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June 19 2006

2006 SyFy Genre Awards Nominations. Firefly, Serenity, and Wonderfalls are all nominated in several categories. Also, Whedonesque is nominated for BEST WEB SITE.

SyFy Portal was hacked recently and is trying to recover from extensive damage, including the loss of articles about the award and nominees. I was asked to let people know that the nominations are in for the 2006 SyFy Genre Awards. Voting is supposed to be between June 25 - July 25, but the main site is offline until repairs can be made. For now I am linking to the message boards for the site.

The nominations are as follows:

BEST ACTOR/Television
Ben Browder, "Stargate SG-1"
Christopher Eccleston, "Doctor Who"
Nathan Fillion, "Firefly"
Matthew Fox, "Lost"
Edward James Olmos, "Battlestar Galactica"

Caroline Dhavernas, "Wonderfalls"
Jennifer Love Hewitt, "Ghost Whisperer"
Evangeline Lilly, "Lost"
Mary McDonnell, "Battlestar Galactica"
Billie Piper, "Doctor Who"

Adam Baldwin, "Firefly"
Jamie Bamber, "Battlestar Galactica"
James Callis, "Battlestar Galactica"
Terry O'Quinn, "Lost"
Michael Shanks, "Stargate SG-1"

Amy Acker, "Alias"
Tricia Helfer, "Battlestar Galactica"
Rachel Luttrell, "Stargate: Atlantis"
Grace Park, "Battlestar Galactica"
Katee Sackhoff, "Battlestar Galactica"

Christian Bale, "Batman Begins"
Nathan Fillion, "Serenity"
Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
Mickey Rourke, "Sin City"
Hugo Weaving, "V for Vendetta"

Zooey Deschanel, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Summer Glau, "Serenity"
Natalie Portman, "V for Vendetta"
Gina Torres, "Serenity"
Emma Watson, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

Dakota Fanning, "War of the Worlds"
Carter Jenkins, "Surface"
Malcolm David Kelly, "Lost"
Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
Emma Watson, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

Bloody Disgusting
SciFi Wire

Claudia Black, "Avalon, Part 1," Stargate SG-1
Michelle Forbes, "Pegasus," Battlestar Galactica
Kelsey Grammer, "Death Takes a Holiday," Medium
Christina Hendricks, "Trash," Firefly
Connor Trinneer, "Michael," Stargate: Atlantis

"Dalek," Doctor Who
"Downloaded," Battlestar Galactica
"Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2," Battlestar Galactica
"Scar," Battlestar Galactica
"Trash," Firefly

BEST SERIES/Television
Battlestar Galactica
Doctor Who

Batman Begins
Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
V for Vendetta

J.J. Abrams, producer/writer
Gene Coon, producer
Dan Curtis, producer
Stan Lee, comic book creator
Ronald D. Moore, producer/writer
William Shatner, actor

BREAKDOWN/Television Show
Battlestar Galactica -- 12
Firefly -- 5
Lost -- 5
Doctor Who -- 4
Stargate SG-1 -- 3
Wonderfalls -- 2
Stargate: Atlantis -- 2
Ghost Whisperer -- 1
Alias -- 1
Surface -- 1
Medium -- 1

For more details on the SyFy Genre Awards including past winners, click: here

Bloody Disgusting
SciFi Wire

Thought we'd be up against GateWorld and Kryptonsite. All very good sites that got nominated. But vote for us (when SyFy Portal gets back on their feet). We're sexy.
So I take it Joss was already in Gene Rodenberry category?
They are not making me choose between Adam Baldwin and Terry O'Quinn! ;) And congrats to our favorite Whedonsite!
So I take it Joss was already in Gene Rodenberry category?

Joss won in 2004. Previous winners can't be nominated again.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-06-19 19:04 ]
Off the Wikipedia:


2005 - Steven Spielberg
2004 - Joss Whedon
2003 - J.R.R. Tolkien
2001 - Leonard Nimoy
2000 - George Lucas
1999 - Gene Roddenberry

The only odd thing I feel about that list is J.R.R. Tolkien winning a Rodenberry award.
This is a web site?!?
This is a web site?!?

What would you call it?
This is a web site?!?

Uh oh, this may start one of those 'blog vs. board' discussions again.
Yay for Whedonesque and Firefly! :)
Edited to link-ify your Wikipedia link :)
I really don't understand "Best Episode: Trash". There are better Firefly episodes; if you have to put a FF episode at least try to put one which could be "the best" of all the FF episodes; I am thinking about Out of Gas, or Serenity, or Our Mrs Reynolds, or Jaynestown, or Objects in Space, or Ariel... all these are better than Trash, imho.

