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June 22 2006

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon. And what better way to start June 23rd than to listen to a song that some Firefly fans came up with to say happy birthday to Joss. It's called "Can't Stop The Signal", go check it out.

And that's not all. Here's some of the best Joss interviews around (in absolutely no particular order at all).

The Onion AV interview part 1 part 2

In Focus magazine interview

IGN interview

The CulturePulp Q&A

Chud interview part 1 part 2

Salon interview

Dark Horse interview

Joss Is A Hottie

Oh and to pay tribute to Joss' love for comic books.

Joss chats to Neil Gaiman

Joss has a natter with Mark Millar

Joss and Warren Ellis square off in the comments section

Joss and Brian Bendis have a blether

Is that our very own Kessie listed as a band member?
It is indeed :).
And the early birthday word from the world of charity screenings:

Austin sold out, Raleigh sold out, Arlington sold out, Boston sold out but moved to bigger theater, Dallas sold out but added a second screen, Denver sold out, Los Angeles sold but moved to a bigger theater then sold out again and moved to venue's biggest theater and is poised to sell out yet again, and our early bird in Ann Arbor netted $1668.75 for Equality now.
theonetruebix, that's excellent news! Thanks for sharing.

Happy b-day, Joss! You're still my Yoda. I'm anxiously awaiting well, anything you do. So much love to you and your family.
Happy B'day Joss, hope you're having an awesome day.
Happy birthday Joss, glad to here the screenings are so sucessful!
Happy Birthday Joss. Today should be named "International Joss Whedon day".
Happy Birthday Joss. If I could, I'd give you another black binder filled with all your goodies. Or, some more Ho-Ho's. *wink*
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope that Wondy Gal is such a huge success that the studios will be fighting over producing your next film. Much happiness to you and your family!
A salute to El Hombre-happy, happy birthday. We love what you did, we love what you do, and we wait anxiously to see what comes next. Many thanks to ďThe One True B!xĒ for having the insight, and smarts to generate the idea for Serenity Now/Equality Now.
It is Pacific time here, and I wonít be able to sleep tonight because this time tomorrow I will be with several hundred Browncoats watching my favorite movie and enjoying the fact that our hard work helped someone.
Time to think about what shiny plans we will make next year. Bravo, Joss. Bravo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!! Long live cheese popcorn
This is weird, since it's June 22 here, but June 23 elsewhere - So Joss can celebrate his birthday internationally for two days!

It's also the first anniversary of the second screening I saw of "Serenity" (or it will be tomorrow when it becomes today). It was a Thursday last year, and today is Thursday, so again, two day celebration!

I get a kick out of duality!

Happy Birthday, Joss! :-)

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Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday your Jossness. Hope you have a great day.
Happy birthday Joss! I plan to celebrate your special day by watching the best movie ever made! Oh, and then I'm gonna go see Serenity. ;)
Van harte gefeliciteerd, Joss and many happy returns.
(Haha, ESG - see you tomorrow!!)

Happy Birthday, Joss. Glad you were born.
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope what I am sure is your 29th birthday rocks (and rolls too).
Happy birthday Joss.

You do realise you have to buy us all cake, don't you?
It's only the 22nd here, but what the hell; have a happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Hope you have a great year!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!! I love that we can all say that and know that there's a good chance he's actually going to see all of these. Joss, you're the type of creator every fanboy and fangirl dreams about. Pssht, Star Wars fans wish George Lucas was as awesome as you.

How amazing are you? I could count the ways...if I used other peoples' hands...and probably feet too. there are a lot of ways.

Joss, you are the boss.
Happy Birthday Joss, hey it's 10 days after mine, that must be significant (at least in my head). Hope you have a great day, you deserve it!!!
Happy Birthday, Joss!! Hope it's a great one!
Wooo, happy birthday Joss!!!!

That's a pretty cool birthday song from the German 'coats, by the way. A bit of an '80s rock thing going on there. Good work guys and gals!
Happy Birthday, Joss. Maybe relax a little, and fantasize about musicals....
Happy Birthday Joss!! Imagine all of us standing around a giant birthday cake filled with candles representing each phenominal year of your life......and a fire extinguisher sitting nearby.
I wish all the best to the only man who has created a show that I have become obsessed with.........Rod Serling....Just kidding! It's all about you, Joss! Love ya and have an amazing day!
Happy Birthday! Many happy returns, and many more!
Joss - most of us live out our meagre existences in the blinking of an eye and no-one even notices our passing - but you're not one of those!

