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June 21 2006

New Angel comics out today. IDW has some new Angel stuff out this week: Angel: Old Friends TPB, Angel: The Curse Cover Gallery, and Angel Scriptbook #4: Waiting in the Wings.

Sounds like a good week, especially since "Waiting in the Wings" is one of my very favorite episodes...though my comics shop forgot to order me a copy. :-(

I believe AXM #15 is out today too.
Yeah, I just got Astonishing X-Men #15. Good stuff. I've been meaning to start getting the script books.

Did the Wesley One-Shot come out yet? That's what was reported a few weeks back here, but I've checked several comic shops and couldn't find it.
Wesley's out, and it's great. Very twisted. Spike is kinda the sidekick, which makes for a fun pairing.
My LCS was sold out of the Wesley issue when I tried to get it so i'm just gonna have to buy the trade (if there is one) despite already having both the Illyria and Gunn issues. I was annoyed as the told me they only ordered 5 copies but the week before they got about 15 copies of the Gunn issue and I think Wesley is probably a more popular character than Gunn.
It's weird, my comics shop had no knowledge of the Wesley one-shot. I mean, they always order the Angel stuff, and they didn't know about that one.

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The Wesley one-shot did not actually ship the week that the shipping lists said it would, just one week after Gunn. I believe it actually shipped last week.

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