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June 23 2006

(SPOILER) X-Factor #9 preview. Uncanny have a (dialogueless) preview of X-Factor #9--written by Peter David who wrote one of the Spike comics and is a Whedonverse fan--featuring a guest appearance from the Astonishing team...

I'm not liking the look of the Astonishing team lacking Emma. This might not bode well. Then I remember that Astonishing seems to take place in it's own little bubble, and before Civil War. Then it stops boding well again.

X-Factor is the best X-book out there after Astonishing; it's really great stuff, and one of the few truly quality X-Men titles running today.

And, you're right...I'm not liking the lack of Emma, either...
I don't really mind--Emma is becoming the new Wolverine, it seems like she's gueststarring everywhere. Maybe she just told the others they'd better start carrying their weight. ;-)
She's probably just gone for a pee again.
I LOVE that Emma is gone!! If someone asked me, I'd say "about time!" (edit: I mean I love her character when written by Morrison or Whedon, but not as part of the current team, and especially not when written by most others. Claremont, Austen, and Milligan made her a polite, generic, exposition-spilling, know-it-all doctory lady.) But really, she may show up in the next panel on the next page. When putting "Astonishing" in my comic boxes, I never know where to place it amongst the other (Marvel and) X-Titles. "Torn" takes place after "House of M" for sure, but pre-"Civil War"? I guess we don't know right now.

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It has to be pre-Civil War. Hell. Technically, it should be post-House of M, but pre-198. Since we've seen, you know, no indication that there are hundreds of mutants sleeping on the front lawn.
Actually, we haven't *seen* much of the outside of the mansion in 'Torn,' and the 198 started arriving almost immediately after M-Day, so in my mind, the 198 are just keeping really quiet in AXM, much like the other X-Men teams. At any rste, there certainly seem to be fewer students around inside.

Putting 'Torn' after Civil War, I think would put to much time between 'Danger' and 'Torn,' and with the Marvel landscape changing (or so we've been promised) it may not even be possible.

So I'd say post Decimation, pre Civil War.
According to Bendis, New Avengers, House of M and Civil War (and therefore everything that takes place in between) take place over the course of a couple of weeks.

I know, that's two years of Marvel publishing there... and let's not forget there were "six months" between the last issue of Avengers and the first of New Avengers (in reality, one month).

In terms of chronology though, Avengers #503 took place after New X-Men #154 and Excalibur #1 (due to Magneto's involvement) but before AXM #1 (Beast's wearing the uniform)... Avengers Finale took place three months after #503 and Beast wore his AXM costume (so after AXM #1?)... New Avengers began three months after that, House of M happened some time (a week or two, supposedly) after New Avengers began. Civil War apparently not much later.
Oh! Almost forgot, back to the topic at the top. Realized this very recently: X-Factor, small detective agency fighting superhuman/supernatural trouble in a city, only to realize that the real threat is a much larger company (be it another detective agency, or, say, a law firm) is the real threat.

Sound familiar as a premise?

Which is nothing against Peter David, of course--there's plenty of room for different takes on this, and he's using them brilliantly. Just thought it was funny.
I'm familiar with the events you guys have mentioned (mostly through hours of sitting at those huge chain bookstores reading TPBs; yeah, I'm THAT guy), but could never even begin to place them chronologically. Nice job, guys. It all makes a bit more sense to me now.

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