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June 20 2006

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at Astonishing X-Men #15. It's out in comic book shops tomorrow. So if you're thirsting for new Joss dialogue and story lines, go buy.

Can't bleeding wait!
Looks like it's all kicking off. Also, isn't this the one that Joss said had an absolutely rockin' Wolverine moment ? Should be a corker.
I got the Gifted/Dangerous hardback a few weeks ago and have been spreading it out over that time and I finished it a few days ago.

I was very impressed and I think Gifted was definitely on par with Fray which was a huge compliment. I have seen the first X-Men film and was kind of familiar with the animated series from a long while ago, so whilst I wasn't a complete newcomer and knew the names of most of the characters, I still think it can be difficult and a little intimidating to start reading a series.

However I was helped immensely by Joss' storytelling, and by reading each issue a few times I was able to understand it much better, also by looking a few things up on Wikipedia (such as each character's abilities).

I do have to admit that I didn't find Dangerous quite as compelling but I think it may have been more to do with the quite complicated plot, some of which may have went over my head. I also haven't had time to re-read each issue but I do intend to at some point. I got the sense that it was one of those stories that really required a good knowledge of the X-Men series and that even with Joss' ability to introduce newcomers, a lot of it was bound to be very confusing.

Like if you jumped into Buffy by watching something like Once More, With Feeling or The Wish, or Angel's Smile Time. It's like jumping into a universe which isn't too complicated if it is gradually peeled back and developed over a period of time, such as Buffy starting off with the quite simple concept of slayers and vampires, then adding witches and demons and ghosts into the mix, and then introducing the idea of souls and expanding into things like alternate dimensions.

But I definitely enjoyed both arcs very much (although the final page of Dangerous was one of those scenes that didn't have as much impact on me as it may have on a die-hard fan- I assume those guys are badass villains?) and will be waiting patiently for the next few arcs.
Ugh. The horrid Javascript/CSS doesn't work properly in either Firefox or Opera on Linux. Here's direct links to the pages:

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Works fine here on Ubuntu, KernelM - Firefox
Yep, Ubuntu Breezy with Firefox 1.0.8, no problems (might be time for an upgrade though ;).
What resolution are y'all at? I can only do 1024x768 on this dingy old laptop. The problem with the CSS is that the popup window displaying the image is too big for my browser window. So even if I scroll all the way down in the popup window, I can't see the very bottom. And if I try to scroll the outside window to move the popup up, the popup window follows so that the top edge is always at the top of the browser window.

Firefox and Opera 9 Beta 2 on Gentoo, btw.
Mmm. I can't wait to see where this is going.
Actually, I was wrong. Opening the image and scrolling down causes it to go wonky.
Ah, feel better about my battered old Lifebook now ;). 1400 x 1050 here. Yeah, tried putting the res down and had exactly the same problem KernelM (you can open the pop-up then right click and 'open link in new tab' to get the next image in fully scrollable glory but it's kind of clunky to say the least).
Worked fine in Opera 9.
hey all, this is jon, popcultureshock producer and bad javascript/css person :( in the interest of improving the pcs preview system, if any of you could check out how i'm setting them up on midtowncomics and let me know if it's better, i'd greatly appreciate it!

(you won't see any thumbnails, but never fear you will be able to see the preview pages...)

shout out to caroline for making me a whedonesque member today :)

-jon h.

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Chan Zero - that preview site works for me on Firefox on Ubuntu 6.06.
Yep, personally I reckon that's better (leaving the standard controls means we can just expand the window and use the scroll bar as normal). And it works the same at any resolution (tried it on Ubuntu 5.10, Firefox 1.0.8 at both 1400 x 1050 and 1024 x 768).
This looks awesome...twelve hours until my comics shop opens...twelve long, excruciating hours...
This is torture -- I can't get this until I get off work!

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