Do anyone here really think that Trash was the best FF episode. It is good, of course; but amongst FF episodes, can it be considered "the best"?
I agree, if I were to pick a best episode, it would have been 'Out of Gas'. Maybe they could only pick from new episodes that aired in 2005?
Out of Gas was undoubtedly my favorite FF episode, Le Comite (not sure how to make the accent over your "e"). Our Mrs. Reynolds 2nd. I suppose there would need to be a giant "vote for the best FF episode" survey to determine how close my picks come to the favorites of the rest of the 'verse though. Who knows, Trash might come in 1st if put to the test.
I would have to choose 'Objects in Space' myself.

Chocdogg - One really easy way would be to copy and paste Le Comité's name :) This link and this link explain some other ways.
I agree about "Trash," but the only Firefly episodes eligible were the ones that aired on American TV for the first time in the past year, and "Trash" was one of the episodes available only on DVD until Sci-Fi started showing the series last summer.
Ahh, that's right! Thanks for the reality check, UnpluggedCrazy.
Thanks, UnpluggedCrazy. You saved me from having to explain! :-) Of the three episodes that were eligible, "The Message" was my favorite, but any nomination is better than none!

Edited to link-ify your Wikipedia link :)

Thanks, zeitgeist!

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Its great to see so many nominations for Firefly, Serenity, and Whendonesque.

I'm probably in the minority but I think my absolute favorite episode of Firefly was "War Stories" It just made me love Wash & Mal all the more. "Out of Gas" is a close second.
How is Firefly still eligible for these noms? It's been like 4 years since in came out. I don't mean to be hateful or anything, I love Firefly, but I'm confused.

And it makes it hard to choose. Firefly vs. BSG?! That's hard. And they're throwing Eccleston in for best actor too and that makes it even harder.
To reiterate what unpluggedcrazy said up in the thread, Firefly is eligible because the three unaired Fox episodes were shown on the SciFi channel last year. That's why it is eligible for these nominations.
The same thing applies to Wonderfalls. The 9 unaired episodes finally aired in the US on LOGO this past year, making it eligible for nominations.

I may seem like a traitor, but I've decided to vote for Eccleston in the Best Actor category for TV, and Nathan for the Best Actor category for movies. The choices are really tough ones this year.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-06-19 21:22 ]
Firefly is eligible because the three unaired Fox episodes were shown on the SciFi channel last year.

And the nominations are just so much sweeter, because FF has been "officially" cancelled since 2002, yet we still got to see new episodes. All that doing-the-impossible-and-being-mighty stuff comes to mind.
Samira327 - Well, new if you don't own the DVDs... or several copies... ;)
So just to clarify, which were the unaired until last year episodes ? 'Trash', 'The Message' and ... ? Cos if the other ep was 'Objects in Space' that'd have to be my pick ('Out of Gas' is my favourite episode with OiS a close second and then everything but 'Heart of Gold' a close third ;).

Best Website - Kryptonsite for sure. Kidding ;). Congrats on the nom guys.

Roddenberry Award - Gotta be Stan Lee or The Shat. Everyone else (that i've heard of) seems too young for a lifetime achievement (Joss might just be excused from '04 because I really feel he changed the world a little bit, as well as the face of television as we know it - just 9 years after the series began Buffy appears on numerous lists of genre/screen icons - though ordinarily i'd say he's a bit young too).

I think it's great that all of the choices are pretty tough though. There's a fair amount of decent genre stuff out there at the moment (even if some of it is 4 years old ;).
I loooooove "Out of Gas." I so wish I could've nominated it.

And for the record, in my own personal nomination list (we had a committee make the nominations, so I was just one little voice), I had nominated "The Message." To me, that episode was awesome. The writing, the acting ... and most especially the music.

I appreciate all the comments! I wish we could post this on SyFy Portal, but as you already saw, we were hacked. :( We hope to get things fixed soon.

And just so you know, Gene Coon died in 1969 or thereabouts. He's actually credited with some of the best Star Trek episodes, and is the man credited with creating the Klingons. :)
Saje, the three previously unaired eps were Trash, Heart of Gold and The Message. Objects in Space aired December 13th 2002. It was the last regular episode aired by Fox. Then of course they showed the pilot.
And for the record, in my own personal nomination list (we had a committee make the nominations, so I was just one little voice), I had nominated "The Message." To me, that episode was awesome. The writing, the acting ... and most especially the music.

That was also on my personal nomination list, SyFyMichael. I liked "Trash," and "Heart of Gold" may be my least favorite episode of Firefly, but "The Message" brought me to tears. Any story that can do that is a great one in my book.

Michael (if you're still around), why isn't it posted at least on the message board where everyone can see it?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-06-19 23:48 ]
I did not realize Gene Coon had died so long ago. Was the original Star Trek even finished with its run, when he died? (I've never been good with dates.)

