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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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June 19 2006

Video Of Joss At May's Equality Now Event. Equality Now has put up a page at which you can download Joss' speech at an event during which the organization honored him "for his outstanding contribution to gender equality in film and television." Link leads to YouTube upload to save EN's bandwidth.

Thank you (both) for posting this. Thrilled that they honored Joss. His speech was charming and smart and funny and spot-on. (And really. How cool was hearing THE Meryl Streep say the words "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?) Well done, Joss. We apprentice at your stylish, but affordably-clad feet.

So proud of our own Bix and the countless others who are organizing the screenings to support Equality Now. Check flickr for another way to support the organization by simply doing the regular online shopping you would do anyway.
Nice mad props to the fans from Streep too. ;)

FYI, we may intermittently be fandango'ing Youtube, because this particular page is occasionally giving an "internal server error" message.
Wow. I have got to send this link to some friends as soon as I get home.
Ditto Barest_smidgen, I could not say it better myself.
Huge thankyou to the folks at Equality Now for getting this online.
yay!!!!! so glad to see this!
Great speech, very touching. Thanks for posting it!
Wonderful speech. Not preachy and gets the message out. It still saddens me that people ask about strong female characters and not just strong characters in general. I guess I'm one of the few for whom the female characters in life have always been strong. We speak Equality Now, but will only get it if we live Equality Now.

Thanks Joss for all of the strong characters you create.
Spot on speech. Absolutely says what needs to be said but now with new added hilarity for cleaner, brighter laughs.

I don't mind people asking about strong female characters rather than just strong characters (to me equality isn't about ignoring differences just accepting them) but as JW says asking why strong female characters is completely inane. What's he going to say, 'Because i'd filled my quota of weak female characters' ? Wonder how often Shane Black (for example) gets asked why he writes strong male characters ?

Also, at risk of sounding like my Granny, doesn't he have a lot of his Mum in him ? Seeing the photo the resemblance really struck me.
Saje - I could do that Bill and Ted granny scene back at you, but we all know I'm far too cool to do that (or I can't remember how it goes).
Thank you Joss, for saying what (sadly, still) needs to be said.
This is such a fantastic video. I didn't know his mother had inspired a student to create EN.

This is probably not where to put this, but I'm going to the screening on Friday and I'll post a link to the photos after I upload them onto Flickr.
Ditto to the fine people who made the Equality Now event happen and to theonetruebix for posting this link. Thank you much!

And, as always, a special thanks to Joss.
Wonderful, wonderful speech. I couldn't resist watching it when I really shouldn't - I was too excited to wait. Joss *does* look like his mother! She sounds like she was quite a woman. I'm sorry she's gone.

Wow. Meryl Streep and everything. Great cause, great speech. You rock, Joss.

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I've got a lot of help running our screening but it is still a lot of work. Hearing Joss' speech made me cry and be very very proud that I and the rest of us are doing this.
It made me cry too, Lioness. Yes, I just posted that online.
How cool would it be to let the audience see Joss' speech prior to the SerenityNow/EqualityNow screenings?

Great words - thanks Joss.
Thank you, everyone. That was great.
How cool would it be to let the audience see Joss' speech prior to the SerenityNow/EqualityNow screenings?

That was actually part of the reason it was made available. On the EN site itself, the video is provided on a page they've established which links to the Can't Stop The Serenity screenings site.

Download and burn to DVD. ;)
There's a link to the high quality version here, hosted at, which is on a dedicated high speed line now if people want to hot link it.
There's a link to the high quality version here, hosted at, which is on a dedicated high speed line now if people want to hot link it.

Tho not all of us have had the new DNS info propagate to our neck of the internets yet. Heh.
Okay, those of you with decent internet providers can get a copy :P
Okay, those of you with decent internet providers can get a copy :P

Somehow I doubt all three of the networks I've been on today are sub-par. ;)
Whilst not wanting to take this off topic (I'll shut up now!), you've possible got some kind of DNS caching bix. All the regulars got straight back on - it was a nameserver change rather than DNS, which go through in about 5 minutes nowadays. Nerd over.
Wow, just when I think I can't admire and love Joss any more than I already do...
That brought tears to my eyes, too, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :)
I've often thought Joss' mom must've been an extraordinary woman, and now I realize his father and stepfather would have to be exceptional men, too.
And of course, his wife, must be pretty amazing as well. (Taller than Joss on occasion, too! Hahaha)
Thanks for the link, Bix and to EN for making it available!
That speech brought a tear to my eye... A very happy tear mind you!! Not the first time Joss has done that to me. I'm sure Joss' mother would be tremendously proud of him, the man has created such an important legacy with his work so far - and he's got so much more to give us.

