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June 23 2006

'The Return' gets new release date. Sarah Michelle Gellar's thriller will be out on November 17th and will also be trailered with 'The Grudge 2'. And in somewhat tenuously related news if you fancy meeting Richard Kelly (Southland Tales director) today, he's doing a signing at Velocity Comics in Richmond, Virginia at 8pm.

And if he does bring along a copy of a Southland Tales preview on DVD, do let us know what you thought of the movie. And indeed if you're one of the lucky people to get a hold of one of the advance copies of the comic book, let us know what Sarah's character is like in it.

And cheers to wren for the heads up.

Though probably correct since Fangoria got the 1st release date correct and there was supposed to be a trailer shown at a Fangoria convention just before this news broke it still hasn't been confirmed ,in fact Rogue pictures website is still displaying September 1st at the moment.
Lucky damn Virginians. Oh well, I have a previous engagement anyway (Pasadena Serenity screening). And Number 5 at has hinted that there will be an L.A. public appearance. And Brett Weldele, the Southland Tales graphic novel artist, will be at Comic-Con.
I have heard some very good reviews for this film and can not wait to see it. It has been far too long and I need a serious Sarah fix. I'd love to get it in Sept but can wait til Nov if that's the way it comes down.

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