Happy Birthday Hoppy Hoppy Bunny (or El Hombre or The Shadow-guy - well that is what your profile says you like to be called!)
Happy happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss!
*delurks for this very special occasion*

A very happy birthday, Joss! =D
Happy birthday Joss!

I know you're a Newsies fan, so let me just say, "Seize the day!"

Or just relax. You deserve it!
Happy Birthday!

*insert witty remark and/or huge praise for all that you do here*

Damn, I suck at commenting :(
May you have many more witty one-liners and experiences with space westerns and vampire slayers! Happy Birthday Joss.
The happiest of all happy birthdays to you, Mr. Whedon, sir, and I hope all your wishes come true! You ROCK! :-D
Happy Birthday Joss!

You da man.
Happy Birthday! Thanks for giving many writers, including me, the balls to trust in imagination again.
Happy Birthday, Joss! May you have one one hundredth of the fun and pleasure that you've given us over the years. We love you, man.
Happy Bithday, Joss! May you have many many more to come.
Happy Birthday, Joss. Thanks for all the presents you give us!
Happy Birthday, Joss! I hope it's a great one, and you get to spend it with the ones you love the most.
Hmm... I forgot what I was going to say. I know I came in here for a reason. What was it? Dagnabbit I hate it when that happens.

Oh well.

Hey, is that cake I smell? Sweet!!

(Oh yeah, I remember... Happy Birthday, Mr. Sweden!) ;)
Happy Birthday!

What did you wish for?
Happiest of birthdays to you, Joss!
Huzzah for this day of days! Happy Birthday Leader. ;)
Happy Birthday Joss!

The beauty of birthdays is that you set a personal best every year - all you have to do is live through it. All the awards, scripts, brilliance, etc is just showing off. Not that I mind.

You'll no doubt be honoured to know that you almost share a birthday with my son.
Joss: Sheng Ri Kuai Le!!!
What a Joyous day. Enjoy.
Happy Birthday! Stay crunchy!
Happy Birthday, Your Jossliness. May there be many, many, MANY more!
Happy Birthday, Joss.
Happy B-day, leaderman. May you have the bestest birthday ever with no smashing of toes, and may you have many, many, many more and live to create a myriad of successful movies and brillant television series and to snarkle at your network foes who did not appreciate your genuis and cancelled your shows and they will shrivel and shrink into tiny, little helpless fear demons who crackle and crunch under the feet of your might.
J Dub, you are the man!

Happy Birthday big guy!
Happy Birthday, sucka!

Happy birthday, Joss. I mean it as a compliment when I say no writer has made me more happy, giddy, melancholy, amused, pissed off and morose as you have.

You're an evil genius.
Happy Birthday Joss! =0D *throws confetti* The world is definitely a better place because you're in it.
Happy birthday to Josh what's-his-name.
Happy day, Joss! I'll be spending your birthday this year like I did last year: with a bunch of crazies watching "Serenity."

I bet I cry again!
I have to work tomorrow night so can't do a screening but I'll watch Serenity and maybe some Firefly eps on DVD tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Joss. In 20 minutes on this coast.
To the most influential, inspiring, entertaining individual I've never met. I hope you have an awesome 41st birthday and that you live and continue to produce work until your brain runs dry. On March 10, 1997 not only did I turn 11, but you changed my understanding of entertainment.

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!

- Adriano
The NYC screening on Friday (Joss' birthday) has sold out, according to a phone call I got a bit ago.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Whedon.
Some believe the Browncoats a cult... they're wrong. They're family. Thank you for all that you do to keep all of us fans happy, angered and inspired- mostly at the same time. =)
Happy Birthday Joss! Hope its a great one :)

-- From a little girl with long black hair
Happy Birthday, Joss!!!

"Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles...and it's very applicable. =D

Not original. I know, but I just watched "Out of Gas".

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Happy Birthday, Joss!!!

Thank you for amazing television!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thank you for being awesome, and for letting us know that we can be awesome too. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day.

Cool, bold!writing. It's like we're special or something.
Joss is a "Newsies" fan? Hadn't heard that one. Okay, correction: Relax and fantasize about GOOD musicals, maybe "It's Always Fair Weather"....
I wish you a Happy Birthday, Joss!!

