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June 21 2006

A little more publicity for Serenity Now/Equality Now. Nice little article in the local paper this week. Even more publicity for the event at (which has a slightly different point of view on future movies or shows).

A coworker mentioned that they'd seen this article (since they know I'm a huge Joss Whedon/Serenifly nut) in the paper. Made my day to see some publicity in my own city. Can't wait until Saturday! Should be loads of fun!

A double feature sounds like great fun. Nice for you!

On a side note, the picture of Whedon beside the article made me laugh. It looks like he has either been badly shaken up in a bus accident or perhaps about to burst into a song and dance number.:)
Crap. Denver sold out.
I would love to go to that double screening - especially if they are showing OMWF encouraging audience participation. Shan't be needing the lyrics though, thankyou! I know those off by heart.
Crap. Denver sold out.

Well, Fort Collins needs you.
I believe for Colorado, the tickets of the Ft Collins Screenng are still available. I am not aware of Colorado geography, but if you can sparethe drive, you can greatly help those folks(and support a charity).
That's more than an hour drive for me. Otherwise, I'd go.

Thanks, guys.
Yep, I'm really looking forward to it. Been listening to the OMWF soundtrack on my drive to and from work the past couple days to prepare.

There is also going to be a pre-screening shindig, so it'll be a Saturday full of the Jossverse for me! :) Can't wait to meet some fellow browncoats that I didn't convert my own self!
I've added Samira327's thread to this one as it is of a similar nature.
Hey, Denver and Fort Collins, represent! Yay! :-)

But, yeah, it's a big state, with lots of mountains in between, making driving from city to city full of bumps and curves and stuff. Oh, well. It may not be as fun as going to a screening, but maybe I'll send a donation to Equality Now on their website. (Hey, mooooooooom, I need to borrow your credit card -- again!) ;-)
I managed to miss getting a copy of the paper this was run in, but I understand it was on the front page of the Accent section and a small blurb was on the front page of the overall paper. Pretty cool.

Thanks for the link, JossIzBoss. I just saw your comment in the older thread, too - thank you for the "thanks." A kind word is a big boost right now, believe me. See you on Saturday!
If someone can't go, I know it makes more sense charity-wise to give directly to Equality Now, but maybe folks should think about buying a ticket from a venue that is in danger of not breaking even. I would hate to see any of the organizers get hit for big money when they were trying to do such a good thing.

Does anybody know how things are shaping up? Are there venues in danger of not breaking even and do we know which ones they are?
We've almost sold out in Sydney! It's going to be a big one.

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