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June 22 2006

A detailed Astonishing X-Men #15 review. Much praise for this issue coming from comic book bloggers. And did long term X-fans spot the homage on the final page?

I know it is out now but I haven't read it and the review seems to be doing a blow by blow description. Does it need a spoiler tag?
Love the praise though.
Haven't seen this issue yet, but speaking of homages--did anyone else catch that the panel in #14 referring back to the Cyclops/Storm battle for leadership of the X-Men was an almost exact replication of the Rick Leonardi cover from Uncanny X-Men #201? (I think #201, but that's calculated back in my head from the Dutch numbering.)
Oh yeah, that was homage was obvious and very cool. It sets up the next issue and I'm already excited for the brawl. The stuff with wolverine was hilarious.
I put "detailed" in the subject line to let people know. I really liked the issue, the Wolverine scenes were hilarious. And I have no idea if Emma is being manipulated or what. The problem I had with this issue was that there was a square hole on one of the pages. I'm assuming this didn't happen to anyone else.
I am now guessing that Kitty Pryde is doomed.....
Simon, maybe that means you win a prize. ;-)
What cheers me up about this series is that clearly Joss loved the X-Men the same time I did, and is bringing that love back to people who spent the last decade or so wondering what the fuss was all about.
I thought that the image of Wolverine making the paper flowers was one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. I'm really enjoying this new arc and issues #14 and #15 have both been amazingly good. Can't wait for when it goes back to monthly after issue #16.
I realised with Joss' Wolverine gags that I'll have to read Wolverine Origins again to pick up some of the references.
The Wolverine gag reminded me more than a little of the revelation of where the nickname "William The Bloody" came from. "What can I say? I've always been bad..." Still really funny, as more'n a few have said.
For me Wolverine scenes reminded of Angel when he was enthusiastic or insecure. Very much, like it felt like he was Angel drawn wrong. That kind of stuff always happened to him. Grumpy broody heroes are just potential barrel of monkeys. :) Can't wait for the hangover he'll get.
This has been the best issue yet. Also, the homage on the last page with Kitty being an almost exact replica of the image of Wolverine emerging from the sewers was awesome. I'm really liking Whedon's Kitty and can't wait to see how this ends.

Also, Logan being reduced to a schoolgirl was f-sking hilarious!
No holes here, Simon. Maybe yours was "autographed" by Wolverine? He is the best...

This issue and the last one have just left me with jaw dropped whuh?!s. I'm really enjoying this arc much more than Dangerous, there's something slightly more intriguing when the bad guys are losing.

Wolverine's little episode made me think of Xavier's line from the second movie when he says that he can make Logan think he's a six year old girl. I'm hoping the next issue will have Hisako braiding his hair.

One last thing...the image of Collossus' nose bleeding liquid metal or whatever was so oddly disturbing! Just the way this huge metal guy is taken out by some guy who looks like he just came from a Ren Faire. So weird...
Hey, those Ren Faire guys are cranky...
Homage? You're all drunk!
Brilliant ish.

But though Wolvie is--obviously--highly larious, I realized while reading this issue that he is the only X-Men without a character arc. Emma and Scott have their stuff to deal with. Hank has his fear of his own devolution to deal with, Peter has his captivity and torture (and Kitty) to deal with, Kitty has Peter's resurrection to deal with, but what does Logan have to deal with? Beer?

He had a bit more in 'Gifted,' but now it feels lacking somehow. And it kinda stands out, because it's the only thing lacking.
Wolvie's too busy having arcs in six or seven other comics - he comes to Astonishing to put his feet up and hang out.
If you look back to the classic Claremont/Byrne Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine was always the one that never really had a character arc... he was just this mysterious guy we found out more and more about.

And then we found out he could cut loose at the Hellfire club, and he became propelled into a flagship Marvel character.

John Byrne on whether Chris Claremont might have kicked Wolverine off the X-Men had Byrne not taken Uncanny X-Men over from Dave Cockrum: "Chris and Dave never cared much for the character. Nightcrawler was Dave's creation, and his fave, and he put so much emphasis on Kurt (including adding new "powers" almost every issue!!) that we used to joke around the office that the book should be called NIGHTCRAWLER (Co-Starring the X-Men). I don't think they had a definite issue number selected for Logan's eviction, but from the way Chris talked, it would not have been much longer, had Dave continued on the title."
But after Wolverine started developing, there was no stopping Claremont. And more to the point--this is Joss's work we're talking about. He's the king of making every plot point personal for the characters.
I think he just wants to make Kitty the extremely marketable phenomenon that Wolverine has been. And if Wolverine gets the short end of the stick, be it not having much to do, or being for a few issues, I'm sure that'll help in this grand master plan. :)

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