[ edited by Arabchick on 2006-06-23 07:05 ]
Happy birthday, J-Man! Thanks for introducing us all to meaningful, quality television!
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you and many more to come. You've inspired me in so many ways, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the greatest. Genius. Exellent. Wicked. You rock!!
Bon anniversaire Joss!
I hope you had a nice birthday. Please write another television series! I have actually been experiencing lowkey depression since Angel was cancelled. Joss you are my Prozac.
Happy Birthday Joss!!!
Keep fighting the good fight!!!
Tote Board As Of June 22, 2006

With 6 Screenings Reporting

$7247.46 (Est.)

Note: That's 6 out of an eventual 47.

Happy birthday, boss. ;)
Happy birthday Joss!
(One more sleep to go until the Sydney screening!)

Happy Birthday, Joss! You just know the Sydney crew are going to raise a glass (or twelve) to toast your ongoing genius.

Thanks for everything you've created, and for the family that I have found because of your work.

Here's to many more Joss creations, and many more Joss birthdays!
Better late than never, I hope - Happy Birthday to Joss.
Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell!

D'oh, wrong website.
Happy birthday Joss! And thank you for everything! You've given us what George Lucas never could!
Happy Birthday, Joss. There's no way I can sum up the impact your work has had on my life - but it's all been wonderful. Thankyou. Hope you have a great day.
Happy Birthday Joss, you've given me so much - inspiration, joy and tears and I can't thank you enough. Now divvy up some cake ;)
;) Many happy returns, Mr Jossmyhero.
Happy birthday!
John's birthday?

Screw that! It's Serenity Day, wooooooooooooo!

KIDDING. Happy birthday, Mr. Sweden.
Awesome AXM ish, keep it up

Oh and have a oh so good b'day
Happy b-day, Joss! Congratulations on giving the Grim Reaper the slip for another year, but did you have to send him after Wash?

I saw Serenity on Joss's last birthday, but our copy of Serenity is sadly with my wife in another state right now, so I must spend the time watching Firefly and Angel instead. Like it's a trial or anything!
Late to the party, but as long as there's cake, I'm happy!

Happy Birthday Joss! I hope you have your bestest year yet, with lots of cake.

I'm hungry.
Happy Birthday Joss! :D

Loads of love and best wishes from Bangladesh! Hope you have the greatest day ever!
Happy Happy Birthday Joss! You're the boss.
Happy birthday to Joss from Finland!!!!

May your days be fruitful and...fruity...or something.
Happy Birthday, Joss!

Yours is the art of animating the artificial, arranging pictures and sounds into a story like no other. I keep wondering how you do it.
Thank you for everything. And I hope youīll have many, many more happy years.
Happy Birthday Joss.

Make sure you eat lots of cake and thanks for everything. Looking forward to the serenity day screenings in your honour and so psyched about new issue of astonishing coming to my comic shop. im PSYCHED. Is 'psyched' still a cool word or am i living in the early 90s?

we love ya xoxo
Sto lat!

Hmmm... Even better, Wansui!

Either way, Joss, I hope your life is long and your birthday happy!

(100 years/10,000 years)
It's not your birthday here for another hour or so, but I have to clock in early to say happy birthday to my favorite showrunner genius non pareil writer director guy! (You know, I think that kinda rhymed. . . .)

Many, many happy returns of the day, Mr. Fendendo (did I spell that right??) And while I'm at it, thank you for all the wonderful things you've brought into my life.

Happy Birthday, Master! (but not bator!)
Happy birthday, Joss! Thanks for all the great stories you've told in so many ways. And the internet stuff is fun, too.
Happy birthday Joss ! And many more.

21 x 2 which means you can legally drink twice as much (even in America). It's the law. Well, it's a rule anyway. Maybe more of a guideline. Err, friendly advice ? ;)

BTW, now that you've reached the magic number tell us, what's the meaning of life ?

(and also, to everyone involved, just a quick good luck for the screenings tonight, hope they're packed to the gunwales and raise a load of cash for a good cause)
Well this is definitely a good sign, my final exam is on joss's birthday!
Happy birthday, man, and thanks for everything.
Have a very shiny birthday, Joss!
Happy Hagis Day!

