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June 20 2006

California Browncoats run impressive Comic-Con fundraiser. Comic-Con is coming up, and the California Browncoats are running what sounds like it'll be a seriously impressive charity prize drawing, auction and who knows what else!

In particular, there's going to be a charity prize drawing, with an impressive list of prizes (see prizelist), an auction of all 14 of Adam Baldwin's Firefly scripts (signed, of course -- see this), and Simon's doctor costume from the escape from the medical facility in Serenity (see here) will be auctioned for Equality Now. Wow. So much stuff...

Added a 'period'/'full stop' to the end of your title to avoid a run-on. Making your links actual links as well. Also, are you one of the organizers?
No, he's not. The list of organizers is in the FAQ on the site. And yes, I am one of them :)

We figure the excitement will start growing after the screenings weekend. It would be real nice if the Serenity buzz could be kept up all summer long.

Oh, and thanks sj for the link!

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What prompted the choice of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation as the beneficiary of the fundraiser?
looking - On the FAQ page it says:
Why did you choose MC-LEF for this fundraiser?Adam Baldwin offered his shooting scripts for the California Browncoats to auction and requested that all proceeds go to MC-LEF. We felt that we could do the most good for MC-LEF by combining the script auctions with our annual Comic-Con fundraiser.

I don't know what exactly the connection between Adam Baldwin and that particular charity is though. Hope that helped! :)

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Cool, thanks danregal.
I don't know what exactly the connection between Adam Baldwin and that particular charity is though

Adam is going to send us a short paragraph or quote as to why he chose this particular charity. We will post it on the site as soon as we get it.

No problem zeitgeist :)
I'm just tickled pink with what the Browncoats are doing. My hat's off to their wonderful work!
Oops, sorry about the lack of the period at the end, zeitgeist. It's one of(?) my first Whedonesque posts, so didn't realise that's how it would come out. :) Thanks for fixing that and for link-ifying the URLs. Also, what James said. I'm not one of the organizers of the Comic-Con/charity stuff.

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