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June 18 2006

Mark Wheaton loves Buffy! Mark Wheaton, the screenwriter for the as yet untitled Friday the 13th Sequel lists "Once More With Feeling" as his favourite moment of television.

He has good taste in episodes.
Unusual choice for a favorite moment within the episode...I understand it, but it is unusual.
I would be hard pressed to pick just one part of the episode as a favorite. The whole thing is just brilliant.
I'd say the single greatest moment in the entire history of television has to be from OMWF but my pick is, "She's not even half the girl she, owwwww."
Alexreager, I'd like to take that whole song as my long as I don't think too hard about it and get distracted by Sweet's exit. The "penetrate my heart" line as she stakes a vamp and the end line of the song that always makes me think of Sondheim's "Being Alive" are both right up there with your choice. Oo! Oo! and the Adonis she rescues and ignores "Whatever." Although I love the melody and the way the ensemble is used in "I Want the Fire Back", I think Buffy's first song really puts us in Buffy's head and in her life while also being funny in a way that is pretty spectacular.

Sidenote: The first time I saw OMWF and saw the way Giles looked at Buffy when they all got to The Bronze to face Sweet I thought "She needs back up." Then I thought "No, he isn't going to say it, is he?" He said it and I thought, "Now they aren't going to actually be backup singers, are they?!" When they lined up behind her to sing, I almost fell off the sofa. I was just becoming facinated by the show and loved the audacity Joss went with in his choices. OMWF really made me take notice, the rest of the season hooked me totally.

Interestingly, Joss has always said BtVS was screaming to be a musical. The Angel cast may be lucky it did not go on after was soooooo operatic. ;-)

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The look on Willow's face when Buffy sings that she was in heaven is my all time favourite moment from OMWF.

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