(No, I've no idea what this post means either. There's a bit of cheese man in it).
Well, it is the first official day of Haggis hunting season.
Really? I can't tell if that's a joke or not, but if it isn't, that officially rules.
Really? I can't tell if that's a joke or not, but if it isn't, that officially rules.

And I can't tell if that's a joke or not ;)
Happy birthday Joss!!

Have a good one!!
Oh, yes gossi, it's an ancient tradition in Scotland. Every year on this day men come down from the highlands to Edinburgh and apply for their licences (which are very stricly controlled - you have to be wearing a clan tartan when you apply and have proof of Scots birth) then take off to the hill-tops to stalk the wiley Haggis (a small, round stomached beastie which has evolved one leg shorter than the other to allow them to run around mountain tops more easily).

Bloody sassanachs ! ;-).

(unless you were kidding, in which case, bloody me ! and stop reading here, if not before ;)

Haggis is made from sheep's heart, liver and lungs mixed with onions, barley and various spices then boiled in the animal's stomach (though not usually anymore, some EU regulation). It's much nicer than it sounds (honest ;) and is especially eaten by Scots on Burns night (Jan 25th, the anniversary of the poet Robert Burns' birth) with champit neeps and tatties (mashed turnips and potatoes) but it's not a real animal.

(it would've been great if Joss birthday was on the 'Glorious 23rd' though ;)
Happy Birthday Joss, it should be that as long as you donít follow my personal birthday motto, 'One year closer to my inevitable death'. If that brought you down feel the sheer love posted here and all the people telling you to get cake, a perfect excuse for a sugar high.

Youíve inspired a lot of people here, Iíve become a novelist because of your brilliant story telling and Iím dyslexic! Thank you.

(Joss' Birthday to hagis, how'd that happen.) Don't eat hagis stick to the traditional cake.

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I'm celebrating my birthday five days late deliberately, so I can help with the Sacramento screening of "Serenity". It should be a geat day to celebrate Joss' birthday, help a good cause, and get people to enjoy a big damn movie.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2006-06-23 13:09 ]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!!! Keep doing what you do and being that great person you are! (But beware of the evil called midlife crisis...) ;)
Happy birthday Joss! Hope you got some nice presents.
Happy Birthday Joss! It doesn't take much to look around and see all the people you've inspired. You've brought a lot of smiles and a lot more to come. Hope you enjoy your day today & all your days.
Also: Joss's Equality Now speech. (Was this linked here before?)
Happy Birthday, Joss!
May all your wishes, hopes and dreams come true. xxoo
Happy Birthday Joss!
To the creator of all things good - Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your day Joss!

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Happy Birthday Joss. Wish we could give you the type of present you deserve. You've given us so much over the years.
Enjoy your day!
It was linked before, but it bears repeating. As does this: Well done, Joss. Gorgeous speech. Thank you for introducing us to the important work that Equality Now is doing.

And, of course, thank you for the brilliant writing and directing that has inspired us, excited us, terrified us, comforted us, made us cackle with joy and weep with dismay, but most of all, made us think. For all the reasons above, this wacky little community of like-minded peeps was born, and is frequented by some of the smartest, funniest, kindest people I know. So much so, that I 'met' my life's great love on these pages, and just last month, we closed the 1,300 mile distance to be together for good, all living-in-sin-like.

Wow. Lots to thank you for, boss-man. We apprentice at your stylish, but affordably-clad feet. (It makes us talk and write a little funny -- the grown-ups squint their eyes and cock their heads at our syntax and homemade words, and we wouldn't have it any other way.) Happiest of birthdays, sir.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2006-06-23 14:12 ]
Little late to the party but Happy Birthday, Joss.

Hope it's been a great one!
Barest! I didn't know. Congrats to you and Zeitgeist. Now it had better work out or we will all look sideways at Joss and murmur "His fault. His fault".

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-06-23 14:34 ]
Happy Birthday, Boss! I'm wearing a pointy hat just for you!
So much so, that I 'met' my life's great love on these pages, and just last month, we closed the 1,300 mile distance to be together for good, all living-in-sin-like.

The Love Thread(tm)(c)(r) shoots, it scores! Well done, young Whedonesquers.
Wow, Barest, didn't know. Congrats to both and you and Zeitgeist. Will this thread turn into a new luv-thread?
Happy Birthday Joss.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Many happy returns!

