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June 21 2006

Casting complete for Tim Minear's Drive. Ivan Sergei and Nicholas Lea cast in Tim Minear's pilot.


Sounds like a superb bunch of cast. I'll be curious to see how this turns out.

"Ratboy"? *Rockin'*! ;-)

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A 'Once a Thief' reunion? Oh, I know someone who'll be quite pleased with the former Ratboy's inclusion. Now here's to hoping that Tim doesn't kill him off too soon.

Or that Fox does, for that matter.
Do you mean Fox, the network, or Fox, the Mulder? ;-)
ok with Nick Lea in this I have to watch
OmiGod. The two male leads from "Once A Thief" together again. And with luck, Nick Lea on my screen regularly again.

*expires from sheer pleasure*
I may shed a tear and/or moment of anger if Fox fail to pick this up from pilot.
Seriously, I'm having a Once a Thief moment. Ivan gets the witty one liners, Nick gets the lumberjack depot's leftovers.

I always did like those two. Ivan and Rat Boy, back together again.

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Excellent casting! Crossing my fingers for Tim.
"Nick gets the lumberjack depot's leftovers"

Are you writing Drive slashfic already, Browncoat? ;-)
The only name I recognize is Brian Bloom...I need pictures to place the other folks....sigh. But the premise sounds good...hope it gets picked up!

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I'll open the book on how many episodes actually get aired. I'll start the odds at 6 episodes! :)
Naive or not, I'm hoping for/expecting a second season. I can only recall three shows with any buzz (not Headcases) that have been axed by Fox in the last season - Malcolm had been going on forever, Arrested Development was in its third season and Reunion was the only one cancelled after a handful of episodes -- I think.

That must be some kind of improvement for Fox.
I have no idea what everyone's talking about with Once a Thief. I'm excited about Krycek. I hope Nicholas Lea plays a real sleazeball, because he's damn good at that.

My money's on 4 episodes.
The only cast I recognize is Taryn Manning, who played Nola the 'primary investor' in Hustle and Flow.

The premise sounds more accessible than Wonderfalls. I say Fox will be able to air the majority of the episodes during the process of preempting it with the reality show of the moment ('American Idol on a Plane') and moving it to different bad time slots. I say 10 episodes, Mort, but not in order.:)
Wow, Nicholas Lea! Great :D
I'm dying to see a preview for this.
It has car races--it *sounds* accessible for 99.99999% of all guys. (Me being the only exception, but I have other things to look forward to with this show.)
Once a thief was a Candian series Nick and Ivan did a few years back

glad to see we got some Nick fans here

wish him well
*sigh* Once a Thief... yet another example of a show that died before its time. *sniffle*
*sigh* Once a Thief... yet another example of a show that died before its time. *sniffle*

IMNSHO, a show that should never have existed in the first place.

Why, John Woo, why????
Okay, it was a crap show, but... Nick Lea in leather jacket. Good enough for me. And the two guys weren't bad together, so I have hopes that with decent direction and writing it might be interesting. Nick Lea's a bit more cuddly than in his Krycek days, but he still does menacing really well.
Okay, so I was much younger when I was watching Once a Thief... still, I remember it being rather humourous, and the eye candy wasn't bad either. For a Canuck show, it wasn't too horrendous.
Don't really know any of the cast 'cept for Alan Ruck, Nicholas Lea, and...

I think I spotted Ivan Sergei in The Break-Up as the guy who kept stalking Jennifer Aniston's character at her art gallery job and who most audience members were probably wishing she'd dump Vince Vaughan's petulant ex for. It was good to see him again. I can't remember if I've ever seen him in anything where he's demonstrated much in the way of major acting ability, but he's nice eye candy.

I keep meaning to check out Jack & Jill--is it on DVD? Was it at all decent, or just another WB-type drama that was only okay? Better than Ivan Sergei, it's got Sarah Paulson (Dr. Caron from Serenity, Merlyn Temple from American Gothic), Justin Kirk (Angels in America), and Amanda Peet.

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