Ronald D. Moore sounds so familiar that I feel like I should know who he is. Dan Curtis, I don't know.

I am trying to figure out what William Shatner did to deserve a nomination in that company. I have nothing against the man, and personally think he is a fine comic actor. Comparing what I know of his career, I do not see him in the same league as Stan Lee and Speilberg...or Gene Coon. Maybe I am just ignorant of some of his accomplishments.

Of the three originally unaired episodes, I rather like Trash...
Ronald D. Moore was a former Star Trek:TNG and DS:9 writer and is the executive producer of the new version of Battlestar Galactica.

I also agree with your questions William Shatner being on that list, newcj. The man is not in the same league as any of the other nominees, and he's not a pleasant person to boot. (I have met the man, and that was the assessment that I and a group of about a dozen other people who met him made -except in much stronger terms.) I think Stan Lee of Gene L. Coon deserve the honor this time around.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-06-20 00:05 ]
Thanks for the update, SyFyMichael. We understand the misfortune that befell upon the site. Trust that we'll be there when the site is ready for voting.

Yeah, 'Out of Gas' was my favorite Firefly episode as well with 'Ariel' a close second.

And a congratulations to Whedonesque for being nominated, a great honor in its self. No surprise to me. Simon, you may have to start wearing sunglasses;)
Well, of course TamaraC. You had some other order in mind ? ;)

(wish I could fathom the Network Exec mind, i'd make a mint betting on which shows would last a season)

Of those three i'd go with 'The Message' too then. Good episode with some nice character moments for Mal and an absolutely beautiful score.

Ah, cheers SyFyMichael, it was Gene Coon and Dan Curtis I hadn't heard of. Sounds like he may well deserve it then (even if it strikes me a little odd to give a lifetime achievement award posthumously. There's nothing wrong with it in principle of course, I just don't think i've seen it happen before).

I reckon William Shatner has quite a lot to do with the success of Star Trek and agree that he's a great comic actor (and is fine with laughing at himself which I respect) though I think you could pretty much swap him out with any of the main original cast in that category (pity he's apparently a bit of a plonker in real life but obviously it's irrelevant regarding his lifetime achievements). Since I don't know exactly what Gene Coon's done i'd have to plump for Stan The Man. He really had a huge impact on the comics industry and created loads of memorable characters and storylines.

(BTW, Ron Moore also had a hand in running/writing 'Carnivale' yet another excellent series cancelled before its time)
My favorite episodes of Firefly were "War Stories," "Jaynestown," "Our Mrs. Reynolds." and "The Message." Of my favorites, only the last one qualified for a nomination.
Thanks for the reminder of Ronald D. Moore. I knew I knew his name.

I just looked up Gene L Coon. According to IMDb, he died in July 1973. I only knew him from Star Trek, tOS but boy did he do a lot of other stuff in TV. It looks like he wrote for almost every show on the air at that time.

...and Dan Curtis created Dark Shadows and produced and directed lots of horror on TV. Ok. I get it. He just died this past March btw.

As far as William Shatner not having a reputation for being a nice guy, yeah, I also was given first hand evidence of that when I met him briefly, but agree that that should not be taken into consideration when looking at a life time achievement award. What could affect it besides what I mentioned before, however, is that this implies by its name to be an award connected to Science Fiction. If I recall correctly, he was very dismissive of the genre and its fans for a long time. So that bothers me a bit.

One other thing. Emma Watson fr best actress?!!! When I first saw it, I tried to be charitable to the actress and say that maybe it was the directing that killed the performance, but the portrayal of Hermionie came close to ruining the movie for me. I thought it was truly awful.
I favor Trash over The Message also. I think the latter is beautifully structured, but the finale doesn't quite pay off the set-up, IMHO.

Whereas Trash is just rollickingly great, and the final scene with Inara standing over YoSafBridge (as we must all call her) is one of Firefly's most indelible moments. (The episode is still marginally behind War Stories, Our Mrs. Reynolds, Out of Gas, Objects in Space, and Serenity (the pilot) in my ledger though.)
Of the three, I'm kind of glad Trash got nominated; to me it seems the most accessible to non-fans, and if they decide to check it out, maybe we'll get some new converts!

As far as the Lifetime Achievement Award - personally I think Gene Coon has to get it. He was some kind of distant cousin to me, and all my relations deserve LAA's! ;)
'Trash' is a pretty good episode. My favorite right now is either 'Heart of Gold' or 'Objects in Space'. Very often my favorite episode is the last one I watched, however, so my opinion is not to be trusted.
OK I don't get it. Can we vote at the moment or not?

Th link still goes to the board.

Mods? hello? help? Where can I vote?
Voting is expected to begin today, July 10, but later this afternoon.

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