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June 21 2006

Happy Birthday to "The Signal"...latest podcast available. The show talks about its first anniversary, Joss' birthday on Friday, the Equality Now screenings, how to convince TPTB to get a sequel to "Serenity" going, and asks "How many l's in Malcolm".

Yeah here's the sitch, no one seems to be commenting on this podcasts. So if there is something in the podcast you like please comment as otherwise there's really not much point posting them here.
I am always 3 podcasts behind, so it is hard to comment on them when they are on the first page. But I appreciate the reminders when they go up. Yes, I realize that is not the purpose of this blog but I'm appreciative nevertheless.
So am I... and I think a one year anniversary is something to celebrate and comment on. I can't believe its one year. Good job the Signal! Keep it alive and well!
Happy Birthday to the Signal! I'm glad to see that they've made it a year, and hope to see them hit their terrible twos.

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I've enjoyed the Signal for a year now? Wow!!! Hurrah for my first and favorite podcast!!!
I'm always running slightly behind, too, Lioness.

I love 'The Signal' (though I could do without 'Tips From The Training House' -- sorry, it's as boring as watching molasses harden). I'm still catching up on the season one podcasts, but I can say that I think they've only improved with time.
Wow, this is the first time in months that I actually listened to the podcast on the day it came out. I found the article "How many l's in Malco(l)m" very interesting. Does anyone know if Joss has ever answered this?

(Oh, and if by some strange chance of luck, Joss is reading this, could you please answer it?)
Thanks to everyone for the comments so far!

We're always looking to improve and we need your feedback to do that. Doesn't matter whether you liked something we did or you didn't like it. Please feel free to send your thoughts to us via email or post it on our forums. The links for both are available on our homepage.

Thanks again!


The Signal
Also, in case if it counts for anything, I still haven't listened to Episode 10 of the Signal, and it came out last month!

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I usually listen to them within a few days of them coming out, but that makes it difficult to discuss here before it goes off the front page.

I'm not sure why, but The Signal and Firefly Talk, which are totally melded as two parts of the same program in my mind, give me a nice homey feeling when I listen to them. They are comforting for some reason. I am not even that big a fan of Firefly, but I really do enjoy both of those podcasts.

I have to admit that I do pretty much zone out during the tips from the training house portion. I also zone out when RPG's are discussed in too much detail for too long, but that is the way things are on any show. Not everything is going to appeal to everybody.
I enjoy The Signal. This particular ep is how I found out there's a screening in Tampa this Saturday! High production values and interesting content -- not sure what else I could ask for.
I listened to The Signal for the first time last night and found it (like newcj said) "nice and homey". I learned about it from posts on Whedonesque.

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