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"The words 'Let that be a lesson' are a tad redundant at this juncture."
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June 18 2006

Southland Tales music contributors interviewed by Lots of tidbits on SMG and the movie's music. "She's also a pretty good singer, although she was very hard on herself when recording. It's obvious she's a perfectionist, but most successful people are."

I can't wait to see this movie. It's always nice to hear postive things about Sarah. The girl is going places. I wish she would look up Joss and they could "go" least one more time.
So, you're saying the should get together once more. With feeling.

Yes, that was pretty bad. :)
You nailed it.
Why am I suddenly thinking of nothing but adding a line about snakes? I will NEVER get that one out of my head.
I just really wish I could have seen the Cannes cut of Southland. I am into that whole "orginal vision" thing. I would have liked to decide for myself if it was not-so-good or if the critics didn't get it, much like Donnie Darko (at least initially). Either way I hope the re-edit improves ST.
Charmuse: I'm with you in wanting to see that version at some stage. I tend to think it probably will surface on DVD at some point.
From reading the Richard Kelly board I got the impression it was only the US distributor who wanted a re-edited version and that the distributors in other countries were wiling to go with the "Cannes" version

Whether every one will see the same version now time (and hopefully a press release about a US deal ) will tell
I have a filmmaker friend who just watched the Cannes cut this afternoon (don't ask), his comments:

"it's watchable. not a bad film, as it goes, though not a great one either. it's somewhat too trendy for its own good, too much surface, it doesn't really get under the skin. however, he does create quite an original future world, almost fellini-esque in its mixture of the strange and the familiar.

they're crazy to want to cut it, that's for sure. the film definitely has an audience - i don't see why the donnie darko crowd won't go for this one just as hard. the cannes response is fairly predictable - it's too fanciful / escapist / silly for that audience - meaning that it really shouldn't have been at cannes in the first place."
I got word from some one who I trust that Southland Tales is close to a distribution deal in the States and that it might not have to be drastically re-edited.

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