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June 19 2006

Blue Sun Today. The future is now. Is this the origins of the well known 'verse conglomerate?

The Great Bizarro over at PropCircle ( has found the begining.

Well, the name is certainly weird, but as long as they don't sell stuff like operating systems or fast food and clothes, I aint very worried :P
Yes, the seeds for the totalitarian regime of tomorrow are being planted today...wait, no, this isn't about the Bush Administration, is it?

All right, so, anyway...a question about Blue Sun. As hinted in my above paragraph, I've always thought that Blue Sun was involved in a lot of the fishy goings-on surrounding River and the academy, especially since River always attacked products bearing their logo (the food cans, Jayne's shirt, etc.). Is there anything solid on this?
My understanding is that there is a story waiting to be told about Blue Sun. I guess the J man is the only one who knows for sure.
Yeah, no software, fast food, weapons, bioengineered crops or reality shows. I don't think this is our Blue Sun.

UnpluggedCrazy, I think Joss said that the Blue Sun storyline had to come out when season 2 was being condensed into Serenity. It would have figured in the show. Maybe it will make a comeback in the comic books.
hmmm... WAIT... their logo...

It's VERY similar to the Circle of Black Thorn!!!!!!
Some fans on the OB contacted the founders a couple years ago. They are very nice guys and they bought DVD sets and watched the show.
That sounds really nice, TamaraC.

dreamlogic, I really am hoping that the Blue Sun arc is revived somewhere along the line, as it's been one of the storylines I've been most dying to know more of. My friend Will and I even managed to fit a movie theater named Blue Sun Cinema into our screenplays...
If Joss were ever feeling vindictive/desperate, he could sue this company for ripping off his name and then use the winnings to finance a new movie!

Or not.
I thought Blue Sun was an evil WalMart of the future. I have a feeling that they probably funded the academy. We know they produced the Fruity Oaty Bars, and probably their subliminal "advertisment," so I've just always assumed that they really aren't just the makers of canned beans, cola and Jayne's tee shirts.
White Knight, you may have that backwards. Blue Sun was founded in 2001.
I had always assumed there was a connection between Blue Sun and Soylent Green... (from the movie and the book Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison)
I had always assumed that Blue Sun was just the retail arm of the Alliance...kinda like Halliburton...
Ooh, interesting connection, swanland. I like.
I always thought that the Alliance government was mostly corporate rather than democratic, as an extension of how governments in the present bow for corporations more and more. Blue Sun would then be the majority shareholder in Alliance Government.

But not concrete was ever stated in the series or the film.
I personally think that Blu Ray is gonna be the historical precursor to Blue Sun in the 'verse. Multimedia corporate empire, etc etc...
I noticed the similarity to the Circle of Black Thorn also. Coincidence?

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