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June 21 2006

"Our Mrs. Reynolds" Christina Hendricks to appear in Tulsa this weekend. Star Trek Expo 2006 will have Christina Hendricks as a guest Fri-Sun, any area Browncoats make sure and attend.

The Expo is the big fundraiser for the Tulsa Boys Home, plus they put on a very fan-friendly con.

Someone's got a hold of my plough

Say, wasn't that a song by Gene Pitney?
any area Browncoats make sure and attend.

What if they're 24 hours from Tulsa?
"24 Hours from Tulsa"

sounds like a song title...
Corrected episode title.
According to imdb, Yo-Saf-Bridge was in AtS S1e15 The Prodigal. Huh! Never knew that! Means I'm going to have to and watch that episode to see if I can spot her - the things we do for our obsessions!
Oh my goodness! I am an area Browncoat! I live in Moore, which is about two hours away. I can hardly believe it.

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