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June 20 2006

"Serenity: Leaf On The Wind" capsule review. Quick overview of this "new free online RPG with a few twists."

Not a particularly in depth review really.. I'm actually a member of the RPG site, but couldn't figure out what to do. So being the wuss I am, I gave up.
I've never really tried anything like this, I always think that it will take up too much of my time, or I'd never be around enough and let someone down. Looks like fun for those who like that kinda thing, though.
I love rping, and several months ago I was looking for something much like this. Unfortunately now I don't have time for it, and if I did I'd still have to use that time to write fanfic. Or maybe finally get around to writing my own story about a little girl with crazy powers and her fight against evil. I don't mean Buffy or River. It's not as easy as Joss made it look.

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This looks awesome! Although, yea, I'm so consumed for free time these days that it makes it an impossibility. However, I've book marked it for days when I've got nothing and am bored.

ETA: Oh Gossi I could totally kick your arse in that game! Heh heh. I'd be taking you down to Chintown sunshine! ;-D.

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Well, I have a boring job and much free time outside of that, so, hey, I'm all for this! Sounds like great fun.
These types of online role-playing aren't exactly new terratory. I used to be involved in a couple of them several years back. Fun, but time-consuming.

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