No, no. This is pure Joss birthday goodness. With pie. And possibly yams. (We've hijacked enough threads with our icky lovetalk. ;) That stuff's assigned to flickr these days.)
Happy birthday, Joss. Thank you for all of the laughter, the tears, the long and illuminating discussions of the human condition... its been a lovely ride so far and this isn't where it ends. Here's to many more; cheers!

I've met and befriended (and been befriended by) such a staggering cast of wonderful characters (in this case I mean the posters and mods/admins of this very weblog [no I'm not letting you call it a message board, even on your birthday, sir!]). Thank you for all of this and for being the reason that I met the love of my life while posting about a movie and some tv shows that touched my heart and soul.

p.s. - you don't wear the cheese, Joss, the cheese wears you!
p.p.s. - well, okay, on your birthday you can wear the cheese... just don't sniff it afterwards, 'cause that? That would be gross.
Happy lovefest, barest_smidgen and zeitgeist! Perhaps today ought to be an official something for the two of you. I don't know what exactly. Joss Whedon Yenta Day?

Remind me never to use words.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-06-23 17:15 ]
You'll never read through all of these comments, but I just wanted to add my happy returns to the list of many names. You've blessed me in so many, many ways, Joss, and I hope today is the beginning of many more blessed birthdays for you. :) Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, you thing-from-another-world, you.

Thanks for all the things you've given us, and I hope you appreciate what we offer you: a world-wide army spread out thorugh all levels of society, ready and willing to do your slightest bidding. Hope it fits!
Happy birthday Joss.
Happiest of Birthdays, Joss!
Hope your day is shiny, wonderful, and "rockin' like Dokken!"
; )
Happy birthday Joss. Hope you have a grat one! :)
umm... what they said... yeah, all of them (except the bits about haggis).
Happy birthday, Joss. I hope your birthday party is filled with non-evil clowns and other such merriment.
Have fun fighting zombies, or getting severed Judge's hands, or whatever today!
Happy Bizzle-day! :)
Even the locally caught haggis?
Well, it didn't happen on this particular website, but my Better Half and I also met thanks to Joss (via a different 'Verse site). In fact I publicly proposed to her on the site (the admins "gave me" the site for the day)... and later we met James Marsters and invited him to the wedding.

So yeah, I don't think it's too much of an exaggeration to say that all good things flow from the loins of Joss. Um, ew... nevermind, rephrase that.

Anyways, let's all celebrate the glorious day! Numfar, do the dance of joy!!

(Personally, I want to slay the haggis.)
Happy Birthday,Joss
Happy birthday, Joss! Someone who has given so many hours of enjoyment and mental stimulation to so many people deserves to have many more.
Ah, yes, as nickyrat astutely reminds us, birthdays, Whedonverse not always happy things. So happy birthday to my fellow Cancerian (and forget all that standard astrological crap about home, family, sensitivity, blah blah blah. It's the dark, slightly warped sense of humor that really binds us together. There's a club, really. Or there should be.) Anyway, Joss, here's wishing you a better birthday than Buffy ever got, so pretty much if you're awake, and nothing is trying to kill you, you're golden.
Happy B-Day Joss!!! May you find true happiness and not lose your soul in the process :p
Happy Birthday Joss! I just want to thank you for so many years of joy and pain. You've given me so many hours of enjoyment, I hope you realize how much what you do affects our lives. I'm 36 years old and barring an eternal, standing crush I have on David Bowie, you're the only person I can honestly say I've ever idolized. I would follow you into the depths of the Hellmouth. Though, there is a tiny part of me that will never truly forgive you for killing Tara. That's kinda one of the things I love about you though. You unpredictable little bugger you! You totally rock my world!!! Have a great birthday! Love you!!!
Happy Birthday, my sweet guy! We all heart you so much! Take a break and do something crazy today!!!

I've "met" some remarkable people through Whedonesque, truly wonderful peeps. We're all so lucky here. *virtual group hug, everyone*
Happy birthday, Joss!
From your devote spanish friends!
Happy Birthday, Joss!

