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June 21 2006

Cheri Oteri describes an awkward encounter with SMG to Mike Ausiello. The incident she relates happened at the Cannes screening (premiere) of Southland Tales.

It was not on the set of Southlaand Tales, the incident occured at the Cannes film festival in the theatre where they were premiering the film.

How do you have the url, is there anything before the http or at the end of the url?

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The least funny member of the least funny SNL crew wasn't sure her faux pas was offensive enough when it was private, so she decided to go public. Here's hoping no one casts her in a movie again.
Link fixed and blurb corrected.
And altered again to make the headline more meaningful.
...and once more with feeling to correct a sentence fragment :)
Does nobody get you, Caroline? ;-)
I really wish people would give up this kick to beat down on Sarah. She's a wonderful actress.

Caroline, so glad to see you happy!
I don't even get me, pat32082.
Heh. That was meant to be a Buffy-dialogue joke.

Dawn: Weeee! (Crickets.) Nobody gets me.

And now I can't find the ep it's from. Grr.
Wasn't that from the 'alternate' script for Chosen? I think the line was "Or, operative word 'wee!'"

Edit: Yup.

BUFFY: If we fail.
XANDER: Operative word "If."
ANYA: Operative word "Fail."
DAWN: Or, operative word "Wheeee!" (crickets)Nobody gets me.

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There's an alternate Chosen???!!! Alright, I'm over it.
Aha! See, I kept telling myself it was in "Chosen," but then it wasn't there. Those lines were in Joss' actual shooting script, which I bought a copy of from the official fan club. Which is why I think it really happened in the show.

Thanks, ormaybemidgets.
Not sure about the animosity toward Cheri Oteri. She's a comic, and sometimes comics can't help but crack a joke. I suspect she was trying to alleviate an awkward situation between the woman who asked SMG when she was due and SMG herself.

That said, I don't like Cheri Oteri. She's always annoyed me.
I don't mean to speak for highly staked, but I think they meant that it was a little inconsiderate of Cheri to tell the world about what happened to SMG, as SMG was probably pretty embarassed about it.
The least funny member of the least funny SNL crew wasn't sure her faux pas was offensive enough when it was private, so she decided to go public.

How was it her faux pas when it was someone else who made the remark
I think highly staked meant Oteri's faux pas in intervening in the first place at Cannes and pointing out that it was because of the bow on SMG's dress.
It must be so hard to be an actress. First fans gossip about you looking anorexic, and then people turn around and say you look pregnant in a particular dress. *shakes head* I certainly would never, ever surf the 'Net if I were an actor. It must be upsetting. :-(
*scratches head*
Where's the animosity people are saying was there?

Someone made a faux pas, a comedian was relatively graceful about it, the targetted person shrugged it off, and then the comedian laughed about it in an interview and questioned the wisdom of the person who originally made the statement (cuz yeah, haven't we all been taught not to ask that question?). Where's the bad?
Yeah, I don't really see any bad here. SMG herself didn't take it to heart it would seem. This is a common issue with empire line dresses. There was even an article online after Cannes discussing how a number of actresses who wore that style were rumoured to be pregnant as a result (SMG was actually complimented in that article but the point stands). She's not dumb. I'm sure she's aware it can be a risk with that cut. While obviously not everyone who wears an empire line is pregnant, it's a style that a pregnant woman may well choose. I think the pregnancy question was probably coming from the angle of it looking like she might be trying to hide a bump rather than it looking like she actually had one.

All of that said, I liked the dress and thought she looked great.
As someone who has himself asked a woman when she was due when she really wasn't, I feel for the Zelda woman. And I don't really have a beef with Cheri Oteri (who I've never found particularly funny) relating the story. It's just a story. Not the funniest, but still, anecdotes about celebrities are what make the world go round, n'est-ce pas?
As someone who was asked if she was pregnant when she wasn't, I feel for SMG. Her being gracious doesn't mitigate the blunder, nor does it mean she wasn't hurt. What else could she have done? Stake her?
Shivers. As non-maternal as I am, I have sworn never to ask if a woman is pregnant. Purses are made too big and heavy.

Anyways, I searched around and found a picture of the infamous style that's gotten the rumor mill started. And promply ended.

See, that's the problem of only asking "honey, does this make my ass look fat?" Now we know the REAL question, women should be asking (and leave the other one for us guys).
Maybe it's just me, but I find it incredibly annoying when someone says "and she goes" instead of "and she says".
hmmm... I don't know...
Cheri doesn't really get the prize for being the least funny member of SNL-- that prize could go to a roster of folks from the 80s cast and the current one for that matter.

And neither was her comments on the incident THAT mean spirited--- that prize should go to that fashion columnist -- whose name escapes me, from a while back that was just mean and bitchy.

I thought this comment was one of those amusing stories on the vanity of LA gliteratii.....

She's a public figure... and I'm not sure this jab was as mean as say the constant crud some of the anorexics get...

SMG has actually gotten off pretty lightly considering she has been in a string of pretty silly movies ...

Hopefully Southland marks a break.

Yet.... I'm much more interested in seeing James Marsters, Nicholas or Acker in something worthy of their talents.

IMHO Nicholas has a bright future in comedies-- if he'd just get a lucky break
Chiming in to say that I don't see anything wrong with Oteri's comment. It happened to her, it's sort of mildly amusing in the 'there but for the grace of deity-of-choice go I' sense since it's something we could all at least imagine doing and it wasn't a confidence so why not bring it up ?

Most of the embarrassment would surely fall to the lady that made the comment not SMG (I really hope her self-image isn't so fragile that an off-hand comment by an, AFAIK, relative stranger is enough to send her into a spiral of self-doubt) so, to me, no harm, no foul.

(disclaimer: never heard of Oteri before now so I don't know if she has a reputation for being bitchy or if it's part of her act or whatever)
I think the bottom line is that it's kinda rude to ask someone when they are due when they haven't shared the informantion if they are preggers (or not) with you. Even if the other actress was trying to make small talk, you'd think she's start out with the weather or something.
I was asked that question at a grocery checkout (I guess wearing an oversized shirt and absentmindedly wringing your hands in front of your uterus equals pregnant as much as an empire waist!) and I kind of went "Huh?" It is embarrassing. And then the girl gleefully chattered on about how she just can't seem to get enough of babies and she can't help asking women that question. Bizzarre.
It could be worse. Several years ago, a woman from my mom's church (who later died) was retaining fluid in her abdomen from her chemotherapy treatment and was asked when she was due. I know some people just don't engage their brain before they open their mouth, but jeez...
I'm not getting that she did anything wrong - the columnist brought up the rumors that SMG was pregnant so she was just denying them and adding a semi-amusing anecdote (that was more self-deprecating than mean, if anything) to go with it. I mean, she could have just denied the rumors but. . .well, the rumors would still have been out there which I think would have been just as hurtful to SMG and this way, at least, she proffered a clothing-related explanation for why she looked pregnant.

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