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June 21 2006

Georges Jeanty - the artist for the Buffy season 8 comic book. As confirmed by Joss, Dark Horse's Scott Allie and indeed the latest All the Rage column.

Georges Jeanty is currently working on The American Way for Wildstorm and his work (as well as the series) is quite wonderful.

This was already mentioned in an interview with the head of Dark Horse, whose name I cannot remember right now. The interview was linked here.

I do agree that his work looks fabulous, from what I've seen on his site.
Wow, how did I miss the previous mentions of this? Sounds exciting. Have they said which characters will be appearing?
Fantastic news. I was hoping Cassaday would do it, but this is great great news. The work looks wonderful.
...The earlier thread (complete with a JossPost(tm)!)
Sorry, my bad. I read that, don't know how I missed it. However so did a whole bunch of other users too it seems. Besides, further confirmation never hurts.
Since it's already been confirmed twice, rather than delete this post I've pointed the URL to the artist's website (so people can have a look at his style) and reworked the subject line.
Mr. Jeanty's art looks pretty decent. Solid and detailed, but nothing spectacular.
Excellent news. I have to admit that it took me a little while to become accustomed to Georges' work, back when he was working on Bishop the Last X-Man (a really good read, by the way) but I'm a firm fan today. He will do the Buffy series proud, in my opinion.
Speaking of good Buffyverse art, Fernando Goni, who did the art for Spike: Lost and Found and a few other things really nail... er... must be careful what phrases I use to describe this... captured Spike's essence. I'm sure that can be taken wrong as well, but there you have it :)

Cassaday is never a bad thing, but we would probably have to wait even longer than if we were just waiting on Joss' scripts.
Huh. I have his Gambit #6 cover as my desktop and I didn't realise he was the artist. Neat :)
I thought I knew that name. This guy has been around a while and I'm not very familiar with his work because (as I peruse his website checklist) I see that I never read any of his books.

Then I saw an ad for American Way #3 and it came back to me. I have been LOVING this American Way series. If you are a comic person, when you are at your shop, check it out. Its a fantastic story so far and we're only 4 issues into an 8 issue mini-series. Highly Recommended!
It's good to know that they've got such a good artist working on this.

His cover for Weapon X #4 is probably what the vamps will kind of look like.
Through Jeanty's web site I found out theres a comic convention in Charlotte on june 30th-july 2nd. He's going to be there and so is Peter David and Rosario Dawson. John Cassidy was on the guest list but is now canceled.
Vamperrotica Red Reign: Dare to Bare?

Should I even ask?
Speaking of good Buffyverse art, Fernando Goni, who did the art for Spike: Lost and Found and a few other things really nail... er... must be careful what phrases I use to describe this... captured Spike's essence. I'm sure that can be taken wrong as well, but there you have it :)

When you trace screencaps and promo shots, I should expect that you catch the essence! However, I always felt Goni's work, though obviously based on existing visual material, was kind of dull and lifeless. I also don't feel he always picked appropriate caps and pics to use for the scenes.

I know, people's tastes differ. I just don't understand sometimes how some comic artists get work, especially when they clearly don't have a creative bone in their body!
I hadn't put two and two together from the previous posts, so I'm glad you posted the link to Georges' site, Simon. I have the Gambit and Bishop books, and I really enjoyed them. So the Buffy books should be in good hands with Georges.

Also have to admit that I am relieved that Goni is not going to be the artist for the books. I wasn't that impressed with his artwork on some of the Spike books - I noticed RogueSlayer's point about reworking screencaps for artwork, and did not care for that at all.
I'm breaking down and buying a bunch of the comics. There's a lot of confusing jargon to pick up (TPB, for example), and I'm never sure if I should buy the issues separately or wait to see if the stuff will come out in TPB-form.

I'm guessing that comics will be the only development on the Angel front, since an Angel novel hasn't come out in quite some time now.
Agreed, Ocular. Seems like new Buffy/Angel material is destined to be in comic form rather than video of some sort. I have never been a comic fan before, but then I never had a reason to be.
Wouldestous, there's still a trickle of Buffy novels, but about half of them have moved to the Choose Your Own Adventure format, renamed "Stake Your Destiny." I'm afraid that the comics will be the only thing we'll get for a long time, if ever. This has also been my first serious interest in comics/graphic novels.
Ocular, the wise thing would be to look at the schedule and the number of issues. If the comic is going to come out once a month, and for 6 issues, well chances are you're only going to wait 6-7 months for The TPB. If the series is more than 6 issues, and there are skips here and there (as with the Astonishing X-Men series) due to scripts, you're going to want to get them as they come out because there isn't a guarantee you won't be waiting much longer. I have the TPB of the first 12 issues of Astonishing X-Men, but because there have been changes in how the latest series (13 and onward) have been released (they went bi-monthly for one or two) I've been buying them individually.

TPB are going to be around 10 dollars on Amazon, so to me, yes the individual ones end up costing more, but even if the TPB was full price it'd equal the individual issues together. It's just a matter of convenience -- getting immediate gratification vs. waiting up to 8 months for this particular series.

If you're willing to wait, go ahead, but look at the release dates first. Remember, you can always catch up.

[ edited by Browncoat on 2006-06-22 21:16 ]

TPB = Trade Paperback (aka graphic novel)

There is a lot of jargon as you mentioned but its a whole world for you to discover. Imagine someone seeing an episode or two of Buffy and then trying to follow the threads on Whedonesque. I'm guessing there would be quite a bit of head-scratching.

I'd say the best thing you can do is go to your library and pick up a book called "The Great Comic Book Heroes" by Jules Feiffer. The original version of this book has origin stories for many of the golden age heroes. The new version of the book omits a lot of the comic pages but still has great stories and history. Both are loaded with great information and will make your comic adventure more enjoyable.
Oh, thanks. I had figured out what TPB was, eventually, but I don't know if a trade paperback will come out for a given series. I'm not in any hurry to get individual issues, but I don't want them to go out of print and then find that a trade paperback will never be released.
I just can't wait til this shiny new comic is sitting in my hands. Very excited about the return of "Buffy" and her scoobs.
Ocular, in my experience a good comic book store NEVER throws away or sends back comics. There are ALWAYS people clamoring for that all too important past issue. You could always order them online, also.
His art looks good. I just hope he goes to great pains to make the characters look like the characters. I can totally accept a Season 8 in comic book form. But it'll FEEL like Season 8 if I'm convinced I'm looking at Buffy, et. al.
Bring on season 8, even if it is in comic form, I can live with that!
Maybe season 2 of Firefly is possible after all.

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