor Charity Screening Raises $1668.75 For Equality Now. According to its organizer, the early-bird charity screening in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which was held on June 17, raised $1668.75 for Equality Now. That's with no advance ticket sales, a line at the theater an hour before the show, and 171 seats filled out of 200. And one of the organizers herself adds this: "And I FINALLY got to see Serenity on the big screen!!!!!!"

Uh. That's pretty insane. $1668? From one screening.

Uh. Wow!

Who organised the screening? I know there was talk of thanking Universal/UIP for their bits of involvement, but I really think there should be a project to thank the organisers of the actual screenings.
I really think there should be a project to thank the organisers of the actual screenings.

Well, whichever city raises the most money is going to win The Grizwald. ;)

(Yeah, ok, not what you meant. But still, funny.)
That's fantastic! A big "Yea and Whoohoo!" to all who helped make it happen: Bix, the local organizers, and the fans who came out and supported this!
Not only are Whedonverse fans tall, smart, and incredibly attractive, we're charitable, too!
(See the Joss is Making Us Smarter thread if this 'joke' maketh no sense to you.)
Seriously though, way to go, people!
Rock on!!!! Great job Ann Arbor!
That is fantastic!
Woot! Way to go Ann Arbor!
That works out to a hair over $9.75 per ticket. If that isn't gross proceeds then Universal's cut and the theater costs would bring ticket prices closer to $15.00-$20.00 per seat!

($1668.75 per 171 seats filled.)
Ticket prices were $10 a seat. Unfortunately, my Gorramsister, her stepdaughter, and I got there 25 minutes late (curse you, Michigan DOT!!!) so we missed all the fun and games, but it was wonderful seeing Serenity back up on the big screen. Even if we did have to watch it from the very first row. "Wow, what humongous nostrils these people have!" O.O
Gah! I used to live in Michigan about 45 minutes from Ann Arbor! I sooooo wish I could have gone. Unfortunately, there isn't anywhere by me now that's having a screening and I'm too young/unorganized to have set one up myself. Oh well.

Great job for earning so much!
You mean, "What humoungous nostrils Ron Glass has!" ;)
You mean, "What humoungous nostrils Ron Glass has!" ;)

Odd. I immediately thought of Nathan, not Ron.
Oh, I thought of the uh, scene that um, well... You can see up his nose without having to sit next to the screen. ;)
That's with no advance ticket sales

May we all do as well. Toronto has sold enough advance tickets that we have paid the bills but I don't know if we will make enough to even approach the amount Ann Arbor has. Unless we sell out the 450 seat theatre.
Congrats Ann Arbor. That is so well done.
That is fantastic. Woo!

Many congrats.
Congratulations, MI organizers!

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