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June 18 2006

Kristy Swanson gets asked the ultimate Buffy question. "They did a Highlander movie where they took the TV Highlander and the movie Highlander characters and put them together in a movie. You think they'll ever do anything like that for Buffy?". Hmmmmm so how did the original Buffy reply?

Right back to the beginning. Not the Bang... not the Word... the true beginning.

My 2500th link at Whedonesque.

Intriguing... But with highlander they were actually different characters i.e. different names and such. So while still possible, it might be a tad awkward.
Congrats Simon! =)

Well, with magic in the BTVS-verse, all things are possible. LOL Maybe Swanson wouldn't play 21st century Buffy, but one of the past incarnations brought out of time before getting killed. Or she could be a mental patient who thinks she's Buffy and acts/dresses like her. There's nothing saying that SMG and KS would have to play the same exact Buffy. With Joss, anything's possible. ;)
She's the Buffy from an alternate dimension where comedy is emphasised over drama, the acting is campy and the director is not Joss.
My 2500th link at Whedonesque.

Hardcore :)
Mazel tov, Simon - thanks for helping keep the 'verse alive! :-)
Wow Simon, that's truly amazing. Without you, the site, quite literally, would not be as big as it is today.
They could go the alternate dimension way like the episode,"The Wish."Maybe she's the Buffy from the world without

I actually think this would be a cool idea.It could be like what DC comics had before the original Crisis and what they did recently with Infinite Crisis.
Hmmm, let me consider this for a moment. What do I really think of the chances that Joss would ever work on a project that involved combining his superb television show with the movie that came close to destroying any credibility that his vampire slayer concept had the chance of developing.

I'm thinking that the possibility of seeing anything like this happen would best be described as unlikely, although I'm sure that Joss might phrase it a little differently. :)

The question does come around from a poor comparison though, as Liotius has already pointed out. Whilst the original Highlander movie trilogy is mostly considered a seperate continuity to the events seen in the series and fourth movie, Connor MacLeod was a part of both versions right from the very first television episode, and Connor and Duncan were never the same character, rather two Immortals who both happened to have been raised in the same clan, at least as far as the tv show is concerned. Whilst the double Buffy idea could possibly be done in a number of ways, most obviously being the alternate universe concept, it would be a very different sort of thing to having the two MacLeod's appear together.
Ah yes, but it begs the question, who's the *real* Buffy?

C'mon, say it with me: "If you want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only real Buffy is really really Buffy and she's gone who?"

*Sigh* She is gone. Can't wait for comics, but it ain't the same as having the really real Buffy on my screen. Sometimes I remember that Buffy is over and it makes me sad again.
I also offer congrats (and thanks!) to Simon for all the great info.

A few Simon stats: Simon averages over 5 posts and over 1.7 links per day. And what's more amazing is that stat covers the last 1,407 days! That's dedication!

As far as Kristy, she will never again be Buffy (or Future-Buffy or even Future-Buffybot). For me, SMG is the Buffster and I don't think thats changing any time soon or in the distant future.
So good to hear from Kristy. Really hope this talented actress catches a break in the biz. As for Buffy, I think the face of SMG will forever imprint her in my mind. After all, she was created in Joss' mind and he never had a chance to express his thoughts in the movie as he did in the television show. And yes, I miss my BtVS.

Congratulations, Simon! You're the real hingepin to the smooth running of this room and we members are so thankful as we are to Caroline, Herb, and Milo. You people are the dream team of MODS in any room:)
I rather liked Kristy Swanson as Buffy actualy. She just seemed blonder to me.
Well, here's an idea for a movie scene....Buffy meets Kristy clobbering hellspawn and such, but as a Watcher. Her Slayer is helping out. Kristy tells Buffy she told some sitcom writer in Hollywood about Slayers 15 years ago, and that guy wrote a screenplay about it. She, of course, wished it came across better in the big screen. Buffy wonders if this movie was the reason why TPTB decided to choose her, then thinks if it did, it sure worked out anyway.
Congrats Simon - that's truly awesome. :)

(Kristy could certainly be a Slayer now, right? Nothing to say that there's only one girl named Buffy who has Slayer powers, thanks to the final episode...)
Well, that's certainly an idea, impalergeneral. Kinda' like it. BTW, nice by name.
On the other hand, Xander saying "Spike meet Pike. Pike meet Spike" would be well worth the admission fee.
LOL Simon!! Definitely would be worth the admission to see that!! And congrats on your 2500th link!! Wow!
I always wondered, does Joss consider Pike to be an official part of Buffy continuity? Whilst the film itself is something of a glorious mess, some of the events are obviously considered part of the series continuity and that begs the question as to whether Pike is actually somebody that Buffy knew before moving to Sunnydale.

I believe that there was a non-canon comic book that featured Pike but I'd be interested to know what Joss thought about the character's place in the 'true' Buffy mythology.
Personally I think a Highlander/BtVS movie would make more sense than combining the movie and TV show of BtVS...for the reasons everyone already pointed out. I've always suspected that the reasons that there were not very many Scottish vampires in BtVS and Angel was all those Immortals swinging their swords around in that neck of the woods. ...and with Buffy dating one, well what could be more natural. Two Buffys though, no thanks.

(Disclaimer: The above is said in jest...except for the last sentence.)
Buffy the movie and Buffy the series are definitely from different dimensional realities with slightly different sequences of events. In the movie dimension, Buffy did not burn down the gym at her old high school. Having already seen the series, I kept waiting for the gym-burning scene, and was so disappointed that it didn't happen.

On a side topic, it's nice to be able to chat with a bunch of people who have no trouble understanding the concept of different dimensional realities. I once saw a very well-written mainstream play, "Down the Garden Paths" based on the idea of alternate realities. Each of the three acts showed the dynamics of the same family as they played out in slightly different realities, each one beginning with the physicist son winning an award for his book on different dimensional realities. And as we were leaving I heard one woman say "I don't get it. Why did they give the award to the same person three times?"

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