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June 19 2006

Something Gone Right. J. Scott Wilson, whose online column is syndicated to more than 60 major local and regional news websites, pimps the charity screenings of Serenity happening this week.

The link used here is just one of many countless sites carrying the column which is responsible for the bulk of today's traffic to the screening effort's website.

A few months back, one of the best science fiction movies in recent history hit theaters, and didn't make as big a splash as it should have. It got a bit lost among the morass of sequels, romantic comedies and other sound and fury. As I said in my column at the time, "Serenity" is a movie that won't insult your intelligence. It's a thrill ride for grownups, with dialogue that crackles with intelligence and a plot more intricate than a half-season of "Lost."

And, if you missed it the first time, you've got another chance to see it on the big screen. This coming weekend, theaters all over the world are running a benefit screening of "Serenity" to raise money for Equality Now!, a group devoted to ending discrimination and violence against women and girls worldwide. So, you get to see a stunningly good movie and raise money for a good cause. Is there a better way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening?

Oh, and did I mention there'll be door prizes? I don't know about you, but door prizes are important when I make my entertainment choices.

Very nice!
Fantastic! I'm hoping to go to the screening this Friday, get some good charity in. I'll be the chick with the camera :-P
Meanwhile, CNET says I have minions!
you have minions! hahahaha congrats!

Wait... am I a minion? Hmmm.
We are all minions of the one True least until the weekend.

All bow before him.
We are all minions of the one True least until the weekend.

Then why isn't there anyone here to go get new a pack of cigarettes?
Cigarettes are bad for you, Enlightened One. Walking to get your own is a little healthier and will give you time to meditate on this folly. We live to serve. (bows out of room)

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