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June 23 2006

Al Gough Joins James Marsters & Friends. Al Gough & Miles Millar, creators of Smallville are joining James in September for rare public appearance.

The dynamic duo will be heading to the Queen Mary at Long Beach for James Marsters & Friends

Wow! This is going to be a very different Con experience. While I love meeting "the stars",it seems that we are going to get a lot of opportunity to talk to the writers and creators of shows we watch. See what they did in the past,and more importantly,find out where they plan to go in the future.
This really seems to be working into a "This is Your Life" for James. I'm glad he (or his manager) is working so hard to embrace all aspects of his career and work it together like this and not just sticking with the tried and true (Buffyverse).

I admit to being curious as to how the weekend plays out, fan-wise because of this expansion into other realms. I wonder if there will be a lot of attendees that are new to the James experience? I see a lot of new exposure for his 'regular' loyal core of fans to all the other guests as well.

Definitely a different kind of con in the works here. I won't be attending, but it certainly sounds like there will be a lot of interesting behind the scenes folks.

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This really seems to be working into a "This is Your Life" for James.

As long as he doesn't announce his retirement at the end of the convention.
Simon!!!!! Hush your mouth....oh man...he wouldn't do that would he??? Nah....I think he has way too much left to offer before retirement, and as 'animated' as James appears to be I would think he couldn't sit still long enough to even think of retiring...
Maybe I really do need to try Red Bull.......what is in that stuff anyway?????
Really wish I was rich and didn't live so far from the West Coast.
I would sure love to go to this event.
Being an obsessed James fan I thought my ticket was worth it when it was just him and a couple guests. Now I'm not sure how all this will be able to fit into just one weekend! Everytime they announce new guests that squeal you hear coming from Minnesota is me! :) I don't know how my husband puts up with it...
"As long as he doesn't announce his retirement at the end of the convention."


I don't think we need to worry about that. From everything I've seen and heard of him, he seems like the kind of fellow who is going to have so many projects in the planning stages, they would last for 10 years after he leaves this matter how long he lives. ;-)

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