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June 22 2006

(SPOILER) E!'s Golden Tater award results are revealed for E!'s "Watch with Kristin" fan-voted awards. Some results will spoil those that are not viewing the current seasons of various shows.

The results aren't the kindest for those of the Joss-verse.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Whedon, anyway.

Best Guest Star
34% Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural
20% James Marsters, Smallville
16% Jason Bateman, Scrubs
16% Chris O'Donnell, Grey's Anatomy
14% Christina Ricci, Grey's Anatomy

So,the results for Kristin's Tater Tot Awards at Eonline are in.

I was a bit disappointed that James Marsters didn't win in the best "guest star" category..

But considering how small his guest star role was...and how very popular Grey's Anatomy is, and JDMorgan was nominated for "guest starring" in 2 very popular series at the same time....I think James placed very well.

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Apparently I don't agree with the majority of the voters. I voted in just about every catgegory and I think only 2 of my choices won.
Huh? Only 12% of people agreed with me that Taylor Hicks winning American Idol made you want to throw out your TV? And Cassidy only got 14%? Who do you have to kill to get a higher percent? Oh wait...
No Arrested Development love there. :( And please someone tell me that "Kack" is not the official title of the Jack/Kate thing on Lost! ;)
I can understand people not agreeing with me because I have a fanboyish love for HIMYM, Bones and VM. But honestly, how did Barney not win? At this rate, we'll never get the gen, the dah... the re.
Once again, democracy doesn't work, people!

Just kidding. I was hoping that HIMYM would rank better in a number of things, as well as Arrested Development. Alas.

And, Brisco, I'm not an American Idol fan, but the last scene of Gilmore Girls made me nauseous. Since that was the last episode the original creators worked on, it just felt like a big "screw you!" to the fans. Feh.

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