I came late to Buffy, but it's filled my imagination and inspired me, as it had so many others, to write some stories. Thanks for all the hours of staring at the blank page thinking of the right way to say something, Joss! You're the best neato cool!
Tote Board As Of June 23, 2006
With 9 Screenings Reporting
$10,334.16 (Est.)
Happy Birthday Joss! Much Love, Crystal xxxx
Happy Birthday to the master of all Evil Genius's!
That's a great present (so far) Bix! The huge numbers being raised will most certainly translate into media coverage for the cause and "our" cause.
Happy birthday, Joss. I hope you have a great day and fantastic year. I look forward to your future projects, whatever you may chose to do. Selfishly, I am hopeful that many will involve live actors and appear frequently. Selfishly and not so selfishly I hope you continue to do all the things that excite and feed you for years to come.

I am happy to be going to the NYC screening tonight and bringing a total Whedon newbie with me. We will be there to have a good time while donating to a worthy charity. Although the fans/organizers are directly responsible for doing this, and should get huge kudos, it is ultimately your inspiration that makes such things happen.

Thank you.

Oh, and speaking things being Jossís fault , congratulations zeit and smidge on your living in sin-ness. May it be a long and happy union full of all the things you both want the most.
You know those tiny little pearl onions in a martini? Those are awesome.

Joss: wishing you a wonderful birthday with as many awesome miniature onions as you'd like.


Tote Board As Of June 23, 2006
With 9 Screenings Reporting
$10,334.16 (Est.)

See what we can do? See you all in Pasadena.
Cheers for the interviews Simon... I'm always after more Joss talking.
Happy Birthday Joss! Ever since seeing a rerun of "Killed by Death" I have been a Whedon-junkie! Don't ever stop creating; we miss your work greatly on the television.
Happy Birthday Joss. I hope you'll have a great one. ;)
Congrats to Barest and Zeitgeist! I love such stories,for me its a huge part what fandom is about: friendship and love.

Thanks GVH, glad you like it.

Also thanks again to Simon.

And of course a Happy Birthday to Joss again. Hope you have a great day.
Happiest of Birthdays Joss! Can't wait for the screening tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Joss!

Thank you for all of the stories you've given us. Happy Birthday seems so inadequate - but it's all I got - so it'll have to do.
A MASSIVE happy birthday to Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss! :-D

Just saw Serenity again last night, and you are still so totally my master now.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Hope you have a great one.
Joss, much birthday love to you - you've enriched us.
Joss, much birthday love to you - you've enriched us.
Happy birthday Joss!
Oh, yes gossi, it's an ancient tradition in Scotland. Every year on this day men come down from the highlands to Edinburgh and apply for their licences (which are very stricly controlled - you have to be wearing a clan tartan when you apply and have proof of Scots birth) then take off to the hill-tops to stalk the wiley Haggis...

And here I thought all the Haggis were farmraised these days. It's good to see that there are still some places where the ancient traditions are honored.

Bloody sassanachs ! ;-).

So they really do use that word in Scotland.

[ edited by barboo on 2006-06-23 22:17 ]
Thanks for being born today, Joss (on the happiest day of the year). It's a party and we're all invited! Now, where is that cake?

Have a delightful, fun and fantastically memorable 42nd natal anniversary (woo!) surrounded by family and all your loved ones (in the flesh or otherwise), and may Fortune bless all your endeavors from now into perpetuity.

Just keep doing what you love, and we'll keep loving what you do. Promise.

[ edited by Wiseblood on 2006-06-24 06:35 ]
Joss rocks. I hope his birthday does too.
Joss rocks.

Anything like Pop Rocks?
Happy Birthday Day Joss!!! :D
Happy Birthday Joss! Thanks for every verse, every story, everything!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!!! Happy birthday to the most genius (that's probably bad grammar, as a an English major I apologize haha) man EVER!! Thanks for every story and lesson! You ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!!!!!
Happy Birthday, great man. Thank you for all you've done, and for the world of friendship and creativity I've found through your work. Keep doing whatever it is you do, plus whatever you want to do. We love you, man!
Happy Birthday, Stuart Sutcliffe. Oh wait, this isn't
Happy Birthday Joss. Isn't being a Cancer great? I mean - it sounds awful, but it grows on you.


Nobody gets me.
A national day of mourning? I don't bloody well think so!

Happy Birthday Sir Joss!

Happy birthday, Joss! Hope your day was filled with cake, family, good friends and general awesomeness. Here's to many, many more.
Its still the 23rd here so
Happy Birthday
A belated Happy Birthday Joss...Birthdays should last a week at least, so I am hereby extending yours...Love from all your peeps!
One more late happy birthday :-D
Looking forward to a new year pf Joss!

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