I for one am giddy with anticipaton of his next project, be it WW, Goners or whatever other genius piece of his imagination he chooses to share with us. We are all of us very lucky to have Joss and his work in the world.

(And YAY!!! My first Whedonesque post - long time lurker and so on...)

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That was a lovely speech... Thanks for posting.
Wonderful speech.
So, why does he write these strong women???

I'm so glad I was able to see this without my computer locking up! Thanks, theonetruebix.
I love this man. That speech was a nice, pretty, package full of exactly why I love his work, why I follow his career, and last but not least why I'm a member of Whedonesque. I'm so proud.
Wow. That was just wonderful. I wish we could show this at our screening. How impactful would that be?
Wow. That was just wonderful. I wish we could show this at our screening. How impactful would that be?

Does your venue have DVD projection capability? If so, have someone download and burn it.
okay, I guess if we want to put the speech on DVD and see if the theaters have the ability to play DVDs, we should. I can't, since I don't have a DVD burner.
"...because you're still asking that question."

Can somebody say 'Amen'?
I sent the link to that speech to a bunch o' friends, and posted the link on my little blog-thing.
Thanks, bix.

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For those what missed it, my item on this, linking directly to EN's website was posted with the same timestamp as a second post (by thehey, maybe?) which opted to smartly use this YouTube link instead. The two posts were then combined.

Figured I should bring it up since it's more or less luck of the draw that gave me the byline on this post rather than the author of the simultaneously-posted other one.
Wow, that was beautiful. First, Meryl Streep praising Joss...and then probably the greatest thing I've ever heard Joss say, and I've heard Joss say a lot of great things.

That was amazing.
What a great speech! I want Joss to write all speeches everywhere now.
That was great. Should be shown in schools and colleges. Very powerful message.
That was a very good speech and very Joss (the moving picture gave it away).
That was truly inspiring. And Meryl Streep---golly! Maybe if Joss had Brad Pitt's baby more interest would be shown in what he had to say with this speech.
I'm so proud of him and yet so very sad that this mother isn't around to continue to be a inspirational force in person. "Equality... is a necessity". What makes that so difficult to understand?
Is it just me or did anyone else want Joss to thank Meryl for giving Buffy writers the inspiration to create a great band name...

Ok maybe it was just me afterall.

Anyway I love how Joss handled the speech as always, and forever, the man is unique in any thing he does.
I love, love, love Joss.
And I love that 'Equality is a necessity...we need equality. Kinda now!'.
What a wonderful speech. This man can make your heart and mind explode in all directions, then put 'em together again, somehow better and braver than before. Woohoo!
One of the Toronto team has burned this to a DVD then will pass it along to me to see if I can pay it on my DVD player. The theatre has an old crappy one and they doubted a burned DVD would work on it.
If it works on mine, I'll bring it and the player along, because yes, everyone needs to see this.
And if we had the time in the theatre, I would also play Joss's intro to the pre-screenings.
And if we had the time in the theatre, I would also play Joss's intro to the pre-screenings.

/set paranoia on

Of course we don't actually have the rights to play that.

/set paranoia off
Um, yes, that is what I meant! If we had time and permission.
One of the browncoats in Montreal, has burned it on DVD and will be bringing it in, we should be able to play it, however we got laptops as backup to hook up the system if need be.

In terms of the advanced screening speech, we are charged for time in terms of the projectionist, so we may not have time. But if you have time, may I suggest that someone with good oratory skills read the speech out to the audiance. I was considering doing that for Montreal. Just hearing those words(even if not from Joss's actual mouth), invokes his feeling and presense. "I like to call them browncoats"
That just made me weep. Joss Whedon is amazing.
Meryl Streep for Buffy movie villain! Or she'd make a good one of those white-haired witch-type Watchers as well that we saw toward the end of Season 7. She should just be in a Whedon project some day, really.
Unbelievable. It had the funny, the touching, the true, more of the funny, then the unbelievable closing line. Now when my useless cousins give me s*** about being a Whedon fanboy, instead of trying to get them to stop being idiots smug long enough to watch a DVD boxset ("hey, um, there's really hot actresses in this, yo!"), I've got a 6 minute file to play for them. Or I would e-mail it to them, if I had the permission of course (lol, Lioness!).
Quick! Someone get a EN rep on the phone... would they pissed about the showing of the speech? I mean, it's in conjunction with a fundraiser for their cause. It's not like we're slapping it on pirate DVD for personal cash... it's for organization cash!
No, I'm not justifing infringement... I'm encouraging fundraising... (runs from the lawyers)
dpwac, I believe EN has already agreed to allow Joss's acceptance speech to be shown (see theonetruebix's posts above). What hasn't been granted is the right to show Joss's intro to the Serenity pre-screenings.

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